Monday, December 28, 2009

What I got for Boxing Day!

no lah, tak pegi UK pun, i was stuck in the office, remember my post below?

tapi dapat hadiah juga! dari buah hati yang baik hati (haha it rhymes :p) who remembers my obsessions with kitchen gadgets and Jamie Olliver (^_^)

so he bought me this;

Jamie Olliver Mezzaluna Knife!

ive been drooling over this knife since like forever! its agak pricey, dulu masa student kat uk ada gak berangan nak beli but harga nya mak aii.. so thank you so much sayang! ingat jugak u kat i ye (hahahah ayat poyo nih :p)

those yang selalu tgk Nigella Lawson masak, mesti pernah tgk dia guna pisau half moon nie :p

yeay, tak sabar tunggu!

lepas nie boleh lah masak - memasak sambil berangan jadi Nigella, chewahh!


Tuesday, December 22, 2009


its end of the year and everybody is racing to finish up their annual leaves. there are three types of moods in the office.

the happily frantic mood of those rushing to finish their work before going on the long break.

the neutral mood of those not planning anything much and just going about their work as per normal.

and the last, where i fit in, the stressed and exhausted-to-the-bone and royally pissed mood because not only having have to stay in the office for the year end closing reports but also suddenly becoming the dumping ground of unfinished work for those going off on leave when in fact, what they do has got NOTHING to do with me.

it seems that in both companies ive worked with, my life revolves around month end closings and year end closings and i can never take leaves during this time :(

bosan nya!

and these people, who dumps their work on me because they are going for their christmas and new year holiday;

where were you when i wanted to go for a long Hari Raya break but i cant cos suddenly, all types of religion in my department wants to go on leave as well?

where were you when i was on medical leave for 3 days but i still come to work as its month end closing?

where were you when i wanted to go for my Europe long break and all i needed was someone to submit a report on the GSAP which i have already completed anyway and takes a mere 10 seconds??

they were off being selfish of course.

wishing i have the courage to say NO.

missing someone so very much :( do you have to be so far away? sigh...

Monday, December 07, 2009


im sick again..and am soo tired of it..

i think it kinda started just before i left for the europe trip..what i usually do is take some actifast, sleep on it, ignore it and put it out of my mind. if i refuse to acknowledge that im sick, therefore im not sick. mind over matter kinda thingy.

back from europe, its been a struggle to get up in the morning to go to work. the back aches, the head aches, ive been coughing and sneezing and i think almost every night i sleep with a high temperature.

yes2, with the H1N1 flu going on, i did my routine blood test and all, and the results was negative. but still the sickness persists.

i think what i really need is a week to get really sick, get it out of the way. i think that's the only way i can get better. ive been repressing the fever for almost a month now, like trying to hold down a monster, and its getting impatient now and wants to be let out.

hehe, ok2..maybe that was a little bit over the top description :p

i hope i can get a break soon.

im soo sick and tired of being sick and tired :(

no comment

bukan nya sengaja nak merajuk.

but really, there are some things you can say, and some things you cant.

you can say im too sensintive.

or manja.

or mengada.

i know.

i accept.

this will pass, as usual. you know this will never last long.

but meanwhile.. no comment.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

doing my part..

i am currently in the midst of organising an important event for my department. effective 1 oct 09, the three countries, spore, msia and indonesia supply departments merged, making us into one big envelope. as an initial step towards better work communication between the three countries, we decided to have a face to face event. this is suppose to be the first of many of such events. as i had already gained quite a reputation organising events here (in my one year here, ive organised 5 events, can u imagine? ishk..) the big boss decided that i should organize it as well.

the budget - quite a lot.

the location - up to me, as long as its either in msia, indonesia or spore.

the activities - use my imagination.


after much pondering and wondering and researching and looking at the flights availabilities (the company does not allow staff from same team to fly in the same flight so the location have to several flights going in and out) and my own personal preferences (of course) i chose..drum rolls please..BALI, Indonesia.

yes, really!

hotel - since budget was A lot, i chose one of the most expensive hotel in Nusa Dua.

are you jealous yet? :p

the usual logistics matters were ironed out - flights, rooms, transports, food.

the usual meeting package were confirmed - projectors, speeches, role plays, presentations.

then the fun bit.

having a surplus of funds (i know im being extremely boasting about this, but please bear with me, this is my first time organising an event where cost is not an issue! can u believe it? its almost as good as giving me an unlimited credit card and a day in Bloomingdales! Almost, mind ya hehe) i went through the usual bits and pieces, souvenirs for each participants, tasteful ones, not those boring ones u get usually in normal conferences, i arranged for a cultural show during the private dinner on the beach, i organised an awards ceremony of sorts, giving fun and silly awards like The Most Likely to Become CEO Award, you know, the usual stuff.

and yet i found myself hardly making a dent in the budget!

that's one of the perks of having it in Indonesia and having a budget in USD.

what to do , what to do.

and here's what i finally decided to do.

We have teambuilding session on the second day of the event. At first, i was going the normal route of telematch games, or treasure hunts and the likes. but then, overhearing some conversation and after googling some infos on team buildings, i found an idea that i really really liked.

the staff is divided into 6 teams, and each team are to assemble 5 bicycles each. each team are provided with incomplete sets of the parts. for example, for 5 bicycles, u need 5 pairs of wheels, but u only have 4 pairs, or u need 5 handlebars, but u got 8 and etc, u get the idea. each team is given a budget and a list of do's and don'ts. they can swap, trade, buy from other teams and also, from another 3rd party supplier, which in this case is the bicycle manufacturer we have on standby. they can also have add -ons, like safety helmets, safety gears, extra lights and what nots, which gives the hsse element to the project. the winning team is the team that can complete all 5 bicycles in the given time, with the most practical hsse and cost element! brilliant right?!!

the best bit?

all the bicycles, all 30 of them, will be donated to selected orphanages around Bali!

yes! (^_^)

issnt this a lovely idea? of course this is not an original idea, im sure someone else have done it before, but in all my years of working, i have never had an oppurtunity to give away something so significant! we usually give out school books and stationeries, but never something for FUN!

and we're are using top notch state-of-the-art, lightest, newest (brand cannot tell la) bicycles in the market available, so it certainly does not comes cheap. and complete with all the safety sets as well! the event is next week, and im hoping and praying all goes well, especially on this bit and i will update here accordingly ok :)

so that's my good deed of the year hehe.

the secret to the law of attraction, in order to have more, you have to give more!


