Friday, October 29, 2010

sunny side up

im back!

i know i shud update the blog on my recent nyc-washington-niagara trip but work has been crazy and have been working non stop since i returned with hardly no room to breath!

a quick update - the trip was fabolous (^_^)

but wud i go again?

to new york, maybe not.

but i would love to go to other places, like chicago/illinois (can visit my cousin) or florida (can go disneyworld).

its gonna be a busy november, and then in dec, another trip to the other side of the world. but this one is purely a relaxing trip, i'll be working too, doing the year end closing there, so no jalan2, plus im so broke too! :p

how was the adam lambert and paramore concert the other day? was bummed i missed it :(

Thursday, October 14, 2010

off me goes...

ive finished packing in under two hrs! wuhoo! record breaking for me..

well, to be fair, my maid did all the folding and ironing :p

reminder to self : get her a nice gift frm new york :p preferably something not alone the lines off "my employer's daughter went to new york and all i got is this lousy t shirt"

double checks everything..

money, check! passport, check! credit cards, check! phone and charger, check!

that's all i need!

oh, clothes

oh well, can always buy there :p off!


i ran into an ex yesterday.

was in monte's bsc waiting for someone when there was a tap on my shoulder.

i turned and there he was, asking "you're nik, right?".

to be honest for a split second i didnt recognise him haha. teruk betul :p he was taller and bigger than i remembered. all my exes are tall, 6ft and above, so dia ni mcm dah grow lg and he was a rugby player, so memang type yg besar dan tinggi, mcm body builder tu, which i totally hate, cos i found body builders' bodies gross euww.

he offered to teman me for a while i waited. he was already sitting at the bar actually when i came in but he was building up courage to come and say hi. weird.

anyway, we had the usual updates.

relationship - him divorced apparently, no kids. married for like a year je. hmm..fickle fickle.
work - he's a pilot now. i remembered when we broke up he was studying to become a pilot, he already had a degree in petroleum engineering but that's what the dad wanted, so once he got his degree, the dad allowed him to pursue his interest. yeah, some people are spoiled that way. if we all could be so lucky.

he mostly talked about himself a lot. he's always been like that.

somehow the conversation veered towards our breakup. he was the one who ended it with me because he couldnt cope with my work life, going away most of the month to offshore or singapore or ports. he wants a gf that is around him 24/7 at his beck and call. he gets really annoyed when i cancelled plans because of work emergencies. we went out for like 3 months before he finally ended it.

he then dated and married this another girl who is constantly demanding attention from him, and expected him to be around her all the time until he couldnt take it anymore and divorced her.

karma, i told him. he agreed.

actually if he didnt break it off with me, i would have.

his low points;
he asks me to "bukak tudung" when he came to visit me in singapore once so that we can go clubbing.
instead of ensure we do our solats when we go out, he said stuff like "ala, kat rumah boleh jamak" or "i malas nak kena basah2 nie, tak suka"
one time i texted him asking wats he's doing, he replied "i tgh tgk porn, u want to watch with me?"
he drove a brand new car and proudly announced "jgn terkejut, i beli kereta ni cash tau" pffft. it was a wira je. and it was his dad's money, not his.
he said "i rasa kalau i kawin nanti i still pegi kut club2 nie sebab ini memang my lifestyle. kita kan orang kl" eh, hello, awak tu orang kuantan born and raised k. kl konon.

so, adakah ini someone you consider as bakal suami????? like seriously! fair enough masa tu tak fikir nak kawin pun but aiyoo! apa punye mentality mamat ni.

i think there's a reason why when i was in a relationship with him, i was the opposite of my usual-in-a-relationship self. im usually the type that is very very 'manja' and needs constant affection and attention (hehe my current bf will testify to this, baru tak dengar suara dua hari dah tak keruan :p) but with him, i didnt call him, i ignored his messages if im busy with work. i happily answered any work calls even tho i out with him. i get irritated when he calls and keeps asking me where i am and when im coming back. i hated it when he wants to hold my hand. actually i dont even know why i went out with him in the first place.

oh wait, i do. i was heartbroken over another guy who didnt like me back, thats why. ok2, i think i can excuse it as temporary insanity haha.

