Sunday, November 29, 2009

on a wet monday in london

twas a rainy day when we were in london last week, but that does not stops us from having a glorious long walk around hyde park and around london..and as u can see, certainly does not stops us from taking tons and tons of pictures as well :) after the long walk, we had the traditional fish n chips for lunch at another traditional pub, wetherspoon at trafalgar square (^_^) enjoy the pics!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

go away and leave me alone..

why do people assume just because someone speaks loudly, that person is worth listening too? it could be she/he just have a VERY loud voice, overrides everyone else's and sometimes its not like they have anything to say neways, they just like the sound of their own voice. tis no reason to be intimidated into you yourself being quiet right? i especially hate if this type of person masuk our section of the office and suddenly our quiet and calm office turns into chaos, last2 takde benda nak kecoh pun, its just he/she is very very loud!! how annoying!

why does my intelligent oversea educated GMs and Managers likes to mis pronounce simple words?? like "finance", instead of saying it "fy-nance", they said as "fee-nance"! or the word "manage", instead of saying it as "may-nage", they said as "me-nage"! apakah??

i want a new laptop! i hate not being able to upload my pics in the facebook, i hate not being able play wedding dash as and when i want, i hate not being able to call overseas using my yahoo, i hate not being able to use the damn normal yahoo and have to revert to using the stupid email ones that keep crashing down..

i want a new hp! i cant even use the space pad on the LG one :( and now i cant send messages as the stupid OK button does not work when sending messages but works fine for other things, which is so bloody weird!


im in a terribly miserable mood..:(

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

movies, theaters and dvds

movies, theaters and dvd updates! in no particular order! (eh, in the order i downloaded the pictures from google :p)

we watched STOMP at The Ambassador Theatre in Covent Garden when in London last week. was it just last week? the by, issint the word "covent garden" is so delicious to say? i like to say it over and over again, same effect like plaza catalunya, catalunya, i like the way it sounds! anyway, meet up with alden and noris, had dinner at this amazing italian cafe before the show, more pics are with alden and noris, they with their brand new high tech camera, the rest of us shy shy wanna take out our boring digital camera hehehe :p the show was AMAZING! enough said, u have to watch it! nak citer susah! :p

last week we managed to catch the premier of New Moon launch in the UK. saw it with the usual motley crews and then some :p best part about watching this in uk is that its wayy ahead than msian premier date hihihi so i know the story ya all (^_^)

how's the movie, u ask? twas allright, i like the book better the second book of the same title, the author focuses more on explaining about stuff, which was not clearly translated in the movie, and i think, for people who didnt read the book, they might the movie a little bit slow-ish. but all in all, i like jacob the best! hahaha

i also watched 2012 in uk, pegi dating tgk wayang hehehe :p this movie is fun in a scary way. word of advice, watch it in the cinema ok, kalau kat tgk dvd sure tak dapat effect the earth moved and the ark hits the tip of mount himalaya :o ive always like john cusack, so comel! was thinking kalau kat malaysia, royalty mana la will be able to afford to pay the 1 billion euro ticket..rasa nya sultan2 pun tak sekaya tu haha

i bought this DVD yesterday and its currently my fav movie of the month! julie powell cooked her way through the french cook book and all the food looks so yummmmmmyy!! makes me wanna take up a project like this, altho i wud probably go with Nigella Lawson's FEAST cook book and cook my way through! hmm, tgk lah, maybe bila dah in my own house hehe watch this movie, its a MUST! btw - its not a chick flick ya, guys wud appreciate it too! :p

this week i wanna watch Papadom and Pisau Cukur, anybody wanna watch with me? :p

Monday, November 23, 2009

one year old (^_^)

21st of november 2009 marks our first year in a relationship :)

kalau nak kira betul2, its actually wayy earlier but due to unique circumstances, we decided to pick this date instead :p

so to sayang, happy annivessary :) it has been a wonderfully crazy journey, life has brought us to such an expected twists of events and despite the obstacles we had faced, i think we are getting stronger than ever, so i wish us a happy one year dearest darling! love always and forever, your sayang:)

sudah pulang

Trevi Fountain -Rome, Italy

im back from my trip..