Sunday, November 29, 2009

on a wet monday in london

twas a rainy day when we were in london last week, but that does not stops us from having a glorious long walk around hyde park and around london..and as u can see, certainly does not stops us from taking tons and tons of pictures as well :) after the long walk, we had the traditional fish n chips for lunch at another traditional pub, wetherspoon at trafalgar square (^_^) enjoy the pics!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

go away and leave me alone..

why do people assume just because someone speaks loudly, that person is worth listening too? it could be she/he just have a VERY loud voice, overrides everyone else's and sometimes its not like they have anything to say neways, they just like the sound of their own voice. tis no reason to be intimidated into you yourself being quiet right? i especially hate if this type of person masuk our section of the office and suddenly our quiet and calm office turns into chaos, last2 takde benda nak kecoh pun, its just he/she is very very loud!! how annoying!

why does my intelligent oversea educated GMs and Managers likes to mis pronounce simple words?? like "finance", instead of saying it "fy-nance", they said as "fee-nance"! or the word "manage", instead of saying it as "may-nage", they said as "me-nage"! apakah??

i want a new laptop! i hate not being able to upload my pics in the facebook, i hate not being able play wedding dash as and when i want, i hate not being able to call overseas using my yahoo, i hate not being able to use the damn normal yahoo and have to revert to using the stupid email ones that keep crashing down..

i want a new hp! i cant even use the space pad on the LG one :( and now i cant send messages as the stupid OK button does not work when sending messages but works fine for other things, which is so bloody weird!


im in a terribly miserable mood..:(

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

movies, theaters and dvds

movies, theaters and dvd updates! in no particular order! (eh, in the order i downloaded the pictures from google :p)

we watched STOMP at The Ambassador Theatre in Covent Garden when in London last week. was it just last week? the by, issint the word "covent garden" is so delicious to say? i like to say it over and over again, same effect like plaza catalunya, catalunya, i like the way it sounds! anyway, meet up with alden and noris, had dinner at this amazing italian cafe before the show, more pics are with alden and noris, they with their brand new high tech camera, the rest of us shy shy wanna take out our boring digital camera hehehe :p the show was AMAZING! enough said, u have to watch it! nak citer susah! :p

last week we managed to catch the premier of New Moon launch in the UK. saw it with the usual motley crews and then some :p best part about watching this in uk is that its wayy ahead than msian premier date hihihi so i know the story ya all (^_^)

how's the movie, u ask? twas allright, i like the book better the second book of the same title, the author focuses more on explaining about stuff, which was not clearly translated in the movie, and i think, for people who didnt read the book, they might the movie a little bit slow-ish. but all in all, i like jacob the best! hahaha

i also watched 2012 in uk, pegi dating tgk wayang hehehe :p this movie is fun in a scary way. word of advice, watch it in the cinema ok, kalau kat tgk dvd sure tak dapat effect the earth moved and the ark hits the tip of mount himalaya :o ive always like john cusack, so comel! was thinking kalau kat malaysia, royalty mana la will be able to afford to pay the 1 billion euro ticket..rasa nya sultan2 pun tak sekaya tu haha

i bought this DVD yesterday and its currently my fav movie of the month! julie powell cooked her way through the french cook book and all the food looks so yummmmmmyy!! makes me wanna take up a project like this, altho i wud probably go with Nigella Lawson's FEAST cook book and cook my way through! hmm, tgk lah, maybe bila dah in my own house hehe watch this movie, its a MUST! btw - its not a chick flick ya, guys wud appreciate it too! :p

this week i wanna watch Papadom and Pisau Cukur, anybody wanna watch with me? :p

Monday, November 23, 2009

one year old (^_^)

21st of november 2009 marks our first year in a relationship :)

kalau nak kira betul2, its actually wayy earlier but due to unique circumstances, we decided to pick this date instead :p

so to sayang, happy annivessary :) it has been a wonderfully crazy journey, life has brought us to such an expected twists of events and despite the obstacles we had faced, i think we are getting stronger than ever, so i wish us a happy one year dearest darling! love always and forever, your sayang:)

sudah pulang

Trevi Fountain -Rome, Italy

im back from my trip..

will update later..

at the moment im just to overwhelmed with work and missing "someone" so very much :(

trying to deal these with one email at a time and one day at a time..

off to Bali in a couple of weeks..for work ya bukan jalan2 :p

too tired to update more at the moment..will do as soon as i uploaded the pics..

have a good week folks!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

the one with the trip to Amsterdam

someone was asking me via email about Amsterdam weeks ago (sorry Farah, it took me so long, but u belum pergi lagi kan? :p) i was about to reply to that email then i remembered i wrote about it in my old blog, big yellow taxi, was reading through it and i think its usable hehe..
so please read through below, sorry i cant put any pictures in here, but Farah, ive emailed them to u okey hehe :p
so here it is, enjoy!
when we were in the uni, my best friends and i often sit around talking about where we’d go and wat we’d do, you know, when we got our degree, and working and have money, often having these talks over breakfast in pusing (remember the nasi lemak? huhu) or in our jammies on our beds in the hostel, or as we drive around in my beat up proton..and the one thing that we all agreed upon for sure is that we would all go europe one day, you know, go shopping in milan and paris, go on the canal in amsterdam or italy, see rome, take a road trip around spain, have coffee in germany and buy chocolates in belgium, we’ve always wanted to see the world more often than not, after these discussions ended we’d end up piling into the car and drive to exotic places like lumut, or kuala kangsar or penang (funny how exotic batu gajah really ‘isnt’ huhu) knowing its not really the same, but being the adventurous that we are, it might as well have been the world :)

