Monday, September 29, 2008

Berlalu la sudah

yes, my raya mood is finally here!

This is has been an extremely tough Ramadhan, banyak betul dugaan, but Alhamdullilah, everything turns out well after all :) im really glad everything is over so that i can celebrate Eid in peace :)

So to All my dear darlings Friends and Family, wishing you;



I think this image of Spongebob in a baju melaju looks so adorable hehehe

To my dearest friends di perantauan, have a good and blessed Eid okey? hehe, i know2 im usually the most excited kalau nak raya kat masa kat UK dulu, i would be organising the open house, delegation of the cooking and the decorations and the music :) oh, rindu nye nak raya kat Plymouth..despite what everyone thinks, sambut hari raya kat overseas meriah tau, sometime lagi meriah dari kat Malaysia hehe

To that special "Someone", dont miss me too much kay? jangan la sedeh2 masa dengar lagu raya tu, InsyAllah one day we will can celebrate raya again together okey :) I'm missing you too, Selamat Hari Raya, Sayang (^_^)


Congrats to Mr Sun (^_^)

mula2 hari tu tamo gi convo hehe tapi tetiba bertukar fikiran plak :p

anyway, the pictures are lovely! wish i was there huhu tapi takpe nanti hadiah convo semua bagi masa balik mesia wokey (^_^) i know what you want hehe

Congrats again!

dia ni slalu ramai jer awek keliling2 but be warned, he's single but not available kan kan :p

ni convo sudah, bile nak balik Malaysia nie? tak reti2 nak balik ke? hehehe jangan mare..larikksss :p

Sunday, September 28, 2008


many things transpires over the course of last week.. and all i can say is that


yes! hehe.. :)

needless to say, in a nutshell, i didnt sue them and they managed to give me my letter which i have already passed to the other company so all is well there, i will get paid my September salary after they have deducted everything under the moon and the sun and the kitchen sink of all five of the office pantries, leaving me a measly amount of 500 bucks left to my already pitiful salary BUT at this point of time, im too tired to argue already, i just want to get the hell out of there as fast as i could :)

i would like to take this oppurtunity to thank all my dear dear colleaques, it is times like this that the line between colleaques and friends are crossed and i found who my real friends are in the company, you know who you are (^_^) nanti saya dapat gaji dari company sana kite gi makan2 steamboat okey :p im going to miss them so much huhu but takpe bukan nak pindah jauh sangat pun, we can still go for after work's JCO hehe

remember i said there's a part two of the story?

yes, i will write about it, but maybe after raya.

the reason i want to write is to serve as a reminder to myself.. and who knows it may be a lesson to others too, we all can learn from mistakes other people makes, even if that person is too arrogant and too stupid to realise that they made a mistake.

I AM FREE (^_^)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

desperate times calls for desperate measures

so it has to come to the point where legal actions has to be taken.

this is not an easy decision for me.

even the decision to resign was one of the hardest i had to make.

you see, im a very loyal person and sentimental to the boot. and i had to admit that i am very extremely loyal to SIC, probably because we grew up together, in the sense that i was part of the company's struggle as they achieve what they have today. which is why, it hurts when they treat me this bad when i wanted to leave. i hate confrontations. im so easy going most of the time, that even though i get trampeled on over and over again, i will still just let it go, most of the time. simply because i hate confrontations. and i had never ever had anyone accuses me so harshly and so brutally. their anger, the arrogant-ness and the lack of respect that they have in dealing with this matter, in dealing with me, is something really really shocking to me. i usually go out of my way to please people, and i hate it that they even took that for granted. the fact that they knew, that im the kind to just let it go.

but not this time.

this time they have gone too far.

they have become bullies of the most evil kind.

Monday, September 22, 2008

damn fools - part one

last week has got to be one of the toughest week i had to endure, in my entire work-wise life.

as all you may have already guessed, i got the offer from the oil company! so a big yeay! there hehe and im ecstatically ecstatic (^_^). being one of the largest oil company in the world, they matter-of-factly told me to hand in my two weeks notice, give them the total damage its going to cost, my bond + 2 months salary and watever nots, they will prepare the check and just like that, i will be installed in my new office in less time than you can say holy guacamole. all i got to do, is hand in that damn letter.

so i handed in the damn letter.

and all hell broke loose.

before i get into the hell-ishness of it all, let me share with you all my history with this current company of mine, for easier purpose sake, lets call this company SIC (pun intended). i joined SIC fresh out of uni, in October 2003, only two months after my graduation, so i am kinda blessed in that sense cause i didnt have to tanam anggur too long. when i joined, the company had a total of 10 staff, 10! and that includes the President, the Chairman, the VP of Operations, VP of Finance, VP of HR, President's son, President's friend's son, VP of Finance's friend, VP of Operations' friend and VP of Operations' friend's friend + yours truly = which makes into a grand total of 11.

