Monday, April 28, 2008


im sick surprises there, ive been sick on and off again since ive arrived from UK three months, its the usual fever, flu and cough :( i am tired of being sick and i have been taking everyone's advice on this matter;

drink lots of water - check!

take multivitamins - check!

vitamin C - check! redundant i know, but my friend swears by it huhu

exercise - check! (oh more on this later, have you guys tried belly dancing as an exercise? my first class is tomorrow :p)

take more showers - check! do you know this is my mom's solution to everything? from flus, to fevers to coughs to headaches to stomach aches, more frequent showers is the first solution, she's a firm believer of a clean body is the first step to a better health..problem is, im now at my 2nd bottle of shower gel in less than a month!

eat health food aka fruits and veges - check! except on the fruits part as most of the fruits makes me asthmatic and cough..uhuk2.. but i am avoiding fried and oily prob there as im used to it after UK

sauna/steam - check! some says this cleanses and unblocks your lungs etc etc so did the herbal sauna/steam while in Singapore few weeks back but honestly, takde la beza sangat, OR do you actually have to do often ke? hehe

so what else do i need to do? anyone? i am seriously seriously tired of being sick..right now i would try anything! ideas anyone?

damn, im down to my last kleenex...yikes! achoooo! :(

Friday, April 25, 2008

there she goes...

one of my best friend is leaving the country tomorrow, she is posted to norway for three whole months, leaving her little boy and hubby behind, and ME! oh , i mean US! hehehehe its fantastic opportunity babe, go on, do what you to do, have a little fun in between and come back safe and more european cultured :p

so that's three, THREE best friends away in another country..Hunny bunny is going around the globe, in Egypt now the lucky globe trotter, Parviano cobrano in Mauritania (dekat ngan Morroco tu hmmmmm menarikkk) and Zaitul Chantal now going to Norway too..sedeh2 but i guess the time have come to let them go, they have grown up and need to find their reason in this world, let them spread their wings (chewahhhhh overrrr hahaha) they better come back with lots of souvenirs for me! (^_^)

so on that note, was being miserably sentimental this week..despite what people may think, because of my previous entry nie, it is very extremely upsetting and sad to be in "perselisihan faham" with your best friends kayyyyy.. dah lama kite kawan kan so its soooo not nice to feel this way so i think life is too short to be emotional over this sort of thing so i hope this will resolve itself soon and we can go on being good friends again..after all, its soo not easy to find new friends at this age kay AND to find one that you do not have to be pretentious with huhu

because i was in a sentimental mood, and missing the bardaques desperately, i was browsing through the pictures in my drive and saw some of these pics..

guys, bila kite semua boleh berkumpul sama ye? :(

zai's wedding..i think this is the last time we were all actually managed to be together, itu pun tak cukup sorang..this has to be the best wedding ever! the bride was gorgeously slim and calm and serene, ktrg yang excited lebeh hehehehe

i miss norleeennnnnnnn..darling where are you? this picture was taken me, nell and norlin went to bangkok together, woahhhh another huge shopping trip there..even tho it was just the three of us, we managed to create havoc in bangkok hehe but norlin have been missing in action since the past years..i miss her so much..
tetiba teringat zaman utp dulu, we all had classes everwhere all over the campus, but come lunch time, me and han, the only two with cars at the time would call everyone and pick them all up one by one, location scattered and have lunch together, like WAJIB kayyy and then drop them all back respectively..and oh2 talking about utp teringat our lazy saturdays, the fours that would wake early would be me, parv, nell and zai, and we would go have breakfast first and then go back to the dorms and try to wake up the other four then the rest of the day would be spent doing absolutely nothing :p

this was taken the night before our convocation ceremony...

and this was taken the morning after our batch dinner at clearwater sanctuary batu gajah..see how happy we are in both pictures..grinning away in anticipation of our new life, starting work, so full of hope and motivation and raring to make a difference in this world..

have we changed much in the course of 5 years? have we forgotten our roots that we become so caught up in our lives now? are we a better person? have we forgotten our friendship and what it means to us?

we once made a pact to meet in our 10th year anniversary to meet in Paris, on top of the eiffel tower on new year's eve (hehe corny i knoww but hey we were 19 years old kayyyy) and see if we have change much..

this is the 10th year...


Friday, April 18, 2008


can u believe its already friday? seems like it was just yesterday i was hanging out by the beach at awana kijal with the girls, but that was actually last sunday! cant update on that yet, havent got the pictures from miss olyn, awakk, nanti tolong upload bagi saye yerr :p but meanwhile you can read some of it here..

i want to write a lot things in my blog, especially about something that happened this week, so i will start with that, this is about something that someone close to me did, it was a bit of a shock to me..her only defense was she was being practical and she's damn sure that her good friends aka me, will understand her actions..but honestly, i dont and to me it was disrespectful of the friendship we have had for 8 years..maybe im being dramatic, maybe, but if u knew me, on how much i treasure our i never forget birthdays and how i was always there for my friends, even when i was broke during my studies in uk, i made the effort to send cards and presents..nevermind the postage alone cost me a week's okay, maybe mr pic was right, i care to much for other people who cant even seems to be bothered to revert back even with a simple birthday card or even congratulatory card upon the completion of my masters..maybe im being whiny, and pathetic even, why the hell i even bother kan? i guess if you are used to receiving presents everyday and your life is blessed with people who shower you with endless supply of your little heart's desire, u tend to forget the other side of the story..the effort that your friends make to get u the things u want just so that your wish came true.. so to you, u know who u are, i hope u are happy with the new thing u bought, in the 8 years i have known you, this is the first time i have ever heard of you being practical over a material thing, "practical" was the last word u'd ever use in purchasing something..bags, shoes. clothes guess u decided to change huh? well anyway, good for you, i dont know if i'll be around this time..wat you did was pretty hard to forget..