so imagine my excitement when one of the things that we’ve always talked about came true, as i meet one of my best friend, in the chic city of amsterdam! my best friend, han, took a flight from oslo, norway to amsterdam, while i took a bus from plymouth to london, then a flight from london to amsterdam, and meet her there. it has been almost 5 months since we last each other, and seeing her at the airport, i was soo happy that i was actually speechless for a few seconds, then all hell broke loose and we were hugging and talking at the same time hehehe

the first night we were there, we had dinner at the hard rock cafe, and of course did some shopping! or a looooooot of shopping actually as we both are currently collecting hrc merchandise from all over the world, the shop proves to be a challenge to our funds as we kinda wanted to buy everything! in the end, i bought a tshirt and a keychain for myself, and a box of guitar picks, for mr.bestfriend :)

dinner was fabolous as we both tried to catch up on 5 months worth of our lives (this is a friend that i used to work with and still talk on the phone at least 4 times a day, so imagine how much i miss talking to her!)..we stayed in a charming little hotel, 10 minutes walk away from the hrc, in a part of the city called leidseplein, the hotel name is prince hotel (its spelled different in dutch tho actually hehe), with an amusing morrocan concierge whom was ever so helpful in giving us the right directions, taking interest of wat we wanna do and where we wanna go and ever so kindly warned us if we wanna try any marijuana or wanna get high, dont eat any brownies or the mushrooms, but smoke it instead! and which he could, if we wanted, you know, arrange!

since we were both exhausted from the journey, after dinner, and a quick photo session and some clubs kivs, we decided to get some rest and go out bright and early the next day..

the next day was gorgeous and sunny and perfect for touring the city! first stop is the floating flower market, where we go via the boat bus, through the canals, i cant never get enough of those boats, loved them in bangkok and adored them here in amsterdam! we stopped to get some fresh fruits with lovely fresh homemade cream, and was entertained by the shop owner who sings oldies songs as he served us! really! it was like a scene from a movie! hehehe needless to say, twas a fantastic start to the city tour!
we walked around the city centre and along the floating flower market, saw a tatoo and piercing shop, with a huge picture on the door of a pierced nipple, ouch! bought tons and tons of souvenirs, saw a lovely shop that sells all kinds of colors, materials, shapes and sizes of hammocks! the air was full of the heavenly smells of the fresh tulips and roses and lilies and baby’s breaths and christmas trees and mixing with fresh aromas of coffee and another interesting smell that we strongly suspects to be the smell of you-know-what!

then there was the museums tours, where han gave a dazzling smile to the cute guy selling the tickets and managed to get us discounts for the entrance hehe and took lots and lots and lots and lots of pictures! lunch was french onion soup and pasta, of course!

as the evening approaches we found ourselves in front of the sex museum, which we found by chance actually, and paid the 3 euros to enter the museum…now, for someone like me who has never even watch porn, being inside the museum is like being in the dentist’s office, not something i wanna do, but kinda like i have to, for educational purposes of course, and i didnt want to wait outside alone huhu but there are some stuff in there that was soo gross that i almost throw up, some are pretty interesting (albeit weird and somewhat mind blowing actually!) and some are just down right unbelieavable! not much that i can describe in here actually, u kinda need to see it for yourself, but lets just put it this way, the girl that walked out from the museum are not the same as the naive innocent girl that walked in, i now know things, things i dont want to know actually, but i know, yeap, now i know..sigh (sounds scary, huh? hehe)

next stop of course, is the red light district, an area which is ironically a place for you-know-wat, but seems to be crawling with little children and families, wanting to get glimpse of the infamous women in their windows, its funny how "that" has become a tourist attraction, so when you see these women wearing well, practically nothing, parading their assets, while on the other side of the window, is a bunch of japanese families with babies in their strollers gaping at these women… makes you think doesnt it?

after our curiosity was satisfied (hehehe, again, not gonna go into details here, u gotta ask me if u wanna know more :p) we got out of the district and back into ‘normal’ world, well, as normal as amsterdam can be, and after some funny mishaps with the tramps, we finally made our way back to hotel, exhausted and laden with our shopping bags :)

altho i wished i could write more in this blog about the trip, it really really would make this entry waaay to long, lets just say that we managed to do wat we wanna do and saw wat we want to see (and then some) and just before going home the next day, we made a quick excursion to another market in the city and did a little bit more shopping and picture taking and managed to say our goodbyes at the train station without shedding a tear, altho i am extremely sad that i will not be seing han again until dunno when, and i barely got on the train when i started to miss her very much already sob sob :(

but nevertheless, we did have fun, didnt we han? it was a fantastic trip, short and sweet hehe perfect weather, great people, the best company in the world, gorgeous food and wonderful shopping, we did the whole works, historical museums for the educational part, mingled with the locals and attempted the tramps and boat buses for the cultural part and saw the other ‘parts’ as well that made amsterdam famous and so well known.. yeap, i think we covered it all !

so thats the end of the my quick tour of amsterdam and the end of this realllly loooooooooong blog hehehe

my final thoughts, i think if there was ever an european city that i am soooo sure that i could live in, it would definetely be the city of amsterdam, there’s something bout the air and the charm and the people and the life that i could definetely imagine myself living in it, so much so that i actually looked for available jobs there, in shipping and logistics of course, it is after all a port city, and there are some very interesting career oppurtunities that might be suitable for me but that my dear darling readers, is another story :)

travel mode - ON

i have been putting this status everywhere, in my friendster, facebook and now in the blog...altho, in the facebook its been months :p altho technically im only going in 4 days..

eh..4 - FOUR DAYS!

dats like, SOON!


when its been a while


ive been sitting here for the last half an hour, drumming my fingers, trying to figure out what to blog about.

it takes some time to get back to this, it really does..

not that there isnt anything to write about, there's plenty, but as i started writing something, i realised i need to tell u guys something else first or the story wont make sense, then dat story wont make sense if i didnt start from another place and the whole thing will jumble up and down left right and makes everyone, moi included very confused :p

so i thought i should start with something neutral.