even back then they are quite big on titles.

i was the only female engineer at that time, waitaminute, i was the only engineer at that time, until i recruited the creme of utp finest to join SIC. and the day all six of us were at our peak in the company was one of the best years of my life hehe.

so in short, i was one of pioneers and the President, used to (USED TO) call me his "Angel".

bullshit. watever. (uu..language nique, bulan2 ramadhan nie, ishk ishk)

so that's the history in short. being so few of us, i was there during the company's finest and worst moments, i sorta know what it takes to set up the company in first place having been the project engineer+hr+finance+procument+tukang buat air in my first year there. the hours were long and the pay was never on time, sometimes in cash, tak tolak epf and wat nots lagi for the first few months, but it was cool and i had fun and it was good.

so when i tendered in my resignation, i had expected some drama, some tears (mine maybe, being such a sentimental freak hehe) and maybe some walks down memory lanes, some farewell lunches and dinners and wat nots, goodbye speeches, i expected them to pat me on my back and said altho they are sad-to-let-me-go-we've-been-through-so-much-crap, they wished me the best of luck and predicted i will never be as happy in the new company as i am here. you know, the usual things...

digress, i love this - quoting from The Kimster's Blog - on Farewell Lunches;

What I hate the most is the speeches. I mean, what is the point of saying all the nice things about a person on the day that he's leaving the department/company when you never treat him like a human being during his time there? We somehow assume that people will easily forget all the years of being ignored, humiliated and treated like a handicapped turtle just because everyone gets together for a nasi campur lunch. We somehow think all will be forgiven just because we heap all sorts of praise on the person in one half-hearted speech.

hehe priceless!

anywayyyyyyyy...keeping you guys in suspense la ho :p

when the president of the company heard that i resigned, he apparently went berserk! (apparently he was in our Singapore office having apparently what apparents to be an A*F**R)

if i could list down what he said;

1. he would not let me go
2. i can sue him and the company if i want to but he will never let me go
3. i am an arrogant fool
4. i am selfish and he wants me to rot in my selfish-ness
5. i have moral obligations to stay in SIC FOREVER
6. he did not train me all this while for me to just leave just like that
7. he refuses to pay for my September salary (on which point i will sue)
8. he wants to send out a memo to all staff in SIC that there will be no more training provided by company and if you want to know why, i have to explain to every single staff AND let that be a lesson to everybody
9. he will bad mouth me everywhere so that i will never work in the oil & gas industry ever again
10. he refuses to sign my resignation letter at which point i cannot join the other company until i got this letter

and THAT ladies and gentlemen, is in a nutshell of the things he said.


"I did not pay for her Master's degree for her to just leave us like this, its irrelevant that other company will pay or not, its not about the money, its about her selfishness!"

koranggggggggggggggggggg, he thought he paid for my masters degree! this is soooooo funny to the point im crying on sheer hilarity of it all! the story is like this, when i was in the midst of applying for the Chevening Scholarship, i informed the company of my intention of nak samung blajar and all, tup2 he suddenly have this bright idea and being the berlagak person that he is, said in front of everybody that i (I!!!!) have requested (REQUESTED !!blehh!?!!) a scholarship from the company and he has *patronizingly* agreed to sponsor me to UK. which is total bullshit cause I never ever wanted the company's scholarship and i fully well know they cant afford it anyway dia sajer nak tunjuk cam terrer ..anywayy unfortunately when i left to further my studies, almost the whole company (save for the finance and hr and my closest friends who knew the truth) thought i went on company's scholarship and at that time i malas nak layan lantak la org nak cakap ape.

Tapi sebab dah jadi macam ni, to make it clear once and for all, i went to UK for my Master's degree on the British Council Chevening Scholarship and NOT under SIC's expenses, okay, kapish? understood? yes, yes, i am that smart-lucky-watever, hard as it is to believe, i got the scholarship okay so suka hati la nak percaya ke tak nak okayyy.

right, where was i?

oh yeah, so who's the arrogant fool now?

i soooooooooooooo wanted to swear but it being ramadhan, i have to resort to this instead;


so now you know the hell ive been through this past week.

there's more story behind this one..but after the ranting above im truly exhausted.