anyway, he left me his card as i saw my appointment approaching. and said "i know yr in a long distance relationship, but there's no harm in having a fling, what he doesnt know wont hurt him" with a wink.


when i left the restaurant, i left his card on the table with a note "if yr horny, call this man for free service" next to his hp number.

like i said, karma.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

travel schmavel

travel habits (1)
extra luggage
a.must. seriously. especially europe, uk, indonesia, vietnam, thailand, cambodia. ha wait, that's all the countries ive been to, and seriously, bring extra luggage. just chuck that foldable bag in your suitcase.

travel habits (2)
extra handphone
i always carry an extra handphone when i travel. one is my international roaming one. and the other i will use to purchase a prepaid card from that country. if they both use the same charger and battery, even the better. this is most useful if your other half actually lives in that country yr visiting and you need to contact him 24/7 and in case of emergencies i.e. "sayang, can u come to ladies changing room i wanna show you my outfit" you know, that kind of emergencies :p i usually only use the international roaming hp for work related calls, so secured that the company will pay for the extorbitant cost.

travel habits (3)
asam manis
oh, a travel must! i must must travel with some asam (pickled fruits). it tends to calm me down when i get anxious and a great remedy for nausea or headache in the long flights or long road trips!

travel habits (4)
medical stuff
panadols, clarinese, strepsils, tiger balm and pain killers. oh, handyplast. one time i got a horrible flu in hanoi and had to bravely go to their pharmacy to get a flu medicine and i was given a selection of unidentified names and the pharmacist didnt look too convincing and i ended up recovering my flu based on the fear of unknown medicine alone, such is the power of the mind :p

travel habits (5)
electrical stuff
hairdryer - the kind that brushes yr hair while its drying it. travelling iron - ladies that wears veils, unfortunately must have this everywhere they go, nanti tudung senget benget and kedut seribu. and international adaptor, of course.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


i had fun reading my frend's blog today on how she met her can read it here

it was a very sweet story, something im sure she would like to remember and mesti bercerita to anak cucu cicit hehe

maybe i shud write my story here too..


tgk la nanti macamana :p kena ingat balik hehe :p

ps : im off to nyc in two days! wuhoo!

berkira nya....

perlu ke buat comparison kerja siapa lagi banyak? kerja mana lagi penting?

kalau nak ikut kan, kerja doctor tu lagi banyak..selamat kan nyawa lagi...

kalau nak ikut kan, kerja cikgu itu lebih penting..didik kanak2..

our companies are competitors but essential buat kerja yang sama jer..

bukan nak kata kerja yg kite buat ni tak penting, tak banyak, tapi tak perlu lah nak compare, siapa tidur lagi lambat, siapa balik office lagi lambat, siapa kena kerja weekend lagi banyak...

if this is a contest, man, its one contest i do not want to win.

i have a life!

Friday, October 08, 2010

if money grows on trees...

i was with a friend at bangsar village ii yesterday, having coffee and window shopping..the new dortperks shop was soo boring, its bigger but i expected it to be more being in the notorious bangsar village area yada yada..

newaysss...we went into one of those crazily expensive clothing shop to check out a winter coat (am looking for one since im off to uk in dec, but the price is 1.5k! gile lah) and while we were there, there was a lady, malay, about mid fifties, blond hair, LV bag, gucci sunglasses - u get the picture, was loudly complaining at the customer service area..

she was holding what looks like an ordinary tshirt, and was demanding her money back because there was a tiny tear at one side of the t shirt..

the sales person was not accommodating her because he insisted they cant give refunds or exchanges for items already worn and plus, the tear happens after she has already worn the tshirt, well yeah, fair, enough all shops are like that right? i mean, at the point we were thinking "apelah perempuan nie, takkan itu pun tak tau kan?"..

note - we were sibuk-ly browse dekat2 situ to hear the rest of the story hahaha

so they were arguing left and right and center and FINALLY i got the full picture of why she is so pissed and demanded the money back..

the tshirt is made of quite a flimsy material, some organic stuff, almost like see through material like, but its still just a simple short sleeve t shirt, no blings or anything, its a bit gathered on both sides, but thats it..the lady wore it once that very morning, she purchased it the day before, and when she put the tshirt on, the gathered cloth at the side unravelled and a tiny tear occured - ok i dont know how it happened but that her story..