what's more original than writing about how you have nothing to write about? hahaha

suddenly u have a several paragraphs and a couple of excalamation marks (!!) here and there, done, my first post in a very very long time :p

oh there is something cool to write about, i am typing on my new shiny silvery vista migrated laptop (^_^)!!

ok2, its office nya laptop, tapi okey lah will do until i get my own. hopefully by end of this year. it will a new year's present to myself hehe (as if i need a reason hahaha).

happy sunday everyone!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

like there's something missing..

i miss my blog.

i will write more soon.

i promise, ok :)

Thursday, July 30, 2009


signed and sealed...and now, just waiting for it to be delivered!

i know people say 2 years isn't that long..but the waiting is still such an agony!

but, im happy its finally DONE!!

another great big "CHECK!" for the good ol' list (^_^)

mr sun aka mr interior designer : let's go take pictures this weekend okeyy!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Flea Market, c u there!! (^_^)

Remember my previous post on "something" that i was working on?

Here it is!

Do join us at Booth 12 and 16. C u there!!!!

Items for sale includes;
1. Plus Size Clothes
2. Second hand branded clothes (Levi's, MNG, H&M, Dorothy Perkins)
3. Handbags
4. Second hand branded shoes (Converse, Nike)
5. Jewelries
6. Household items
7. Cupcakes
*All second hand clothes are at almost new condition!
Do come!

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Final Analysis

The Final Analysis

People are often unreasonable, illogical and self-centered:
Forgive them anyway.
If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives;
Be kind anyway.
If you are successful, you will win some false friends and some true enemies;
Succeed anyway.
If you are honest and frank, people may cheat you;
Be honest and frank anyway.
What you spend years building, someone may destroy overnight;
Build anyway.
If you find serenity and happiness, they may be jealous;
Be happy anyway.
Give the world the best you have, and it may never be enough;
Give the world the best you’ve got anyway.
You see, in the final analysis, it is all between you and God;
It was never between you and them anyway.

(Wayne W. Dyer).

Monday, July 06, 2009

shoot the messenger?

someone very close to me recently broke up with her boyfriend of 4 years..

he ended the relationship stating various reasons that to me, seemed immature and something he should have said at the beginning of the relationship, not when it is already 4 years down the line, not when she is planning marriage preparations, and certainly not when they have paid downpayment for a house and make everlasting promises..

she still have hopes most women would..and he, instead of letting her go truly and finally, keep giving her hope that they might reconcile and then rejected her again and again..but she persists on this hope because in her mind (and her heart) the only way he/she can let this go if either of them found someone else..

two weeks ago i found out that he actually have another girlfriend, and has been seeing her officialy for months..

i checked and verified..

i decided to tell gently break the news..having her best interest at heart, she can finally really truly let go..

unfortunately she is now not speaking to me :(

have i lost a friend because i told her the truth?

i know our friendship is stronger than that and i know it will get better once she gets better, after all this is not about me, this is about her, and her pain, and as a good friend, as her best friend, i only have her best interest at heart and i would never deliberately give her more sadness; and i know she knows that ..but meanwhile, this still hurts.. :(

is it better to know or not to know?

Friday, June 26, 2009

the other side of the story..

i started off by wanting to write about several things that has happened these past weeks, but after a long discussion with the BF, he made me realise that i do not owe anyone any explanation and if i really want to let it go, i should let it go both in my heart and in my head, and he knows fully well that if i started writing about it, all those feelings of hurt, resentment, disbelief and most importantly, betrayal, will come rushing back and i would again be hurt by those very people i thought closest to me..

sometimes people can be become unbelievable arrogant and believed that they are and would always be right, forgettting that being human we all make mistakes and if you think that you are above accepting apologies/or asking for forgiveness, then there's really nothing i can do. i have made peace with some mistakes i have made, bridges that i have broken, sometimes simply because i was too angry and too upset to understand. but having said that, i have no regrets for the choices i make and letting some things/people go is the only way i can move on with my life...its never an easy decision and/but often you have to ask yourself, is it really worth it?

sometimes its worth listening to the other side of the story before making conclusions and hurting people you love..

just a thought..

Monday, June 22, 2009


Im in the middle of a "project" at the moment..

No, no not work related :p just keep reading my blog, all shall be revealed soon enough tee hee..

You all kena support me tau! :p me and my partners-in-crime will be working hard to ensure it will be a successful event (ecewahhh) (^_^)

Meanwhile, i leave you with another one of my fav Calvin and Hobbes strips..dont u just wish you have Hobbes as a pet?? sigh...

Monday, June 08, 2009

the one with the three-o birthday...

happy birthday to me! (^_^)

well, sorta one day belated hehe :p

thank you all for the birthday wishes on several means of communications :p i was surprised to receive some wishes from some unexpected new friends, and was also surprised to not receive any wishes from some whom i viewed as close friends hmmm...oh well :)

how does it feel to be no longer in my twenties?


but i will just look at it as another big adventure..

after all, age is just a number rite?

Friday, May 29, 2009

halal = healthy?

the other day i got into a heated debate with one of my friends..

it started when she excitedly told me that she just discovered this halal brand that sells vitamins and those herbs and what nots in pills and liquid form..

according to my friend, she has been looking for a halal brand for the vitamins and herbs pills that she has been taking and she cant wait to get her hands on this brand..

i pointed out to her that while yes, it is good and all that the pills are certified halal, but it does not mean those pills are necessarily good for the end of the day, you have to consult your doctor to ensure what you are consuming is suitable and does not give bad side effects..

she looked at me and meanly said she wonders what kind of Muslim i am that i am questioning the goodness of halal products and have i become too modern that i dont even know what halal actually means!

i felt really frustated!

i tried to explain to her...i start first with admitting that i may not be the perfect Muslim and i may not know certain things and of course we are always in the learning process, but my understanding is, when something is labelled halal, it simply just means the production and the content does not include any haram items e.g. pig, alcohol etc and if they use any animal products, it is prepared in the Islamic way. but that still does not mean that items is good for your health!!

i mean for example, if u take a pill right, and its produced halal-ly BUT it comes from some unknown plant, a plant you have never heard of before, would you simply eat the pill? without wanting to know what is its effects? is it suitable for your body? wouldnt you want to consult a doctor first before taking it?

we did not solve this issue in the end and just agree to disagree..

what do you think?

