Tuesday, December 30, 2008

my latest toy...

yesterday armed with the company's corporate credit card, myself and Missy Sazarina braved the horrible jam and the never ending crowd at Jalan Bukit Bintang to Low Yat, mission - to get me self a new handphone :) company budget did not go deep, was only given a measly RM800 budget as a start, while awaiting my Bold Blackberry next year :p :p so, as i refused to dip into my pocket, i settled for this, Sony Erricson W580i in PINK... functions are basics but isnt it oh so pretty? plus, the camera pictures are gorgeous! way better than my 3.2 Nokia camera phone, and its only 2.0!
okay, enough news for today, got a month end to close..have a good tuesday folks!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

the one with the holidays..

its so quiet in the office today..

most folks are already on leave, i think there's only about a handful of us left..

today is my first day going solo i.e. the PIT person last day was yesterday...

time to put in my two cents worth!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008



i know its "poyo" and "tidak manis" and "ovvverrr" to do this, but as i am blissfully happy, i would just like to announce that...


yippeee! finally over the financial woes that has been making me misreable and having sleepless nites..

i teww you, 3 months of not having any salary is life changing, depression and insomnia inducing AND not to mention the breakdowns and the constant panic attacks..*shudder*..

i would like to say i learn a lot these past three months, having to make do without a lot, and i mean a LOT of stuff, but i think i manage it quite well, one of my friend even commented that i always seems like i have no worries in the world huhu well, yeah, i find it humbling to worry about how i cannot afford to put fuel in my car, or fix the damn break or that i cannot eat at my fav restaurant so often or that i cannot afford to buy that branded top WHEN there are others who are much much less fortunate than me..

because i guess at the end of the day, what doesnt kill you, will only make you stronger rite?

Alhamdullilah (^_^)

Monday, December 22, 2008

moooonday rants..

The Person-Im-Taking-Over-The-Job-From (PITOTJF) (wahh panjang nye, PIT jer lah!) ( (he resigned and leaving end of the month) and my boss are best buddies, they like, from the same race, talks the same language, have breakfast together-gether, go for coffee and cig breaks together-gether, and hence discuss most of the operational issues during this breaks.. so for example, say we have a scheduled meeting at 9.30am rite, before meeting boss went to have bfast with PIT, i set up the meeting room connects my laptop to the projector, and waited with my cup of green tea (yeahh boring, i knowwwww ritee! im tryiiiingg to quit coffee so shut up already huhu) and they will stroll back, and boss pops his head into the meeting room, "Nique, meeting cancelled d, i discuss with PIT so you follow up with him k"..what? what? and this happens on weekly basis..how leh now? how to become buddy with boss one? must i start smoking? must i go back to drinking coffee (wahh, works' sake maa kenot blame me rite :p) must i learn to speak T***L?? must i? must i? kenot laaa aisehh..

I went to Jehan Miskin's brother's wedding last saturday *ecewah look at me dropping names giteww*, the bro, Shawn got married to a Chinese girl at Bora Ombak, cantekkk, the place not the girl, altho she's quite sweet too :p..err jap, no that's not the story i want to tell, apa tadi nak citer ek err *drums on the keyboard* haaa, itu, pelakon tu, Aqasha, he performed at the wedding! so sedapp suara dia! like can melt melt leddet (my love, jangan marah yerr, you are still my fav hehe) and he looks good! i tot he's 30 ish rupa nya masih muda lagi yaa..

Working in this new company is making me fat lah...always got makan2..every week got at least one makan2..then i kenot say no cos boss wants to be "exposed" as much as possible huhu..how lehh? so mitigation plan, skipping dinners but thennnn cos i always work so late nowadays, im bloody hungry by time i reach home..hmmmpphhh...

I lost my Olympus Camera..cant find it anywhere, last used it for previous company's family day but sadly was not able to trace after that :( birthday wish next year lahhh..