at moment the saddest part of it all, i dunno when or even if im gonna get paid for September, which means no RAYA for me (so sad dah la after two years raya away from family, pastu takleh bersuka ria and all sob..sob) AND to top it all up, the new company takes about two months to settle my salary which gives a grand total of (drum roll pleaseee) THREE (3) months of NO SALARY for me. so if i politely decline to any of your invites, buka puasas, open houses and wat nots, please dont make it harder than it is for me and just accept it. my savings are enough for my car loan, insurance, the damn road tax expiring next month, credit cards payments and other essentials. no more having fun for me until erm *checks calendar* December (damn, DECEMBER!!).

just writing about it me makes me sick and want to vomit and have cold chills all over :(

tadi mcm okay tapi now bila dah written out like this makes me utterly misreable :(

i will continue for part two when i have the will to live again.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

a new beginning

and so it is official..

just received the clearance a mere 25 minutes ago...

i just need to submit the letter and thus begins a new chapter in my life..

just pray that i can go through this peacefully, amin.

Monday, September 15, 2008

the one with THE ex boyfriend

Warning : this is a very long and emotional entry, for a Monday morning, but for a Monday night read, it's perfect :p

an ex boyfriend send me message via friendster the other day.

not just the ordinary run-of-the-mill ex boyfriend, but THE EX-BF.

you know, the one that you did and discovered everything FIRST with, first hand holding, first hug, first huge fight and make-up, first crying your heart and eyes out while listening to Matchbox Twenty - When You're Gone, first of the many road trips, first dance, first time you "salam cium tangan" a man (other than family :p), first time someone kisses your forehead (other than family :p), first..well you get what i mean :p okay, in short, your FIRST LOVE.

i think i speak on behalf of everyone, male or female alike when i say that your first love, true or otherwise, is the one that have the most impact on you and the one that you can never ever forget.

with me and my ex, lets call him, erm F, shall we :p we had our share our a turbulence relationship, at par with the most dramatic of soap opera, a tragic love story, or so i would like to believe :p

before i get into what i felt or said when he contacted me, let me give you the short version of our relationship, this is more for me actually, as something to remember him by, since i've never wrote about him in public before :)

okay, where do i start, ermm, right, we were best friends first. which actually created the pattern for next list of exes for me, all of them, at one point of time were my best friend. hmmm..anyway, after SPM, i entered the australian matriculation programme and was aiming to further my studies in australia. F and i were classmates and it was the first time i actually had classmates who are male, having been to girls' school all my life. F was actually supposedly going for the american degree programme until he met and fell in love with one my future best friend during orientation and promptly decided to change his degree and entered ours instead.,.well he is a typical Scorpio, dark, brooding and a hopeless romantic.

after a while we all become just good friends and he became one of my bestest and dearest friends, until he started dating this senior of ours and i fell madly in love with him. perfect timing huh? to cut the story short, after some months and some tears (his and mine :p) and after a beautiful "will you be my mine?" proposal on top of the KL Tower (see! i told you he's a hopeless romantic hehe) we became a couple and i promptly changed from a fun loving happy girl, to a mood-swinging, self absorbed and over-bearing girlfriend. okay2, the change wasnt that abrupt, we had some beautiful first few months as couple. the best things that i remembered were our long walks between 10pm to 11pm, before the "curfew" at ausmat :p, i was a debater and thus was always of to debate practices and these are the only time slots that we actually meet, our fav drinks were lime juice, we always ordered the same things, erm, on rare occasions we would have breakfast or lunch together, cos even tho we are in same campus, we both had separate interests and we'd spend the weekends that i dont go home or have debate practise at either sunway pyramid or subang parade :p and my own personal fav, long walks to pkns shah alam, via the tasik especially after it rains on saturday afternoons (even back then, he understood how crazy i am (and get!) after it rains :p) and we talked and talked and laughed and talked, i have to confess, its the best feeling being in love with your best friend, cos he understood everything :) we had a pretty simple and normal couple relationship :)

after the recession in 1998, and as none of us get to fly and are stuck to continue our studies in malaysia instead. i moved to UTP, all the way in Tronoh Perak, and he stayed in KL. that's when i changed.

i was miserable in the first year i was in utp. utterly depressingly miserable and i hated myself and everyone around me, for the first time in my normal carefree teenage life, i thought the world was unfair and life itself is unfair. i studied so hard for my SPM so that i can fly to overseas, and the fact that i cant, was a devastating blow to me. and somehow, this misery i felt, i took it out on F. yes, i can admit it now, after 7 long years, i admitted that it was, for the most part, my fault for testing him again and again and again.