Thursday, May 28, 2009


This is an extremely LONG “ranting” u know, just fyi..

(oh side story, there’s this one person in office who once indignantly and condescendingly pointed out to me, loud enough for the entire office to hear, that I made a mistake in my email to her, cos I wrote FYA, instead of FYI, like duhhh-nique-everyone-knows-its-suppose-to-be an “I” for “for your info”, "konon belajar kat overseas and all but itu pun tak tau"etc etc..i looked at her incredulously while my officemates already snickering behind her back, and explained that I wrote there ‘fya’ which means its ‘for your action’, and that if what I give is for her info, then I would have written ‘fyi’… she looked at me all pale faced and left my cubicle without a single word...geeeshhh some people, benda simple pun nak kecohh!…)

okey, back to my rants..

i hate hate hate my office!!
Like seriously hating,no not the job or the people, it’s the parking, the walkway to the building, the entire building for that matter, in fact, the whole building area!!

Ok, let’s start with the parking, the company are not able to accommodate parking for all its staff so for new people like myself have to find our own parking space elsewhere. There are two options for the nearest parking to the building; one costs RM7 but u have park your car latest (latest!) at 6.30am!! I’ve had a colleague whom comes into to the office at 6am, and sleep at the surau till 8.30am!! so NOT an option right? the next parking is in the building adjacent to ours, ok, I need to pay RM700 for deposit, RM80 for the card and RM270 for the first month parking and, so forking out a RM1k AND, get this, where u park, your car will be blocked as other cars will double park and u cannot come and go as u please, OR if you’re late u have to double park, and u have to leave yr keys with the dodgy looking parking attendants and they will move yr car for u if the car u block wants to get out, and horror stories of scratches and dents is common!

My other options include parking 15 minutes walking distance away from the office, near main roads or in between people’s houses or in other buildings far far away, I don’t mind the walk but we get robbery reports everyday, every-single-bloody-day and especially for someone like me who always work till late at night, parking at these places is simply not an option! AND don’t even get me started on the public transport here!!

So my only option is, I park in the next building to ours. Its only about 10 minutes walk BUT, the bloody building and parking area is under construction. You would think they give us a discount during this time right? But nope, I pay the full price of RM253 every month to get the following;
1. monthly asthmatic attacks due to the dust and dirt of the enclosed and crowded basement parking,
2. acidic corrosion on the paint of car due to god knows what chemicals dropping from various parts of the ceiling,
3. flooded car park every time it rains, ankle deep flood okeyy, so gross yucks,
4. and I have no fixed spot and have to wait every day for the pakcik parking to tell me where to park (luckily he’s a nice old man, thank god!) and
5. have to endure weird dodgy looking construction workers lingering and working around the parking area!

See how miserable this stupid place is!!

I hate the general area cos;

The walk way from the parking place to the office is sooooo narrow and uneven so klutz like me always stumbled and have felled and scraped my new M&S pants L AND the path way have no cover so always to make a run for it when it rains, so imagine running on that stupid path, AND there are stupid flower plants along the path at shoulder level and the plant blocked more than half of the path, its like oh, nevermind the people who gets scratches and bleeding from the thorns, please don’t trim the bloody flowers!!

There are NO ventilation at all once you get into the office, the windows are shut down tight and they turn on the aircond FULL BLAST and the lightings are getting yellower, making me squint all the time and the walls are stupid horrible faded orange AND we can hear the constructions outside every-single-bloody day and the drilling sound is driving me INSANE!!
oh fyi, this company is no.2 in whole entire bloody world in its industry.
I am UTTERLY miserable :(

Sunday, May 24, 2009

this and that

its confirmed, i have lost my lovely red leather Fossil watch :( i thought i'd misplaced it, and thought i will find it in either my laptop bag, or my prayer bag but after a thorough search this morning, its definetely not there :( that watch meant a lot to me, twas something i bought for myself upon receiving the confirmation that i secured the Chevening Scholarship to UK and bought especially to accompany the start of my new life in its lost huhu :(

have u heard of the boutique Egg? its located in Bangsar, same row as the McDonalds and next to Blook.. i discovered this amazing shop about 4 years ago, just before i left to uk, then i have rediscovered it again last week..and yes, they still have amazing clothes! and my membership still holds! hehe so i get extra discounts :p bought three lovely tops, perfect for my a week long business + birthday trip to Singapore next week :)

held the BF's birthday party last week, in Bangkok Jazz @ Chulan Square, met missy loady's mr. seeing-somebody hehe (sorry loady :p), the music and food is still fantastic, altho HE is still shy shy about us celebrating his birthday at such a scale, HE was blushing when the whole joint + the band started singing happy birthday hehehe (sayang, happy birthday to you, next time we have a bigger party okehhh :p)

before that we had dinner with Noris at Chillies, i was listening in horror about his experience being drugged and driven all the way to Seremban at knife point..dear, thank god you are okay and they didnt hurt you!! listening to it was enough to give me the shivers! :( really, what is the world coming to? people really are more desperate these days huhu :(

on another more cheerful note, he is all smiles about three major great things, winning the Young Manager's Award (congrats dearie!), secured the scholarship for PhD in London (jealous!! :p) and the fantastic offer from the company..this just goes to show that life works in mysterious ways...our dinner was also to introduce him to the BF, who is interested to continue his Masters in Glasgow, and who better to tell him all about Glasgow other than my dear Glasgow-ian friend himself hehe :p thanks Noris, and remember, when i go to London in Nov, am expecting a home cooked meal from you and Alden hehehe :p

watched Night at the Museum 2 two days ago, somehow, i like the first one better, this one is funny but like they really put an effort into it, the first one was effortless funny..err, okey, maybe u shud just go and watch it hehe

owh, forgot to blog about the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale, BEST SANGAT!!! too bad it happens only once a year, i now made a pact to myself to buy books only during this sale, as their selection is amazing! managed to get some coffee table books too, which will look great on my future coffee table in front of my future sofa in my future apartment :p

is there a nice-not-too-expensive 3 bedroom apartment in Kuching, Sarawak? i need to book it for the family holiday next month and the ones i found online is terribly expensive huhu

eh, bila the next Big Singapore Sale ya?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

where to eat?

