Friday, October 21, 2011

im off to penang!

i will be at shangri la rasa sayang for the weekend :) :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

the secret life of nora

tiara was super hot!

and she can sing so well too! i was so amazed!

and ryan silverman was a dream...sigh..

its worth to watch but not a must watch, if u get what i mean :)

its extended to 22nd October!

im off to hong kong!!

will be there during the Christmas Holidays!

my first time yeah! :)

actually ikut kan, i dont really feel like going to those part of the world sangat. lots of reasons but mainly personal. but then again, i made a vow to self to try something new this year + its cool during xmas (and i wanted to get away from the hot weather here) + its only four hours flight!!

but after purchasing the tickets and book the already regretting it!

1. the ticket cost the same as my ticket to london next march
2. the hotel is damn expensive and they charge you for everything!! a four nights trip is gonna cost me Rm1k!! ive spend 6 nights in various parts of europe with that amount!
3. halal food is crazy expensive and hard to get! my sis who went before me said a plate of simple nasi goreng will cost me RM50 per person!!

damn kan?

i know im kinda biased towards UK/Europe and US but i mean seriously, if this the cost to travel to that part of the world, then no thanks, I WILL STICK TO UK/EUROPE AND US.

but one good thing is, well, three actually, is THREE of my bestest friends will be my travel partners so i am looking forward to definete good times with them :) :)

i am looking forward to HK Disney tho and H& there's another two things!

and xmas decorations in HK is said to be pretty gorgeous :)

so here's hoping! :)