one part of me was soooo in love with him and i was ecstatically happy that he is mine, and the other part of me was weary and resentful on why this amazing guy would care so much for me when even i dont like me that much. i would begged for him to come and see me in utp for the weekend, and completely ignored him when he did. i would call him and send him messages non-stop because i miss him so much, and would just suddenly refuse to pick up his calls and reply his messages just to see how much he puts in the effort. i was happy one minute, then sad then jealous suddenly for no reason whatsoever and oh god, thinking back of all the things i had said to him, to test him again and again, for him to prove again and again that he loved me, no matter what i said or did.

so, yeah, that was me, 8 years ago. pretty pathetic huh?

needless to say, for reasons i cannot disclose here, two years later, we broke up and i lost my best friend forever.

although the main reasons we broke up was pretty intense, i still think my behaviour somewhat contributes a hell lot to the break up. i was immature while he was patient, i was needy even when he was giving me everything i need, i arrogantly thought i could live without him and that he loves and needs me more than i need or love him, when it wasnt even a contest to begin with. so in short, i know now, that i did, in my own selfish way, drove him away.

so anway, that was about 7 years ago.

then, about 5 years ago, he and his family moved into the empty house in front of mine. right smack in the bang in the house facing mine, our front gates a mere 6-7 meters away.

fate, or cupid or karma or whatever you wanna call it, was not quite done making havoc of our lives yet.

and what's funnier, our mothers became the best of friends (well, almost hehe) and soon enough, his family and mine, become integrated in tiny little close knit society and he witnessed all the major events of my family's life as i did his.

but amazingly enough, though we are neighbours, we were never really friends again. we flitted in and out of each other's lives, i acknowledging his present whenever i bumped him at each other's gate on our way to work, him, waving his hello and run his hand through his hair, whenever he met me at neighbourhood events (hehe even till today that gesture gives a funny litle tinkling in my heart :p) and so on and so forth.

then he moved to UK, and i moved to UK, different parts and then his family moved away from KJ and i thought that was the end of it.

and then, he said hello in my friendster.

so how did it made me feel?

after all this years, he is still the one person that can make me cry and smile at the same time.

and so even though it took me a long time for me to say this, i think its not too late and i think we are both matured enough, and because i never get to say it to him in person, here goes;

"dear F, i did love you, so much, and i am very truly sorry that you had to bear witness to my "craziness" back then, and even though maybe i didnt say it enough, i was truly grateful to have you in my life and for what its worth, those years would still remains some of the best times of my life, and i have you to thank for it, so to F, especially for you, please listen here and hope that you know that there will always be a place for you in my heart :)"

hehe, was it too intense for you guys?

i am relieved to finally let this out and it really is a good soul cleansing experience, needless to say i was highly influenced by Miss Elizabeth Gilbert below hehe

whew, so how was your Monday? (^_^)

Friday, September 12, 2008

aww *blush*blush*

Edited on 16th September 2008 first award (^_^)

thanks Miss Zaitul Chantal Luciana (^_^)

actually dah dapat lama from her, but totally forgot about it until someone reminded me hehehe

so The terharu one u know *blush*blush*tersengeh2*

EDITED - Alden, the explanation as per below;

Brilliant Weblog is a prize given to sites and blogs that are smart and brilliant both in their content and their design. The purpose of the prize is to promote as many blogs as possible in the blogsphere.

Here are the rules to follow :

1) Put the logo on your blog
2) Add a link to the person who awarded you
3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs
4) Add links to those blogs on yours
5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.

i would like to pass this award to;

1. Miss Pugs
2. Miss Leen Ashburn
3. Mr Alden
4. Mr Noriswadi
5. Miss Olyano
(supaya cepat2 la update *hint*hint*)

LOVE, ladies and gentlemen, is topic of the day (^_^)

i am currently reading this book below, Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. i started reading it about a month ago, during our trip to Bandung, one of my best friend recommends it to me, knowing how im always in the search of good books of this sort. i didn't actually get around to buying it until about a couple of weeks ago, and im really taking my time with it.

the book is basically about Ms Gilbert's journey through self discovery.

cliche, yes? no, not really.

it is somewhat slightly different that those self discovery books that ive come across so far, which actually most of it written by men, so that explains a lot really (no offense, men :p) with the exception of the second book below, most are too, how can i put this, boring. true the journey of self discovery is not a long and exciting roller coaster ride, it takes time and patience and etc etc, but if you are going to write about it, the least you could do is make it more than just all about you. am i making sense here?

i breezed through the 'Eat' section of the book and found myself in exact sentiments of the writer, when she spoke about her love of Italian cafes and food and the general atmosphere of being in a foreign country. what strike me the most about the book, is how open and honest she is, pouring her heart's out to us, the readers, about how she feels and what she thinks. all of which, in a Malaysian culture, something of a huge no-no. Miss Pugs (whom i discovered are reading the same book as well could probably explained it better than i can :p her being more eloquent than yours truly).