one of the "privilige" of being a newbie in the department, i am constantly being asked to attend and organize events on the "pretense" of needing to "expose" myself to the stakeholders (i can just imagine the bf's reaction to the word 'expose' haha).

when its my turn to organize, i have been and tried and suggested numerous numbers of restaurants all about town in an effort to impress the boss of my culinary and social knowledge of the most hip and happening restaurants in town, some are quite a hit like La Risata (Italian!) & SAGAR Indian Cuisine at Bangsar and disasters, like Unique Seafood, PJ (good food, but old chinese men and women singing karaoke through the very thin walls of the restaurant spoils the ambience majorly!).

next week i have to organize another lunch and dinner for our regional managers and i am seriously out of ideas!! so the point of this post is;

HELP!! Suggestions please!!!

wish they this in KL tho!

Monday, May 18, 2009

isnin yang haru biru

ilham dari cik zaitul chantal, terasa pulak nak ber-blog dalam bahasa Malaysia...hehe tapi mereka2 yang mengenali saya, mereka tahu bahawa saya teramat lah gagal dalam subjek ini :p

okey..dah tak tau nak tulis ape hahaha gila idea hilang kalau dalam BM..tadi macam banyak jer benda nak tulis :p

nanti lah sambung (^_^)

selamat hari isnin semua!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Angels & Demons

two posts in one day? im on a roll baby (^_^)..

saw this movie last word to describe it - FANTASTIC!!!

i forgot the ending in the book, having read it years ago, but i think the movie managed to capture the adrenalin rush that was in the book, largely i think contributed by the amazing music arrangement. one thing that i did remember from reading the book was how i really really want to visit Rome and go to Vatican City and see if its really is overwhelming as described in the book and i think, judging from the way it was portrayed and the cinematography in the movie, i will not be the only one making plans to visit Rome soon :p

go and watch it on the big screen please... its well worth it!


I am very particular about who I add in my Facebook list.

In the previous Friendster portal, I would add just about anyone (well, except for the psychopaths and nutcases) cos everyone was collecting friends like collecting paper clips, its not about the quality but the quantity that counts :p but in Facebook, I was determined to keep in clean and will only accept those that I would actually call a friend or those I actually have met and know. So if I have never heard of a person's name before and after investigation that person is actually a friend of a friend of a friend, looking to add to your collection, i would just ignore.

So recently, someone unknown wanted to add me as a friend.

The name does not ring a bell, and the picture is too small for me to make out if I have actually met this person or not. I checked through the mutual friend list. And asked around. She is actually the cousin of a friend’s husband’s friend. Complicated huh?

I decided to ignore this person, after all, I do not know this person at all and I don’t see the need to, I even asked my friend and she herself does not know her very well and cant understand why she wanted to add me. Without sounding totally arrogant or condescending about it, no flattery in this situation at all, cos apparently she actually requested to be friends with my other office mates as well, whom she has never met either, so its not like exclusive she wanted to be MY friend. Looks like this is one the those person who actually just want to have a collection.

Today she send me message, demanding to know why I did not accept her as a friend and pointed out on who do I think I am that I had the nerve not to accept her friendship.

Err, hello?? I am thoroughly amused and confused huhu

I have not replied to it yet..and am not planning to.

I don’t think I need to explain myself.

What do you think?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

complicated :(

Arguing with your bf on his birthday cant be good right? I know that, I know that it is suppose to be a happy day for him..the present have been bought weeks ago, something that took me a month to agonize over, I was determine to make sure he would like the gift, the plan for the evening was also set a few weeks ago, he knows what he wants to do, so I just make the arrangements, I even bought a new outfit for the occasion, and was happily making plans with him about the birthday dinner..

Then we fought…

I suppose a major fight, as for the first time ever he hang up on me…

It all started when I asked him to pick me up at the office instead, as after that we are both going to town anyway and he can just drop me off.. the reason I asked him to pick me up is because of 2 things, first, my stupid parking place is flooded and under major constructions, more than usual and when I went out at lunchtime, I had a bad asthma attack,..therefore I was seriously tired of going back to the parking place and rather leave the car there and only pick it up the next day... Second, my GM and this another manager just lumped another huge pile of work that is totally none related to what my job actually is, and I hated it , hated being taken for granted, hated that I cant say no, hate it that im always stuck with the bulk of the responsibility and barely a recognition :(

But I didn’t telll HIM all this, all I asked was him to pick me up..

Then I asked if he knows how to get to my office…

He gave a totally unfamiliar route that I have no freaking idea what is he talking about..

Okay, so maybe that’s my mistake, maybe he knows the road better than I do, but his explanation is just too weird..

So I gave up trying to explain.. and told him I will drive instead, cos it sounds too complicated..

Then he gets pissed and asked why I didnt thinking about it first and why do I keep changing my mind…

Then he hang up on me….so now I don’t know if we are even meeting up for his birthday…

Damn it…

It is not suppose to be this hard :(….

