Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Thursday, July 12, 2007

shoot the moon..

i know i know..its been a while since ive last blogged, as my dear olyn pointed out to me .."nape dah lama x update??" ..ade banyak benda nak tulis actually nye, too many sampai tak tertulis2 hehehe things are a little hectic since my last blog and im currently in the middle of some urgent dissertation work that needs submitting by next week SO..until that is done (hopefully by this weekend) this blog will be pretty quiet :p

my masters' thesis proves to be a more challenging than i expected it to be, reason being i had to change the scope of the objective to focus on something totally different i.e. i had to focus on the market and economics side of the industry as well :( ive always had reservations when it comes to predicting or investigating finance and market side of a business simply because sometimes it gets a little bit too overwhelming for a technical mind like requires sheer force and hard core concentration if i were to sit down and study bunker market history for the last 3 years and make a prediction for the next 2..needless to say, im having sleepless nites and the nites that i do sleep. id dreamt of giant money signs and big giants ships chasing me down oxford street huhuhu

okay before i mengarut even further..its 15 minutes to 1pm and i havent even finished a page of these journals yet yikes!

back to work!