In this book, her views about having baby, and how she is not ready and her kneeling down on cold bathroom floor chanting how she just doesnt want to be married anymore, was so consuming both my mind and heart, because, that is exactly how i feel. i know that in this country, and being a typical Malay woman, it seems like there is a straight path that we have to follow, a certain society expectations that we have to live up to. marriage , babies, they all want you to fit into this neat little package that they have designed for us, for easy labelling of course, and should you dare to refuse to be in this little package, all hell will break loose, well at least it will be in my family. the fear of not being able to label us is the one fear that seems to rule almost everyone i meet. and they seemed to cannot accept the honest brutal fact is that i do not want any of those. i refuse to get into these ramblings today, its going to make me more depressed huhu.

anyway, im currently stuck at the "Pray" section of the book, and im taking my time here, trying to understand the meditation process and trying to relate it to something im more familiar with.

so far, it has been a great read. achingly funny and mentally and spritually stimulating. its not fiction, which is perfect. but so far, it could not rival my all time favourite book, Tales of a Female Nomad, by Rita Gelman.

she too went through divorce and separation and heart aches, and decided that there really is more to life than the usual and normal society expectations of what a 40 year old woman should do. she refused to be bogged down by that and decided to do somehing that she is happy doing. travelling.

i love love this book. i found it while i was backpacking in Sieam Reap few years back, tucked and hidden away in a tiny back packers hostel, where they have a small library section where you can borrow the books to read while you were there. i started reading it and couldnt stop, and bartered with the hostel owner with my current copy of Stephen King to replace it :p

both books are about women going out their normal expectations and decided to do something more with their lives.

their experiences and emotions and knowledge are mind opener for young women, like myself, and to me, it serves as a reminder that you dont have to be married to be happy, you dont have to have baby to leave a mark in this world, and you certainly do not need the world's approval in doing what you want to do.

a concept, that is still fairly new here, but, hey, dont take my word for it, read the books, and tell me what you think. i would love to discuss it with anyone over a cup of coffee :)


where is the love? spread the love ya all, spread the love :p

i wonder why its so difficult for some people to admit their mistakes? at the age of 40! i mean, you should be matured and experienced enough already to know there's nothing absolutely degrading or menjatuhkan ego if you admit that you are wrong, in fact, it will make your colleague respects you more. especially if you dapat a colleague like me who is always right hahaha :p its not my fault that im young and smart (kawan2, mcm familiar tak ayat nie :p) haiihhhh..susah nye duk dalam department where the EGO is larger than life!

and the hits just keep on cominggg :p

1. survey 101, where is the best pasar ramdhan dearies all? the one at kelana jaya sucks (sorry, no offence, kut2 ade sesaper menjual disitu) tapi seriously, the food tak sedap and some even by time balik rumah dah basi and MAHAL. i only went there twice, and enough is enough. i miss the pasar ramadhan in Taman Maju UTP :p aaahh..the gud ol' days. so folks, please tell me where u think is the best pasar ramadhan, i wanna check it out this weekend.

2. remember the other oil company? i got the offer!! (^_^) went for the medical checkup and here's hoping that i will be somewhere else after raya hehe BUT its not confirm yet, kena successful in my medical dulu..which is scary gak cos me and my anemia and we'll see kay.. will keep u updated :)

3. i did another survey, if i leave my office in jalan ampang at 5pm, i will reach home in kelana jaya at 8pm, so mmg tak sempat nak berbuka di rumah BUT if i leave the office at 6.50pm ke atas, i will reach home by 7.20 - 7.30 sorta like just in time! survey is conducted over the course of one week. so wats a girl to do? leave at 6.50 jam and the road is as clear KL on a chinese new year morning :p

4. i went to low yatt recently, alone to buy stuff for someone. my previous experiences with low yatt has always been somewhat intimidating or i get annoyed and pening kepala and irritated and cant wait to get out of there. this is because i always went there with either my ex-boyfriends or male best friends or male colleagues, yg KONONnye terrer in computers and wat nots, so everytime i see something interesting or something i like (which is usually something comel or cute hehe) they will immediately jumped at me, u know like 'hah, ni la girls, suka yg comel je, this thing tak cukup memory/RAM/power/crap' - you know, the usual remarks AND u guys always gives us crap about how long it took for us to shop and decide one pair of jeans, guys are ten times worse! when it comes to their stuff, they can spend a whole bloody day in the bloody low yatt and in the end, TAK BELI PUNNNNN!! huh! anyway, my point is (and i do have one :p) is that i went alone the other day, even though i was dreading it, i actually enjoyed myself! :) i had fun. and it took me less than an hour to pick up two thumb drives and a headphones speaker with mike and and external hard drive (and no cute factor involved, i was practical :p) and i did survey up and down before deciding on the things kay, im not that ignorant. but still, boleh pun kejap je and in time for a buka puasa session with missy olyn at our favourite chicken rice shop :p