Monday, May 11, 2009

long overdue

its a long overdue post, and im deeply ashamed and dutifully apologise :p

its been a hectic two months, with two major events happening (eh, dah happen :p)..

first, i went to Bali! finally! after all these years of whining to all my best friends who ALL went without me, i finally went three weeks ago :) will update with full review later okey, but for now, all i can say is, Bali was absolutely FANTASTIC!! was forewarned by some peeps that 4 days was not enough, but for me, 4 days was enough with the amount of money we had :p my travel mates and i made the mistake of spending too much too early and for not anticipating that there are so many things we are interested in buying! only one thing spoiled the entire trip for us, which is the seafood dinner at Jimbaran, which is so bloody expensive! will tell you guys all about it later, but meanwhile, here's a sneak peek of a couple of my fav pics (^_^)

at Tanah Lot, gorgeous place, too bad twas raining when we when there, so had miss the sunset huhu

at Jimbaran, another gorgeous place, altho i seriously think that the sunset here in Malaysia is way better! or maybe i am already biased cos i hated the place due the expensive dinner we were cheated to have huhu

righto, moving to the next thing, went to Tanjung Jara Resort last weekend, usually i dun like to blog about company events, but thennnnnn that was probably because i used to hate my previous company hehe but i have to blog about this place, its definetely worth the effort of organizing and the migrains and headaches to have our department family day there. being a YTL hotel, the resort was top class all the way, it was a perfect three days! perfect! the people was lovely, everything went almost accordingly to plan which was of course totally fine, its expected, the food was abundance and delicious, the room, aahh, the room, half of me do not wanna leave the room at all in the three days i was there, and the other half wanna go swim in the deep blue ocean, enter a sandcastle competition (i did and won 3rd place!!wuhoo! :p), hang out by the bubble pool, played kites on the beach and relax at those huge white sofas they scaterred by the beach all over the resort!

no pictures yet, as usual, will give the full review later okeh..

post this first lah..nanti lagi lama pending hehe

Sunday, April 05, 2009

i know i know...

am blogging from my bf's office.. just realised that i have not updated for ages!! gosh..ade lagi ke orang datang menjenguk? huhu

okey2..will update plenty to write, no time to write it...

will start tomorrow, i promise!

meanwhile, anyone interested to watch this...

The Instant Cafe Theatre Company




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Shanon Shah


Jo Kukathas & Zalfian Fuzi


Amerul Affendi, Dara Othman, Firdaus Che Yahaya, Hazarul Hasnain, Nick Davis, Ryan Lee Baskaran & Zahiril Adzim


Nam Ron, Chew Kin Wah, & Naa Murad

Chep and Burn are top students in Sekolah Menengah Sultan Ahmad Tajuddin Mukarram Shah, an elite school in Kedah. Head Boy, Burn, is the school's golden boy and his best friend, Chep, is feared and respected by the younger boys for his quick temper and skill on the hockey field. The school is well respected for its strong academic and sports record. However the discovery of a dead prostitute in the abandoned railway tracks near their school unravels the status quo and we discover a less golden world of bullying, sex crimes and violence. Best friends William and Asif go from innocence to experience as they are forced to deal with the repercussions of the murder. But who is responsible for the murder and will they be held accountable?

Air Con challenges and interrogates the hypocritical habit of turning youth into scapegoats in times of moral panic. Ultimately, it casts a gentle albeit unflinching gaze at the perilous path of male adolescence, and interrogates the heartbreaking ways in which society often expects boys to become men.

Presented in Bahasa Malaysia (Kedah dialect) and English.
With English surtitles. For Mature Audiences.

15-19 April 2009
830pm (Thurs-Sun)
3pm (Sat-Sun)

Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre, Pentas 2
Sentul Park , Jln. Strachan
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RM 47 / RM 27 (Students & Pensioners with valid IDs only)
Box Office: (03) 4047 9000

****Preview: 15 April 830pm All Tickets at RM 27 only****

****Fund Raising Night 19 April 830pm RM 100 (minimum donation)****

Instant Cafe is looking for individuals who would like to support AIR CON and our FIRSTWoRKS program by making our final night a Fund Raising Night. Air Con was played to sold out shows last year but we still need funds to sustain the production and program. If you enjoyed Air Con and want to see more New Malaysian Plays from us please do come on our Fund Raising Night.
Thank you for your support!

(Please call 017 871 6802 for further information)

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"An honest and funny coming-of-age play" - Options

"... race, class, religion and sexuality... Shanon's play tackles these weighty issues with dramatic finesse and... comedic flair" - Off The Edge

**Please forward this email to your friends.**

Monday, March 02, 2009


Was forwarded this today..
Girls leave their schedule wide-open and wait for a guy to call and make plans.
Matured women make their own plans and nicely tell the guy to get in where he fits

Girls want to control the man in their life.
Matured women know that if he's truly hers, he doesn't need controlling.

Girls check you for not calling them.
Matured women are too busy to realize you hadn't.
Girls are afraid to be alone.
Matured women revel in it-using it as a time for personal growth.

Girls ignore the good guys.
Matured women ignore the bad guys.

Girls make you come home.
Matured women make you want to come home.

Girls worry about not being pretty and/or good enough for their man.
Matured women know that they are pretty and/or good enough for any man.

Girls try to monopolize all their man's time (I.e., don't want him hanging with his friends).
Matured women realize that a little bit of space makes the 'together time' even more special-and goes to kick it with her own friends!

Girls think a guy crying is weak.
Matured women offer their shoulder and a tissue.

Girls want to be spoiled and 'tell' their man so.
Matured women 'show' him and make him comfortable enough to reciprocate without fear of losing his 'manhood'.

Girls get hurt by one man and make all men pay for it.
Matured women know that, that was just one man.
Girls fall in love and chase aimlessly after the object of their affection, ignoring all 'signs'.
Matured women know that sometimes the one you love, don't always love you back and move on, without bitterness.

Girls will read this and get an attitude.
Matured women will read this and pass it on to other Matured women and their male friends.