the reason she demanded a refund or at least, an exchange, is because the tshirt cost is..
i like to do this now, follow lady verde hahaha tapi xleh buat selalu nanti kena marah with LV hehehe (xpe ek verde skali skala :p :p :p)
where was i?
oh the price..
its a whopping RM955!! close to a thousand buckaroos!!

no wonder she is so pissed! i would be too! baru nak pakai dah koyak..and plus, if it tears when she was putting it on, to me it mean the needle work of the tshirt is bad and definetely i will blame the shop for it, but wud i go back to the shop and demand a refund if it happens? and would i get it? i probably would not go back and try to fix it on my own, especially if i tore out the tag already - note, that's why u shud always try it again at home (to parade in front of yr sisters usually haha) without taking of the tag, in case of anything happen BUT just dont forget to cut it before u go out..

but in this case, when you already spend so much on it, what do you do if its spoiled before you can even enjoy it?

so i cant help but wonder, there should be a warranty for purchases that high right? i mean, nowadays, even a simple 200 bucks mp3 player comes with a one year warranty! so items like clothing and handbags (i think some handbags do hv right?) shud also comes with warranties!

i mean you spent gazzilion of dollars for a top, and it got torn, you should be able to replace it with a new one, or at least free repairs service!

then again, i suppose there's a reason really really expensive clothes always always stresses on the cutting, the make, the needle work and when you purchase, you know you are getting a damn good quality stuff that is suppose to last forever and to pass on to yr kids and their kids...

so lesson learned? dont buy flimsy tshirt that will cost u a thousand bucks when u can get a pasar malam for 3 sepuluh ringgit :p

what do you think?

ps : oh, we didnt stick around long enough to find out if she got her refund back or not, the sales lady got suspicious when we start giggling quite uncontrollably so decided to get out before they called security. but in all fairness, i think she's entitled :p

Thursday, October 07, 2010

eat pray love - the movie

there's something about julia roberts that makes you fall in love with her in every movie she makes..and how she would somehow someway made a movie watchable by her gestures and mannerism and it would just mesmerise you and made you stay put and watch the movie till the end...

even if the movie was two hours and a half long and i was kinda sleepy and it was kinda slow...

such is the case of eat love pray - the movie

ok pros;

i love the setting of the movie, the location of it, italy has always been gorgeous and so is bali, never been to india but the book will surely make u wanna go (notice i said the book, not the movie), julia roberts is gorgeous and funny and heartwarming and so cute and lovelyand perfect for this role, felipe - WOW. enough said haha. there are moments in the movie actually made us cry, when richard told liz his story, when she tried to make sense of her sadness, beautifully done, there are some wonderful moments when she met ketut, when she tried to pray but wasnt able to concentrate, when she flawlessly ordered in italian. these moments makes the movie worth watching :)


the first part wasnt clearly defined. it showed liz as a self centered person suddenly whining to get a divorce, but no clear indication of why. and this was clear in the book. one of the part that i thought they shud include was the part when liz was very sad that her husband refuses to sign the divorce papers, and she was talking to her friend in the car about it, and they suddenly started a petition to God about it, and started to get everyone including imaginary people like oprah and michael jackson to sign it. and by the next day, the husband did. and i think this scene was crucially important to show how she started to have faith in the powers of prayers and such. another thing is the scenes in italy, i love love love rome. but the movie somehow did not play up the gorgeous sceneries in rome. yeah, it was there, but to me not enough to potray italy. they did it quite well for bali. and also, not enough on the "EAT" part of the movie. one pasta and a pizza and ice cream scene each, dats it? the friendship with wayan wasnt also clearly given. she met her twice and suddenly she started a donation thing for her? why? the emotional connection, the love and the friendship they had should have been given more thought. there are other parts that i was looking foward to see in the movie but it didnt happen as well, but i guess that's expected, they couldnt show everything right, but there are somethings that MAKES the book that should have been there so that it can MAKE the movie..u know what i mean?

okey, the above are in short, my two cents worth. you should go see the movie. with your girlfriends. leave the boys at home :)

as for me, final words,

i love this movie because i love the book..

and i love julia roberts..


ps : i miss my honey. he is in poland. he better get me a gorgeous snow globe. (^_^)