5. today we're going for steamboat for buka puasa. semayang dulu siap2 kat ofis baru gerak :p. my parents are still away to kelantan, only coming back on sunday. boringnye home alone.

oh mr sun, im okay already today :p dah buli balik org yang buli saya :p

im now contemplating to get this cute mouse that looks like an elephant tee hee (^_^)

have a great weekend folks!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

sanggup tuuuu :p


have ordered bubur lambuk from best friend Parvo's mother! she makes THE BEST BUBUR LAMBUK IN THE WORLD!

have ordered for the family for Saturday and also for my office mates (my boss tetiba nak sedekah hehe) for Wednesday (^_^)

so hari ni dan esok, carik benda lain dulu :p

funny how when i was in UK punye la craving nie la itu la rasa cam nak amik flight balik semata2 nak pergi pasar ramadhan (haha overr) tapi now that im back tak rasa camtu plak, all i want to eat is the bubur.


buhsan tahap cipan!

im bored.

like really really bored.

today is my 3rd day in the new department. ingat tak saya ade tulis a couple weeks back that the company offered me a new position in a different department, as business planner? well, here i am, its only my 3rd day and im already BORED!

this was hardly the case when i was doing operations in previous department. i even had repeatedly said that there is never a dull day in my department. tiap2 hari mesti ade jer benda yang menarik berlaku, biasa la operations kan sure got something punye. kalau tak pun, i had colleagues who are as crazy as i am so there's always other entertainment even if the work is not there hehe tapi kerja jalannnnn..

here in this office, its soo quiet! and everyone is hunched at their desk god knows if they are actually doing work or not huhu even tho i am technically one of their bosses, i still cant bring myself to make some noise, just like as if im new and a fresh grad leddet! huahhh boring nyeee

nak balik awal lah..nak gi cari bubur lambuk yang sedap..anyone know where? i know ade kg baru nye tu tapi nak gi ngan jam and queue nye mak datukkkk..i rasa balik rumah buat sendiri pun lagi cepat, tapi malas :p

yummmm :p mane nak carik nieeeee

my babes, esok supper/sahur sama2 nak? :p

Monday, September 01, 2008

Spain - Sneak Preview (ecewahh :p)

all i can say for now, ten days, is not enough :p nanti citer panjang kay, later peeps!

Selamat Berpuasa

I have major plans this Ramadhan, first on the list, tamo tinggal terawih..cos having been in the UK for the past two years dan tidak berterawih, tahun ni mesti lengkap :p so kawan2 yang nak ajak saya berbuka tu, hari2 saya redflag je la kay :p or kite gi supper/sahur lepas terawih amacam? lagi best gitu kan, tak lah rasa guilty sangat hehe 2nd on the list, nak reduce berbuka kat luar, all those buffets2 yg oh so fattening tak nakkk! i wanna do a complete detox this puasa :)

dulu2 masa memula kerja dulu selalu jer berbuka kat ofis or kat luar, client belanja la, jumpe geng2 lama la, boss belanja la, rasa guilty cos makan banyak gile last2 bulan puasa i actually gained weight instead of losing weight! and most importantly mcm sesia je bulan Ramadhan pastu tak pegi terawih and all huhu so this year tamo dah :)

yeay azam baru yang best (^_^)

anyway, especially to my dearest friends yang masih di UK, selamat berpuasa di perantauan, kite pernah sama2 merasa berpuasa jauh2 dari family and rindu sangat nak makan makanan malaysia and nak pergi sangat pasar ramadhan, so i know how you guys feel over there, takpe2 sabar2 kuat kan semangat habis kan your studies, then boleh balik malaysia dengan gumbira nye kay..

take care my dear friends, and especially to mr sun, dont miss me too much tau, yelah dah takde org nak masak kan hehe make sure makan elok2 masa buke, jgn duk makan burger kat Charcoal tu jer hehe, nanti saya post biskut raya ngan afiq and anaz :p

to all my other Muslim friends, Selamat Berpuasa, semoga Ibadah kita Diberkati Allah S.W.T. Amin.

temporary escapes # 7


u must be wondering why i start at the #7, mane gi nye # 1, 2, 3 etc etc .. well i wanted to update about my trip to Bandung two weeks back, and its not exactly escapes #1, cos actually ive been meaning to update about my trips to Spain and Amsterdam and Cambodia..which all happened last year but i never got around to update them because..well, because i was just plain lazy back then :p

but thennn, a friend reminded me of the reason why i have this blog in the first place (if u wanna why just baca jer ade dlm archives la malas nak ulang banyak kali nanti u guys ckp saya overrr laks hehe) and also i wanted to write out where ive been and wat ive done so that nanti my future family (chewahh) can read about where their mom or grandma or their favourite-coolest-travel savvy-globe trotting *giggles* aunty have been in this world :)

so anyhoo, without further adoo..