To my male friends out there, is your significant other a girl or a woman? :p

Friday, February 13, 2009

cuti-cuti malaysia

during the thaipusam break last week, myself and missy olyn decided to drive down to our most fav place in the whole world and chill out with missy parviano at her crib at rantau laut..

on arrival on saturday, we went to the new mesra mall..which reminds me a lot of Dubai, not that i've been of course, but macam ala2 mall tepi padang pasir, even the logo and the jawi wordings of the name..

cooked that nite for the parv and her housemates..wanted to make roast chicken, the babes didnt have an oven in her house, so last2 grilled in the pan instead..i think it turned out pretty good (^_^) attempted to make pasta ala mr noriswadi (mana kah pictures makan2 itu?) but did not really turn out the same but i think it was pretty ok hehe :p

the next day we drove to Tanjung Jara Resort, the company is planning to have the family day there in May, and me as the event organiser (as usual!) have to be the planner and check out the place..verdict? gorgeous!!!! a definite honeymoon place!!!

next stop, tea at Aziz Satar, the SATAR place of Kemaman! had satars (of course!), otak2, laksam, sotong goreng celup tepung and ikan goreng celup tepung...yummmmmyyyyyyyy!!!!! and air kelapa of course!

after that we head on to Hai Peng for coffee..met Mat Min and the gang..i havent seen him in like, 3 years and he's still as funny as ever! then we drove to his place for asar and maghrib prayers, walked along the beach just a mere seconds from his front gate, Teluk Mok Nik (my mother's teluk hahaha)..
after playing with his comel niece and super hyper nephew, we drove to Mat Min's brother's restaurant at Yellow Town (Kemaman la tu..) the best thing about knowing the chef? first we get to sit anywhere we like i.e. we took a table and a couple of chairs and sat behind the kitchen where twas nice and windy and private :p and second, we get to order whatever we want! missy parveen asked the chef to "surprise her" and got a lovely concoction of cholocate strawberry drink! yummy!

monday morning we drove back to KL, but not before stopping at Hai Peng for breakfas, again with Mat Min..had nasi lemak ikan tongkol (or ikan ayo for the locals, tuna for the others)..

many pictures are with missy olyn and missy parvo...this is what i have so far..will update accordingly nanti okey (^_^)

Happy Friday Folks! (^_^)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

tagging game - its been a while (^_^)

tagged by miss zaitul chantal..came at the right time, am bored to death, kerja banyak gile but im still in holiday mood what's with the office is practically empty my tooth still sakit despite taking 2 doses of the pain killers already, there's no way i can pay attention to my 'primary-transport-cost-tarrif-effects-on-the-business-transfer-price' (dang!) when all i felt like doind is getting a local anesthetic done on my aching teeth..ahh the blissful numb feeling huhu

neway, here goes..

directions: Once you’ve been tagged, you have to write a Blog/Facebook note with 16 random things, facts, habits or goals about you. At the end choose 16 people (16! sixteen! banyak nye!!) to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. Don’t forget to leave them a comment or tag them in your note to read this.


1. i have a fear of cats - and ive always thought that cats have got to be the most selfish and arrogant animal on earth..cats always look at you un-sincerely, like they only be your friend for a reason and the only time they are nice to you is when they want something..and then they scratch you!

2. i dont eat spicy food - unless its winter time (to keep warm hehe)

3. im terribly loyal, to the extend sometimes memakan diri need to explain lah enough for you to know that..

4. im very dramatic, sentimental and a hopeless romantic..which brings to no.5

5. i cry very easily...which brings us to no. 6

6. sangat cepat merajuk..especially with mr other half..he will testify on my frequency of merajuk vs per day hehe alah bukan merajuk lama pun kan syg kan kan :p


7. i must read something before i sleep..anything will do..ive even read my phone manual as bedtime story haha

8. i only use body shop lip balm - since i was 15 years old, never used anything else, not from the lack of trying but there's always something off with other brands..

9. i am now a green tea addict - this is on top of my five years love affair with Ribena :p

10. my clothes are color coordinated-ly arranged from dark to light

11. my books are arranged by size from biggest to smallest - and when im in freak mod, its also arranged by colors hehehe


12. im in the midst of completing my Phd proposal paper - planning to get my Phd by the age of 35 (wahh logic kah?)..i never thought i'd do Phd actually, my initial plan was only to go up to Masters but when i got that, i thought, 'what the hell, might as well go all the way!' :p

13. to buy a property by end of the year

14. to perform Haj by the age of 45

15. to write a novel (ecewahhh!) - note : "write" yer, not "publish" :p

16. to travel - at least two NEW locations per year.. this year will be to China and India..insyAllah (^_^) only took me 10 minutes to do this! i need something else to distract me huhu

im tagging peeps in Facebook (^_^)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

sakit gigi

i've got a really bad toothache :(
it was a mild one on sunday and escalated to a degree of unbearable pain today :(
im blogging from the office while waiting for my ride to arrive to go to the dentist...
do you know that the pain from a tooth aching is the second most horrible pain after giving birth? not that i can make a comparison but that's what they say..if this pain already cannot tahan, how to tahan giving birth?
why am i pondering on this issue yang takde kena mengena with my tooth?
must be the pain talking...
owwwww... :(

Friday, January 16, 2009


i dont have time to update anymore, well, not as much as i would like to, work is becoming crazy and every second of the day im filled with dread that i would make that 60million usd mistake huhu

funnily enough, i now get an adrenalin rush whenever i managed to crunch and analyse the numbers into something logical and able to actually contribute to a decision making process, guess this is how those finance peeps feels succesfully negotiate a multi million contract :p the other day when i managed to complete a particularly difficult set of equations, i actually exclaimed "Yes!!" with arms raised and grinning to myself, at my cubicle in the office! in full view of everyone!..needless to say, my officemates now either think im crazy or easily excited :p

does this mean im actually starting to like this job? well, lets just say, im more open to possibilities now, like i said, i can do the job, its a matter of actually liking it or not..but someone once pointed out to me that nobody likes their job, they just do it for the money and its a necessity but i beg to differ, since your gonna work like crazy for it, isnt it better if its for something u like than something you hate, right? sides, who says you cant have it both ways? i dont for one minute believe that people do a job simply because they have too, where's the motivation in that? money can only get you so far..

anyways, im babling here, will update more once i have the chance..

be good and have a great weekend (^_^)