Uh Oh..6.18pm...nak balik.. chiows!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


im bored of my blog layout..especially when i see those pretty pretty ones out there..but me being typical me, my brain simply cannot remember any instructions several friends and fellow bloggers have attempted to pass on..

can anyone just create a few for me than i just pick and choose?

mr sun, can i have it as my Christmas present? :p

buhsan nye......

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

travel tips..

I find this article helpful, especially for those who travels a lot, in this turmoil times, you never know when you will be caught in the same situation, better be safe than sorry!

A Senior Manager (of my current company) who is based in Mumbai, shares his experiences after talking to some of those who were caught in the recent terror attacks.

“I have spoken to a couple of people who experienced the recent terror attacks in Mumbai. Their stories have highlighted to me the importance of the company’s travel safety guidelines.

“Some managed to escape early, including two company’s catalyst staff. One man, who is a senior partner at a law firm, found his company’s HSE guidelines helped him to survive the ordeal. His story and those of others, reminds me of the importance of applying the guidelines we are offered. This is what I learnt:

Do not trust what you hear from others. Our colleagues were told at first the gunfire could be celebration crackers. Valuable minutes were lost and vulnerability increased.

In an emergency, prepare for the worst by filling the bath with water, as it may be cut off later, place wet towels under the door even if there is not a fire yet. Expect all services to fail sooner rather than later.

When fire broke out, the lawyer prepared to leave the room with his key card. Just before he closed the door, he considered a potential electricity failure and used a wet towel to keep the door slightly open. This saved his life when he had to return. Do you keep your essentials next to you when you stay in a hotel?

Smoke is difficult to manage. Many succumbed due to smoke entering their room. He told me he knew how many doors it would take to get to the fire exit! Do we know how many doors it takes to the fire exit, and how many to get back to the room?

During the fire, the lawyer opened the window yet had to return due to high-rise winds. Could you change your booking to a lower floor?

Food and water supplied soon ran low in the lawyer’s room. Ensure that you have at least a few days’ water in the room.

Advice was offered by a service centre arranged by his company. This was of great support talking him through every step such as how to barricade the door, where to stay etc. They even managed to get him on a VVIP rescue list. Have you stored the company’s in-case-of-emergency number?

He received over 2000 emails and text messages during the event. Keep your phone charged, bring a multi-purpose connector or even a spare phone or battery.
When he tried to contact his family his wife and children had their voicemail on. Have you agreed with your family on where and how to contact them in case of emergency?

Additional help came from the local consulate both during and after the ordeal. Do you travel with the consulate or embassy numbers in your phone?

“I hope none of us are forced to experience similar events but I’m planning to buy some small essentials for travel and will carry around a flashlight, extra battery and universal adapter to ensure I am well–equipped.”

Honk! If You're Malaysian...

i discovered this book while browsing in the company's library (yes, they have a library! a very big and good one too! hehe) and was immediately hooked after the first page..

was reading bits and pieces of it through lunch and here are some hilarious items :p...

The Savvy Shopper - Malaysians love to shop. Ask any tourist guide who has led a Malaysian tour group and he'll probably tell you that "When are we going shopping?" is the most frequently asked question, not "When are we going to see that famous old stones?" or "When are we visiting the biggest cathedral in the country?" Even when we're not on holiday, shopping ranks high on our list of pleasureable things to do. If you dont believe me, visit a shopping mall on a weekend or public holiday. Sometimes you cant even enter the car park due to the congestion, let alone get a parking spot, let alone step foot into the mall unless you park illegally on the road outside...(more available in the book!)