Bandung - 9th August to 12 August 2008

first of all, i just wanna say I LOVE BANDUNG (^_^)

i do, i really really do!

ni my second trip to the so-called Paris of Indonesia, really memang org panggil Bandung that, but i dont really see the resemblance, having been to both Paris and Bandung, lain la korang, tak sama... i would say Bandung is more like Ipoh actually, tapi lagi sejuk hehe but Bandung still have their own unique charms, with their cool weather and abundance quirky cafes and shops and boutiques along streets that are well covered with huge trees... it certainly make shopping much much easier :p

here's a quick recap and tips and what nots of Bandung (yelah kate nak update pasal banyak lagi negara kan, nak citer semua, sebulan tak habes ni :p)

1. HOTEL = we stayed at Sukajadi Hotel, damn cheap..the room is okay but the bathroom..ermm..i wouldnt stay there again la just because of the bathroom, takpe bayar mahal sikit asal kan bathroom ok..last time i went to Bandung we stayed at Karang Setra Hotel, pun lebih kurang be fair, its not that bad, but to me, it matters kay? tapi masa tu, budget punye pasal, terima je la kan :p

2. SHOPPING = kalau u guys can choose, please dont go Bandung over the weekend, ramai orang Jakarta turun, so traffic and people, ramai mcm KL on a rainy friday after 6pm. serious. and it would spoil your mood to shop cos berasak2 with ramai org. nak shopping tak selesa. nasib baik bandung sejuk, kalau tak ngan panas nye lagi huhu..places to visit; the whole stretch of road of Rumah Moda, Natural, Donatello (ni kedai kasut, shoes sizes up to 12 i think, so those yang got big feet please borong yr shoes here, gerenti tak jumpa kat msia, the pumps and flats are so deliciously gorgeous and murahhh kay, like rm30 to rm50 per pair!) the whole stretch of Jalan Dago, Ciampelas (but i dont really like shopping at Ciampelas cos the shops are, erm, creepy a bit and takde aircond hehe, mengada takkkk :p) but Chi Walk is a must cos its a bit like Bintang Walk and ada JcO Donuts yumm.. ade a few more factory outlets, but yang i list down nie jer maybe dah cukup kut hehe..


if u wanna get kain, telekungs and kerepeks and batiks, go to Pasar Baru. heaven! this place is 7 storey high building filled with everything from..erm..everything! tak cukup we spent 3 hours here. should be a whole day, tapi tak sempat tak banyak masa. but i managed to grab myself 2 gorgeous kebaya sets, one in dark brown and one in beige with tiny blue and pink and green flowers embroided, and a beautiful telekung, all three for rm100! damn cheap! i made a mental note that next time, if and when i get married, i will definetely shop for my wedding stuff here, really really worth it.

3. JALAN2 = a must are Tangkupan Perahu, a still active volcano but a truly fantastic view, worth the climb up the mountain, eleh climb pun naik keta bukan jalan kaki hehe AND Ciater Hot Water Springs kalau nak bermandi manda air panas :)

4. FOOD & ENTERTAINMENT = if u are a indon music enthusiast like me, u must must go to Atmosphere Cafe, this place, oh cantik nye, i wish ade kat KL, is two storey high, open air concept, the second floor have verandah like alcoves where the seats are sofas and low tables, u sorta have to climb into and seat crossed leg, or berbaring if u want cos its huge and so oh comfortable :p nanti la kat bawah ni ade gambar :p outside, there is a huge garden and u can choose to seat at on their many many gazebos scattered throughout..lawa sangat kay! and the best part, the live band here! lovely food, fantastic music a mix of both excellent indonesia music and english, what else do you need to chill out after a long day of shopping? :p another must see, is to drive up to Dago Valley, where you can see the whole of bandung from on top of a hill..cantik korang..we went there and makan desert jer sebab dah terlalu kenyang hehe tapi careful, some of their desert contains rum so pandai2 la tanye k. Ampera cafe is good food too, yang ni standard leh jumpe di mana2 saja and bloody cheap.