will update later..

at the moment im just to overwhelmed with work and missing "someone" so very much :(

trying to deal these with one email at a time and one day at a time..

off to Bali in a couple of weeks..for work ya bukan jalan2 :p

too tired to update more at the moment..will do as soon as i uploaded the pics..

have a good week folks!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

the one with the trip to Amsterdam

someone was asking me via email about Amsterdam weeks ago (sorry Farah, it took me so long, but u belum pergi lagi kan? :p) i was about to reply to that email then i remembered i wrote about it in my old blog, big yellow taxi, was reading through it and i think its usable hehe..
so please read through below, sorry i cant put any pictures in here, but Farah, ive emailed them to u okey hehe :p
so here it is, enjoy!
when we were in the uni, my best friends and i often sit around talking about where we’d go and wat we’d do, you know, when we got our degree, and working and have money, often having these talks over breakfast in pusing (remember the nasi lemak? huhu) or in our jammies on our beds in the hostel, or as we drive around in my beat up proton..and the one thing that we all agreed upon for sure is that we would all go europe one day, you know, go shopping in milan and paris, go on the canal in amsterdam or italy, see rome, take a road trip around spain, have coffee in germany and buy chocolates in belgium, we’ve always wanted to see the world more often than not, after these discussions ended we’d end up piling into the car and drive to exotic places like lumut, or kuala kangsar or penang (funny how exotic batu gajah really ‘isnt’ huhu) knowing its not really the same, but being the adventurous that we are, it might as well have been the world :)

so imagine my excitement when one of the things that we’ve always talked about came true, as i meet one of my best friend, in the chic city of amsterdam! my best friend, han, took a flight from oslo, norway to amsterdam, while i took a bus from plymouth to london, then a flight from london to amsterdam, and meet her there. it has been almost 5 months since we last each other, and seeing her at the airport, i was soo happy that i was actually speechless for a few seconds, then all hell broke loose and we were hugging and talking at the same time hehehe

the first night we were there, we had dinner at the hard rock cafe, and of course did some shopping! or a looooooot of shopping actually as we both are currently collecting hrc merchandise from all over the world, the shop proves to be a challenge to our funds as we kinda wanted to buy everything! in the end, i bought a tshirt and a keychain for myself, and a box of guitar picks, for mr.bestfriend :)

dinner was fabolous as we both tried to catch up on 5 months worth of our lives (this is a friend that i used to work with and still talk on the phone at least 4 times a day, so imagine how much i miss talking to her!)..we stayed in a charming little hotel, 10 minutes walk away from the hrc, in a part of the city called leidseplein, the hotel name is prince hotel (its spelled different in dutch tho actually hehe), with an amusing morrocan concierge whom was ever so helpful in giving us the right directions, taking interest of wat we wanna do and where we wanna go and ever so kindly warned us if we wanna try any marijuana or wanna get high, dont eat any brownies or the mushrooms, but smoke it instead! and which he could, if we wanted, you know, arrange!

since we were both exhausted from the journey, after dinner, and a quick photo session and some clubs kivs, we decided to get some rest and go out bright and early the next day..

the next day was gorgeous and sunny and perfect for touring the city! first stop is the floating flower market, where we go via the boat bus, through the canals, i cant never get enough of those boats, loved them in bangkok and adored them here in amsterdam! we stopped to get some fresh fruits with lovely fresh homemade cream, and was entertained by the shop owner who sings oldies songs as he served us! really! it was like a scene from a movie! hehehe needless to say, twas a fantastic start to the city tour!
we walked around the city centre and along the floating flower market, saw a tatoo and piercing shop, with a huge picture on the door of a pierced nipple, ouch! bought tons and tons of souvenirs, saw a lovely shop that sells all kinds of colors, materials, shapes and sizes of hammocks! the air was full of the heavenly smells of the fresh tulips and roses and lilies and baby’s breaths and christmas trees and mixing with fresh aromas of coffee and another interesting smell that we strongly suspects to be the smell of you-know-what!