Car Decoration 101 - If you've just bought a car - it doesnt matter if its a new Kancil or a secondhand Perdana - you might be looking for some ideas to decorate it. Look no further, this instruction will guide you. Some funny items includes;
1. Using any part of the car for your beautification project, like the front dashboard, windows, windscreen, all are an open canvas for you, the artist to express your creativity.
2. Forget sun visors, think outside the box - install velvet curtains, vertical blinds or shower curtains, they're chic and handy when you want some private time with your mi amore.
3. For wannabe toy shop owners, here's your chance, get plenty of soft toys such as Pooh Bear, Tweety Bird and Hello Kitty and stuff then as many as your rear console can house! (more available in the book!)
(haha tak kesah la that you cant even see through your rearview mirror hehe)

Manglish Very Short One - Manglish is short for Malaysian English, though some might argue that it is Mangled English. Its syntax and grammar maybe scattered to the monsoon but its succint vocabulary and economy of words cant be faulted. Compare these sentences and see how much shorter and concise the Manglish version is.

English : Would you be so good as to turn on the tap please? Of course!
Manglish : Can on the tap-ah? Can!

English : Siva, you seemed to have lost some weight.
Manglish : Siva, you gone down oredi.

English : Why is that idiot honking away?
Manglish : That idiot horn for what?

English : Would you reverse your car?
Manglish : Gostan!

English : Why are you so long winded?
Manglish : Talk so much for what? (more available in the book!)

*all the above are taken from the book, copyright etc etc.

The book came out early 2007, which explains why i missed it having been away from the country, there are many many things that could be further included, if the author wants to write a Part 2, especially to happily poke at our government and the previous elections and the political parties squabbles :p

Anyway, try to read it if you can, it will definetely amuse you and you'll find yourself nodding in agreement and saying "eh ya -lahh, so true wan!" (^_^)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Books For Sale

Yep, cleaning out my bookshelves again, my books have spilled over to my parents bookshelves and also found their way amongst our academic books, it is somewhat humbling to see Harry Potter in between those life-savings medical journals and those high-tech-making-our-lives-easier engineering books (not that im downgrading harry, but u get what i mean :p)

so bottom line...really do not have any space for books that i know i will read only once, and being typical OCD of me, most of my books are brand new and in mint condition! come come, it'll make a great Christmas presents, plus, the holidays are near, you might wanna cuddle up with a good book after partying too much hehe..

RM 45 - HARDCOVER (almost brand new, extremely good condition, UK version)

RM 40 - HARDCOVER (almost brand new, extremely good condition, UK version)

SOLD RM 35 - HARDCOVER (almost brand new, extremely good condition)

*For reviews of all the books, check out www.amazon.com
*All books in HARDCOVER and in almost new condition
*All prices are not inclusive of postage charges, postage charges will be on the buyer's cost
*OR if you are in KL area, feel free to email me and i can pass the books to you without having to deliver them :p email me at nique_naq@yahoo.com

Note : I will post more books here so keep a look out!

Membaca Itu Amalan Mulia (^_^)

Friday, December 12, 2008

and then its Friday..

i cant get any leave this time of the year :( being the new one in the company, im stuck holding the fort for all operations issues, while the everyone else goes on leave :(

so i have to work on that odd Friday 26th (Boxing Day! not that it matters here huhu) and Friday 2nd January (tis sad).... where as the rest of the family are off galivanting somewhere :(


cant wait for April.. you! yes, you!, better make sure April is on okey! :)

Happy Friday to all you folks..hope you have a great weekend...

Thursday, December 04, 2008


Remember this post here?
The Recruitment Manager of Asia Pacific of the company just contacted me and they are still interested! despite my failed test result! they had to go through higher level to overwrite my test result!
Itu la so sombong wann with your test issit tee heeheeeheeheee
nothing boost the crushed ego more than this! (^_^)

Richard's Birthday Party

The pictures are just in! Its been ages, but i have to post it up :)

the birthday boy, Richard and his lovely wife, Claudia

the favourite dessert that EVERYONE ordered!

Tasnia and Solange in deep concentration hehe


there's pizza, of course!

me, attempting a strike, and getting it! i miss bowling huhu

mr sun, got A for style! hehe

mr sun and the birthday boy

us with the cute couple, Kate and Gerard

Group picture - attempt 1

Group picture - attempt 2!

*bardaques, jom go bowling!
*nique is missing mr sun and the wacky bunch in plymouth :(

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

and today..

