Thursday, August 09, 2007

de Paris avec amour (^_^)

i didnt want to wait for two months before i update my blog about my recent trip to here are the pictures and the descriptions as follows..

oh btw, we took the Eurostar to paris and the hotel booking was also done via the Eurostar website so everything was dirt cheap :p so my advice, dont be too quick to just check out the flight tickets..the train takes almost the same amount of time and brings u right in the heart of the city :p

hehe okay first of all..KFC is halal in Paris..being the die hard fried chicken fans that we are..we immediately looked for the restaurant the minute we arrived..but tak sesenang itu nak jumpa agak berbelit jugak laa sooo to all future Paris goers, the easiest one we found is...take the underground (metro or RER) to Les Halles Station and masa keluar dari station, walk towards the Centre Pompidou and you'll see KFC on your left..we bought a bucket of 6 pieces of chicken and 8 pieces of hot and spicy wings and 2 drinks + 2 fries for 16 euros..not bad huh?

Arch De Triomphe...nasib baik ade camera mr hafiz that takes really nice pictures at night..its almost as good as alden's camera which we fully utilised in the last trip kan alden kan kan :p his was the best ever but we make do with wat we have hehe

me and my cotton candy! i love love cotton candies tapi susah nak jumpa kat Plymouth, ni jumpa kat Paris laks of all places hehehe this is taken at the funfair near The Lourve., when i was last in Paris about 7 years ago funfair nie dah wujud dah kat sini, cant believe they still have it tho..

at The Lourve...isnt it gorgeous? was glad we lepak-ed till malam to ensure we get all the cool night photos of the city of light :p

the other Grand Arch..which is perfectly aligned and symetrical to the "other arch" this place is about a station away from where we stayed, sorta of like reminds me of the Dome in Cologne, Germany, kuar2 underground jer this massive huge white thing dominates half the sky :p

i took this picture because of the Dan Vincci Code book, apparently in the book the holy grail was buried right underneath here.. gambar standard laa everybody that goes to paris kena la amik gambar nie at least once if not over and over and over again like we did, in different angles and at nite and during the day as well :p we're obsessed with the bloody towers.. when we were lepakking there during the nite met some peddlers whom im sure are Muslim but they are selling wine and whisky to the parisian lepaking by the tower..camne tu??

Versailles! again thanks to the movie Marie Antoinette..the palace itself is not breathtakingly beautiful but the sheer size of it is! inside is more grand and gorgeous and wonder rakyat diorang marah sgt the way they live in such luxury while the people are miskin..sad..but beautiful nevertheless...

hehe Disneyland Paris! kalau tak gi tempat2 lain pun takpe BUT have to go to Disneyland..I LOVE disneyland..went crazy and bought two mickey tshirts and a bunch of wat nots and we stayed to watch the parades and managed to drag hafiz to 4 roller coaster rides before he gave up and surrendered :p

last picture of the disneyland..and oh aeni, i took yr advice and went on the aerosmith ride, twas awesome!!!!! best gilos! wanted to go again but partner was too kecut ady hehehe but the nemo ride was equally mengecutkan gak..highly reccomended :p

so there you go.. there are more pictures tapi takkan nak letak semua kan..i dunno how to arrange the photos to be side by side, biasalah still blog illiterate, aeni later2 show me how la kay kay :p


Anonymous said...

buruk nyer muka tgh makan tu..hehehe..kutuk diri sendiri..(n_n)

No Angel said...

Babes, so spooky. I bought teh same black and white mickey shirt that you bought (the on in the photos). In fact, I am wearing it as I type this comment..hahaha

Also,Minnack theatre tu really cool kan. Too bad when I went there no play was on.

Photo arrangement can teach no problem

niQue_naQ said...

hahaha kite kan memang sehati sejiwa seotak sesame taste gehehehe im wearing it now as i read yr comments and replying to you, how freaky is dat??!! hahaha

tgh excited gilos ni nak gi minack teater tu, i know nothing about the play tho takpe belasah jer gi hehehe :p

Ms Nellie said...

Babe, bestnyer,did you go to the Factory Outlet in Paris? It's one stop before Paris Disneyland using the Metro Train.I have to stress here that I think and STILL find the Effiel Tower is just a piece of Junk!

niQue_naQ said...

haa nell, sadly this trip was not meant to be a shopping trip due to lack of funds (altho i did managed to shop in MNG, takleh resist hehehehe)

planning to go there again for shopping purposes only during christmas sale :p

Syamsul said...

aaahh...i wish there was a halal kfc in my town..

Anonymous said...


came accross you blog and want to thank you about halal kfc tu, am planning to take my parents next week!

glad you had a good time ... hope my parents will love it too ... we all dah pi lama dah and masa tu tak ada halal kfc (ages ago!)

take care!


Anonymous said...

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