oh, another best entertainment - KARAOKE! we went dua hari berturut2 kay and walking distance from the hotel.. well, actually i went the 2nd nite, my other friends went both nites cos murah sangat, its Inul's Karaoke Centre (i forgot the actual name but it belongs to inul, u know dat dangdut singer, she a has few branches scattered all over Bandung and Jakarta), tempat dia cantik and bersih and MURAH! i think like rm15 - rm20 per person for like 4 hours of non stop drinks! my frend belanja ktrg mlm tu so tak sure sgt harga dia but around dat la. and get this, diorang ade score kayyyyy!! so u nyanyi2, nanti lepas tu dia bagi markah! hahaha best2 saya tak pandai nyanyi so i think my highest score pun around 90 jerr okay la kan kan kan :p

5. TRANSPORT = gi bandung, just hire a transport van or car and driver. takyah susah2 nak cari cab..serious murah and tak memening kan kepala. trust me. murah giler. per day about rm20 per person, tgk naik ape kan. shopping2, dump yr bags in the car, then shopping lagik then dah berat, dump balik dlm keta and shopping lagi..sedar2 balik hotel, banyak giler shopping bags taleh nak angkat pastu bag nak balik msia pun tak muat :p hehehehe

6. TIPS = kat airport, always keep your passport with u, jgn pegang kalau boleh, keep it in your bag, kuar kan bile perlu jer. they ALL expect tips for EVERYTHING so prepare duit kecik2 tau. bawak beg kosong, masa pegi tu, bwk sehelai baju pun cukup, confirm mesti beli punye. erm, ape lagi ek, nanti la kalau ingat saya tulis :p

okayyyy, now for the fun part, pictures!

its not really in order, tadi dah susun elok2 pastu i taklehpost, internet bengong then had to upload again then masa susun again tu got problems lagi SO, i give up, but ade captions kat bawah tu, so bace je la kay :p

Atmosphere Cafe

Tangkupan Perahu, the still active volcano..cantik tempat nie and sejukkkk jer

Airport Bandung

ni masa tengah tunggu transport, ktrg ramai kan :p ini pun 3 org terpaksa cancel huhu

haha actually ni gambar balik dah ni, check it out semua orang pakai baju baru kay, semua!

hahahaha ni plak gambar kat LCCT masa nak gi, see, my pictures all berteraburrrr! takpelah korang ek, dah penat la nak susun :p sowie!

asal i berdiri macam straight semacam gege ni depan hotel nak balik dah muka pucat huhu last day ni i got tummy ache and low blood, nasib baik dah last day..

ni ha rombongan cek kiah :p last day..semua org datang satu beg ringan2 jer, masa balik, masing2 mengeluarkan bag2 yg tersorok, ha amik, sorang2 dua tiga bag! haha

hehe i like this picture..muka semua dah penat nie tapi nak jugak lagi shopping :p

me and saza at Rumah Mode

ni dalam hotel Sukajadi

han and saza at Chi Walk entrance

Chi Walk again!

ni la Ampera kawan2 :p ada satu sambal tempe dia tu..perghh..masa last day tu me and nurul wanted to tapau bawak balik msia tapi kedai tak bukak lagi sedeh2 setapppp sangat!

hahaha my wacky frends borong underwear hehe they got bloody cheap victoria's secret lingerie, original plak tu! borong jangan tak borong!

okay, someone ask me how much should they bring to Bandung for a three day trip, my advice, if u guys are really really planning to shop, about rm 800 to rm1000 is MORE than enough, seriously sangat2 mewah la tu, both times i went, i only change rm500, and i bought so much stuff sampai tak muat bag! rm500 ni plus makan dengan selalunye dan banyaknye, transport and tips, shopping sakan beria, souvenir beli beria gaks, i beli tshirts lagi kay souvenirs, bukan key chain yang murah2 and airport tax! kat airport sempat beli lagi brownies yg famous2 itu, kat dalam flight makan beria (u know how xpensive food on air asia kan) AND still got a couple hundred rupiahs left over :p see, mmg cukup, kalau u guys are me la..kalau korang ade anak2 tu maybe lebih la skit shopping baju utk anak2 lagi kan..tapi saya beli jugak for my anak2 sedara yg 4 org tu and my sisters and my parents, and my sayang :p SO, kesimpulannye, rm500 just perfect, rm 800 - rm1000 more than enough gile lumayan, rm1000 ke atas, korang sanggup ke nak bayar excess baggage tu? :p

sekian sahaja cuti2 ke Bandung, Indonesia. next storey morey, my Spain trip, nak tunjuk kat u guys gambar Matador, ole!