Boss : Hey, so how's the handing over to Nique been going?

Buddy : Great! Its really easy passing over the stuff to her.

Boss : Good2, you concentrate mainly on the Finance side okay, she was a bit apprehensive on that as she's not used to it.

Buddy : Really? But she's brilliant at it! and she picks it up real quick too, and she's already taken over most of it.. even modified some of the spread sheet, which she will present to you at the next ops meeting..

Boss : Ha, good2! am looking forward to it then!

*Me : grinning sheepishly behind the door to the pantry, who says eavesdropper never hear anything good about themselves tee hee heee*

*nique will be walking around with "hidung kembang" the whole day, make way make way, excuse me please big nose coming through hehe*

Monday, December 01, 2008


The wise 600 B.C.E philosopher, Lao-Tzu once said that;

"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength;
loving someone deeply gives you courage."

Arrogant of me to think that how i feel about love was unique and that no one would understand..

When it comes to love and being loved, i am always at a losing end, there is always seems to be missed oppurtunities, a number of could-have-beens, things left unsaid, unfinished businesses, wrongly interpreted informations and falling for the wrong ones.

Of all the above, the one i plead guilty the most is falling in love with the wrong ones, this has the worse impact on me as i am the type of person to fall deeply and unconditionally and whole heartedly. so it goes without saying that when things just dont work out, the heartbreak is excruciatingly painful, it would hurt so much that each time i fear i would never ever recover from it. of course, the wise advices are always to never love someone whole heartedly, leave some spaces in your heart, then when it breaks, it wouldnt hurt so much, but i dont think that possible, whats the point when you only half love, half care, half miss someone? i cant even imagine how to do that, it simply does not make any sense right?

the ranges of my love life goes from falling in love with my best friend, only to miss the oppurtunity when i said what i felt a little too late and he already found someone else, falling in love at first sight with someone totally opposite of what my dream guy should be, and thus foolishly started to reject him based on that, falling in love with someone that already belonged to someone else and had to endure the sheer agony of being "just friends".. its funny how each and everytime it didnt work out, i vowed to be braver, to be open minded and to be more sincere, but each and every single time i would still take a step back and think too much into it that in the end i would just let that person slipped and pass me by, thinking that i must be the coldest person in the world.

so imagine my surprise when i "accidently" fall in love a few months ago.. accidently because this person was the last person that i have ever imagine i would be with (see, again with the "dream guy" idea) but it happened and this relationship that i am in right now, is however, the hardest and most easiest that i have ever been in. the easiest because there is simply no prentending in the relationship, no guessing games being played, we know each other very well, too well, in fact, and the easiest part of it is the fact that the friendship is as strong the relationship and the role effortlessly flows back from one to the other.

and the hardest because there is no clear future of the ending, each not knowing what to promise and what not to promise, not knowing if we can live up to expectations of the other, having the doubtful feeling that this may not end well and as such shouldnt we end it now? shouldnt we let it go now? before it goes even deeper and we ended up hurting too much? we are so scared to commit, we havent even uttered the "love" word yet, and we let that feeling and that word just hanging in the air, each not daring to say it first.

but what can you do when everything in your mind is telling you to let it go, but everything in your heart knows that this relationship is the best thing that has ever happened to you?

so this is where this post ends, i am not seeking for answers, although advices are greatly welcomed, i know there's no right or wrong answers, no one knows what the future might bring, and some i know would even advice me to "go with flow", which i personally think is the worse advice in the world, the "flow" is highly overrated and going with "it" is simply just not an option anymore, that is just the lazy way out of saying "i really dont have the time to think about you now, and so my biggest wisdom i can bestow on you is to "go with the flow", even if the flow is flowing in the direction of unhappiness and misery"...

well, i just want to say whats in my heart, and perhaps by writing out in black and white, it would clear my head and my heart of what i should do.. of things better left said or unsaid, is it better to love and lost than not to have loved at all?