Monday, September 24, 2007

random thoughts..

few things going in my life and in my head...

1. i cooked macaroni bakar today, first time hehehe positive response from mr pic and two new budak msia baru sampai 2 days and mr pic are becoming the official "welcome to plymouth" comittee huhu tapi best jugak and really dont mind pun coz we lurrvee plymouth so memang dengan bangga nye boleh show the city and tunjuk kat mane tempat2 best nak shopping (tapi sebab diorang ni men so cam takdelah interested sangat kut pasal shopping gehehe kena tunggu the two girls coming next week :p)

2. my housemate found a lump in her breast a few months back and last week she went for an operation to remove it. it was a scary thought. she's allright now and cant really move much but she hasnt got the result back yet whether its cancer or not. we are praying that its not. she's quite strong and has a positive attitude and i do admire her for it, if it was me belum pape lagi dah will be crying everyday. i think the hardest part is that her family is all the way in china and all she has is us which is good but still, im sure she misses her family and wants them to be here. i would want my sisters to be around.

3. u guys know im working two jobs now right? hehe i am i am :p from 9am to 2.30pm im working at this book company, if u guys go online cam amazon tu kan and beli buku from one of the companies, haa one of the companies tu lah where im working at , kerja dia senang jer, amik order than get the books from the gudang, pack it up and wait for the post people to come and collect it, then after that i would go online and list all the other books that the company has and kira cam main turun naik harga buku tu supaya orang buy from us..senang kan? but agak tiring and average we send out about 200 books per day..that is a lottttt... and then from 5.30pm to 9.30pm im working as data entry keyer at royal laaagi senang tapi ngantuk nye yang amat im pretty busy during the weekday and have never appreciated the weekend more hehehehe

4. i have started making a list (plus a list from my mom for the relatives) on stuff i need to buy for people, you know, gifts, untuk bawak balik msia nanti, altho i am a little bit kecik hati with some people who sort of like conveniently uses the excuse of the fact that i am here in the uk to forget stuff like my birthdays, or to wish congrats when i finished my masters or didnt send me kad rayas last year, kalau im in msia they are okay but just because im jauh they macam malas nak make the effort and bagi alasan "tunggu u balik la kaay" even tho i religiously hantar cards and wat nots to them for every single important occasion in their lifes because they and their life matters to me even tho im far away..hmm makes sense ke ape yang i ckp nie heheehe tapi takpelah benda2 camni sepatutnye tak penting kan dalam frendship kan? i do believe that tapi sometimes its just feels damn nice to get something in the mail from people that i really care about, its simple but it makes me happy okay?

5. i bought 4 for handbags today..all for the cost of 2 pounds!!! hahaha best giloss jangan jelesss beli kad carboot sale and all in fantastic condition and BRANDED lagik haha original plak tu..huhu so veryyyyy the happpyy :p

6. mr best frend called yesterday and said that he is posting a raya package for me, yipee!!! which would definetely include jem tarts and probaby his mom's frozen karipaps nyummmmmmmmmmm :p then i got email from olyn saying that she will post me some too plus her absolutely gorgeous-to-die-for-melts-in-your-mouth-heavenly choc chip cookiess! double yipeee!!! woahhhhh sayang kat korannggggg best nye cant wait for my two packagesss heheheehee

7. i finished the seventh and final harry potter book...BEST GILER! the ending is PERFECT! and altho the story was a bit long winded and i had to read it twice to ensure ive absorbed everything, sebab macam rasa jk rowling sengaja nak memanjang2kan citer and menebalkan buku dia hehee, it was fantastic ending, altho i did kinda hoped that dumbledore hidup balik or sirius black hidup balik tapi tu macam dah melampau sangat la plak kan kan kan :p

okayy, thats the end for my random thoughts for now..cant believe its monday already..sighhh..

have a nice week peeps!

note : happy besday hunny bunny! since u atas kapal i cannot send u a card soooo here's big hug and a kiss for you, muahhhhss (^_^)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

weekend bliss :p

on saturday morning mr pic (partner in crime) suddenly asks,

"jom gi fishing nak?"

wahh...apparently him and my other housemates is planning to go deep water fishing, bayar 15 pounds per person, for 2 1/2 hrs naik boat, all equipment provided and u bring back anything u catch..hmm..


so off goes the 5 of us, the motley crews of 72 kensington rd + 2, thats 7 of us fisherman and fisherwomen made the 25minutes walk to pheonix wharf at the barbican..

ramai jugak la yang actually had the same idea as us as the boat was full. it was sunny and windy at the same time so weather wise, perfect. and all of us we were grinning in anticipation as the boat pushes off from the pier and of course as usual pictures are a must :p i decided not to fish as not being a huge fan of the act, i like to see and teman orang memancing but no need to give me a fishing rod hehehe so wat else to do, i appointed myself as photographer instead :p

so here are the pictures of our first fishing trip :p

did we get any u asked? heheehe they got a total of 18 mackarels between the six of them + one red coloured fish that we dont know the name and decided to throw it back in the sea.. all in all it was a very satisfying trip indeed..

menu of the day, ikan goreng celup tepung cicah with thai chili sauce, nyummmmmm :p

Friday, September 14, 2007

its done!

ola chicas and erm..cikoss! (hehe tak sure for man panggil ape :p) im back after 10 days of total bliss (^_^) its one of the best vacations ive ever had (more on that in the next post) mainly due to the fact that...MY MASTERS IS DONE!! yeap! u read it right,dah habis, its completed, finito DONE! after all the blood sweat and tears teehee :p

this blog is especially dedicated to my dear darling housemate and partner in crime, Mr Hafiz for temaning me late into the night at library, sampai kul 2,3 pagi :p and for tolong gi print and binding it for me as i was tooooo sleepy and dah larat nak pk by the time i actually finished the bloody thing, for doing that last little thing for me in appendix D :p and finally for putting up with my merengeks and mengadas and mood swings and being sabar with my kerenahs, THANK YOU!!!! nanti i upah nasi goreng sotong kayyyyyy :p

this are the pictures of the submission day...

cam tak caya jer dah habis...

betul ke nie?


hafiz tgh kusyuk mem-bind kan the thesis..

thank god the uni doesnt require hard cover binding (yet) i can submit the hard covers ones later2..kalau takkkk kena rush siapkan at least 2 weeks early huhuhu

yeay! dah siap bind and dah siap burnt dlm cd..somehow it looks so simple kan? thats 3 years of my working like in that thesis :p

excuse my toye face okayyy..and the fact that the grin is bigger than my face (eh betul ke camtu hehe) bape hari tak cukup tido nie so ok lah kan kan kan :p

so thats the end of my purpose here....

soon kena balik msia dah..but i still got 4 months to lepak2 before balik hehehe nanti la pk about that..for now..SELAMAT BERPUASA everyone!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

away to spain..

darlingss! im off to Spain..gonna be in three places in 10 days, Barcelona, Madrid and Seville, soooooooooooooooo raring to go! train leaves in exactly 7 hours and i havent packed a thing :p seperti biasa last minute hehehe

so c ya when i get back.. and oh ya, did i mentioned that ive FINISHED my dissertation? im done! end of my Masters degree...dah HABIS! cam tak caya kan? hehehe tetiba dah setahun habis..

nways more on that later..rite now i need to get some sleep and that order :p

have a good week everyone!

oh yes, one more thing, Happy Independence Day Malaysia! cant wait to go home to my beloved country hehehe till then, muahhhhhsss (^_^)