Wednesday, January 28, 2009

tagging game - its been a while (^_^)

tagged by miss zaitul chantal..came at the right time, am bored to death, kerja banyak gile but im still in holiday mood what's with the office is practically empty my tooth still sakit despite taking 2 doses of the pain killers already, there's no way i can pay attention to my 'primary-transport-cost-tarrif-effects-on-the-business-transfer-price' (dang!) when all i felt like doind is getting a local anesthetic done on my aching teeth..ahh the blissful numb feeling huhu

neway, here goes..

directions: Once you’ve been tagged, you have to write a Blog/Facebook note with 16 random things, facts, habits or goals about you. At the end choose 16 people (16! sixteen! banyak nye!!) to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. Don’t forget to leave them a comment or tag them in your note to read this.


1. i have a fear of cats - and ive always thought that cats have got to be the most selfish and arrogant animal on earth..cats always look at you un-sincerely, like they only be your friend for a reason and the only time they are nice to you is when they want something..and then they scratch you!

2. i dont eat spicy food - unless its winter time (to keep warm hehe)

3. im terribly loyal, to the extend sometimes memakan diri need to explain lah enough for you to know that..

4. im very dramatic, sentimental and a hopeless romantic..which brings to no.5

5. i cry very easily...which brings us to no. 6

6. sangat cepat merajuk..especially with mr other half..he will testify on my frequency of merajuk vs per day hehe alah bukan merajuk lama pun kan syg kan kan :p


7. i must read something before i sleep..anything will do..ive even read my phone manual as bedtime story haha

8. i only use body shop lip balm - since i was 15 years old, never used anything else, not from the lack of trying but there's always something off with other brands..

9. i am now a green tea addict - this is on top of my five years love affair with Ribena :p

10. my clothes are color coordinated-ly arranged from dark to light

11. my books are arranged by size from biggest to smallest - and when im in freak mod, its also arranged by colors hehehe


12. im in the midst of completing my Phd proposal paper - planning to get my Phd by the age of 35 (wahh logic kah?)..i never thought i'd do Phd actually, my initial plan was only to go up to Masters but when i got that, i thought, 'what the hell, might as well go all the way!' :p

13. to buy a property by end of the year

14. to perform Haj by the age of 45

15. to write a novel (ecewahhh!) - note : "write" yer, not "publish" :p

16. to travel - at least two NEW locations per year.. this year will be to China and India..insyAllah (^_^) only took me 10 minutes to do this! i need something else to distract me huhu

im tagging peeps in Facebook (^_^)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

sakit gigi

i've got a really bad toothache :(
it was a mild one on sunday and escalated to a degree of unbearable pain today :(
im blogging from the office while waiting for my ride to arrive to go to the dentist...
do you know that the pain from a tooth aching is the second most horrible pain after giving birth? not that i can make a comparison but that's what they say..if this pain already cannot tahan, how to tahan giving birth?
why am i pondering on this issue yang takde kena mengena with my tooth?
must be the pain talking...
owwwww... :(

Friday, January 16, 2009


i dont have time to update anymore, well, not as much as i would like to, work is becoming crazy and every second of the day im filled with dread that i would make that 60million usd mistake huhu

funnily enough, i now get an adrenalin rush whenever i managed to crunch and analyse the numbers into something logical and able to actually contribute to a decision making process, guess this is how those finance peeps feels succesfully negotiate a multi million contract :p the other day when i managed to complete a particularly difficult set of equations, i actually exclaimed "Yes!!" with arms raised and grinning to myself, at my cubicle in the office! in full view of everyone!..needless to say, my officemates now either think im crazy or easily excited :p

does this mean im actually starting to like this job? well, lets just say, im more open to possibilities now, like i said, i can do the job, its a matter of actually liking it or not..but someone once pointed out to me that nobody likes their job, they just do it for the money and its a necessity but i beg to differ, since your gonna work like crazy for it, isnt it better if its for something u like than something you hate, right? sides, who says you cant have it both ways? i dont for one minute believe that people do a job simply because they have too, where's the motivation in that? money can only get you so far..

anyways, im babling here, will update more once i have the chance..

be good and have a great weekend (^_^)

Friday, January 02, 2009

another year....

hope its not too late to wish everyone a very happy new year :)

looking back at 2008, i would have to say it has been extremely tough year for me and Alhamdullilah, even though i managed to get through it pretty much unscathed, some things must be remembered, for the simple fact that those are the things that made me more humble, more accepting and more forgiving...

my lessons learned for 2008...

i painfully learned that upon returning to Malaysia in early 2008 that it is one of the decision that i deeply regret, and altho im more accepting to it now and believe that God might have other plans for me, i still have regrets for not listening to my heart..

i learned that you can be homesick even when you're at home, you can be lonely even when you're surrounded by other people and you can be silly and funny even when you have tears falling down your face...

i learned that i really really miss my best friends here.. my rocks, my knight-esses in shiny armor (dont need a man for these, women can rescue u too hehe), my shoulders to cry on even on their designer-handbags-carrying-shoulders :p, my mocks margharita buddies (how did we ever get high on those even without a single drop of alcohol in them??!!), my saturday morning breakfast companions..the list is endless..i really love those crazy bunch to death! :p

i learned that i now have develop an irritating phobia of closed space..hence could no longer take long flights i.e. more than 6 hours without medication :( actually even the Smart Tunnel scares me to death..i happily sit in the jam for 2 hours than going through the tunnel huhu

i learned that i still have the capacity to make new friends :) and people still continue to surprise me with their thoughtfulness, or with their ignorance and sometimes the one person you'd never thought you'd be friends with, just might turned out to be a best friend in the making..but lesson learned, "best friend" is not a term i would use so easily anymore...

i learned a lot during the time i resigned from my previous job and start a new one...that was a huge lesson and one that i certainly never ever intend to forget..i have made peace with the previous company and have even let go some of the bad feelings i discovered i still harbor at them but now all i feel is..pity..i suppose and sad that it should end that way..regardless of how they treat me in the end, at the beginning they were one the best thing that has ever happened to me..

i learned to be a bit more selfish.. and a lot more humble... a contradiction no? suffice to say that i spend my whole life trying to please other people when i should have been putting my happiness first, simple but still a lesson that needed to be learned and i also did certainly tend to be a bit arrogant and snobbish in terms of accepting the life that was laid out for me, i foolishly thought i deserve better when i hadnt done a thing to deserve it in the first that's learned, the hard way..

and the best lesson of 2008?

i learned that the more i resist you....the more i fell in love with here's my heart, i give it to may look battered and worn and it needs a bit of dusting actually, havent been used properly in years..but dont judge it by the way it looks on the outside, inside its filled with silly funny things to make you laugh, beautiful and gorgeous things to make you smile, crazy and albeit weird mysterious things that will always keeps you wanting more and most importantly every single bit of it belongs to you now, so cherish it wisely (^_^)

so that's my 2008, in black and white...

i have no new year resolution..never made any actually..i like to think that new beginnings can happen anytime, begin anytime, not just at a new year..but i do hope that it will be a colorful year and as it happens i will share it in this blog and hope you all will have fun reading it, as much as i love living and writing about it (^_^)

Happy New Year 2009!