then there was the museums tours, where han gave a dazzling smile to the cute guy selling the tickets and managed to get us discounts for the entrance hehe and took lots and lots and lots and lots of pictures! lunch was french onion soup and pasta, of course!

as the evening approaches we found ourselves in front of the sex museum, which we found by chance actually, and paid the 3 euros to enter the museum…now, for someone like me who has never even watch porn, being inside the museum is like being in the dentist’s office, not something i wanna do, but kinda like i have to, for educational purposes of course, and i didnt want to wait outside alone huhu but there are some stuff in there that was soo gross that i almost throw up, some are pretty interesting (albeit weird and somewhat mind blowing actually!) and some are just down right unbelieavable! not much that i can describe in here actually, u kinda need to see it for yourself, but lets just put it this way, the girl that walked out from the museum are not the same as the naive innocent girl that walked in, i now know things, things i dont want to know actually, but i know, yeap, now i know..sigh (sounds scary, huh? hehe)

next stop of course, is the red light district, an area which is ironically a place for you-know-wat, but seems to be crawling with little children and families, wanting to get glimpse of the infamous women in their windows, its funny how "that" has become a tourist attraction, so when you see these women wearing well, practically nothing, parading their assets, while on the other side of the window, is a bunch of japanese families with babies in their strollers gaping at these women… makes you think doesnt it?

after our curiosity was satisfied (hehehe, again, not gonna go into details here, u gotta ask me if u wanna know more :p) we got out of the district and back into ‘normal’ world, well, as normal as amsterdam can be, and after some funny mishaps with the tramps, we finally made our way back to hotel, exhausted and laden with our shopping bags :)

altho i wished i could write more in this blog about the trip, it really really would make this entry waaay to long, lets just say that we managed to do wat we wanna do and saw wat we want to see (and then some) and just before going home the next day, we made a quick excursion to another market in the city and did a little bit more shopping and picture taking and managed to say our goodbyes at the train station without shedding a tear, altho i am extremely sad that i will not be seing han again until dunno when, and i barely got on the train when i started to miss her very much already sob sob :(

but nevertheless, we did have fun, didnt we han? it was a fantastic trip, short and sweet hehe perfect weather, great people, the best company in the world, gorgeous food and wonderful shopping, we did the whole works, historical museums for the educational part, mingled with the locals and attempted the tramps and boat buses for the cultural part and saw the other ‘parts’ as well that made amsterdam famous and so well known.. yeap, i think we covered it all !

so thats the end of the my quick tour of amsterdam and the end of this realllly loooooooooong blog hehehe

my final thoughts, i think if there was ever an european city that i am soooo sure that i could live in, it would definetely be the city of amsterdam, there’s something bout the air and the charm and the people and the life that i could definetely imagine myself living in it, so much so that i actually looked for available jobs there, in shipping and logistics of course, it is after all a port city, and there are some very interesting career oppurtunities that might be suitable for me but that my dear darling readers, is another story :)

travel mode - ON

i have been putting this status everywhere, in my friendster, facebook and now in the blog...altho, in the facebook its been months :p altho technically im only going in 4 days..

eh..4 - FOUR DAYS!

dats like, SOON!


when its been a while


ive been sitting here for the last half an hour, drumming my fingers, trying to figure out what to blog about.

it takes some time to get back to this, it really does..

not that there isnt anything to write about, there's plenty, but as i started writing something, i realised i need to tell u guys something else first or the story wont make sense, then dat story wont make sense if i didnt start from another place and the whole thing will jumble up and down left right and makes everyone, moi included very confused :p

so i thought i should start with something neutral.

what's more original than writing about how you have nothing to write about? hahaha

suddenly u have a several paragraphs and a couple of excalamation marks (!!) here and there, done, my first post in a very very long time :p

oh there is something cool to write about, i am typing on my new shiny silvery vista migrated laptop (^_^)!!

ok2, its office nya laptop, tapi okey lah will do until i get my own. hopefully by end of this year. it will a new year's present to myself hehe (as if i need a reason hahaha).

happy sunday everyone!