so that's a lot crap out of the glad to get it out of me, ive been dying to say that for a week u might wonder why i wrote it in my blog instead of telling her myself? easy, im simply using the same means she decided to conduct her "business" in, the same way i realised that my friendship has no meaning to her watsoever..i tell you, its pretty heart wrenching, not to mention humbling to read about how much your friend dont respect you, wide open and available in the internet..then again, maybe she doesnt even read my entry here anyway, after all its not filled with branded clothes and shoes and bags and stuff like too simple you see, i write about my life and my friends and where ive been and what im gonna do, maybe its a little bit too boring for other people but heck, u dont have to read it if u dont want to kan kan :p

tomorrow im meeting the bardaques for our usual saturday morning breakfast session, cant wait! and even miss parviano will be there, did i tell dat my good frend here went to a godforsaken place called Mauritania, somewhere in North Africa and now she's back for only two short weeks..and i cant wait to check out the pictures hehe apparently some "sexy guy" made his way into the photographs as well hehe

oh and the other day, i managed to catch the movie "definitely maybe", starring that guy in "just friends" wat was his name ek and ade rachel wiesz also and it was a beautiful movie, a must see chick flick for all chick flick fans out there :p

damn, i still have things to write..but this entry is getting way tooo long..nanti la sambung off to pavillion to grab some jco donuts, i love those mint ones!

Friday, April 11, 2008

beach bum...

im off to the beach for the weekend tomorrow (^_^)

sun lotion SPF 40 - check!
my new GUESS sun shades - check!
beach sandals - check!
mp3 modulator and thumb drive filled with road trip certified songs - double check!

hehe im soooooooooooo excited! its been a while that i went on a road trip (^_^) i mean with girlfriends of course (no offense mr pic :p)

cant wait for the endless supply of kropok lekors and stuffed crabs and hai peng kaya toasts and coffee and satars (^_^)

cya guys when i get back!

and oh, anyone nak pesan any hai peng kaya or kropok lekors just text me kay :)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

on a wet thursday afternoon...

ola.. this has got to be to the most boring thursday ever in the history of thursdays..yawn...not that i do not have work to do BUT the weather is just not conducive to do so was blog browsing and found mr ralph's tags macam best jerrr so i wanna do this one first..(ralph i totally blame u for making it looks so interesting that i was forced to do this so kalau tak dapat performance bonus tahun ni its all because of u :p)

FAVORITE BREAKFAST IS: tuna melt with red leicester cheese toastie nyumm..

THE MOVIE I’VE WATCHED MOST NUMBER OF: while you were sleeping = like every day dulu for a year okayyy..

LEAST FAVORITE SUBJECT IN SCHOOL: physics.. i know2 ntah camne leh jadi engineer huhu

SPEND MY LEISURE TIME: with my nieces and nephew and hanging out with the bardaques

WORST SMELL? urgh the smell of vomit yucks..

IF I COULD HAVE ANY CAR IN THE WORLD, WHAT WOULD IT BE? hmm..tough one..maybe that audi mata bulat dua pintu tu, ape ntah model number nye


WHEN I WAS A KID I DREAMT OF BECOMING A: a private investigator :p



IF I COULD REPEAT COLLEGE, I’D TAKE: LAW maybe...or interior design :)

THREE THINGS I CAN’T FORGET BEFORE GOING TO OFFICE? take vitamins, make sure the damn stray cats didnt get into the house and that my room is locked

FIRST THING I’LL BUY WITH MY FIRST SALARY: erm.. my first salary i bought myself a digital camera hehe

I’D LIKE TO BE REMEMBERED AS: someone who's existence has brightened others (chewahhh)

IF A BOOK WAS MADE INTO A MOVIE, WOULD YOU STILL BOTHER TO READ THE BOOK? i would read the book first.. movies are usually a disappointment..

SPECIALTY IN COOKING? baked pasta :p oh2 and tuna melt with red leicester cheese toastie :p


FAVORITE HANG-OUT? old town white coffee

BEST PLACE TO SHOP? affordable best? nichii fashion city :p


FAVORITE PLACE IN YOUR HOUSE? none at the moment..

BEST GIFT YOU’VE RECEIVED? they all have been great! im easily pleased hehe

WEIRDEST GIFT YOU’VE RECEIVED? a packet of kleenex tissue with a tiny gold bow on top, seriouslyyyyy on my table at work few birthdays back, dunno from who, but thank you..i think...

GIFT THAT YOU WANT TO RECEIVE AS OF THIS MOMENT? a new blackberry, the current one is sooo boring looking.. i like that new olive green ones hint hint hint*








ROBOCOP OR RAMBO: robocop rocks!

JOLLIBEE OR McD: lovin' it!


LAST PERSON YOU TALKED TO: olyn..(babe, tetiba teringat kat ikea meat balls :p)

LAST PERSON WHO TEXTED YOU: mr pic :p good luck exam! cayookkk!(^_^)

LAST PERSON WHO MADE YOU LAUGH: my colleague vohitah..drama queen hehe


YOU SEE ME ALWAYS DRINKING: ice milo (fyi, tea lady at my office makes d best milo ais everrrr :p)

*some parts of the tag omitted cos mcm pernah jwb jerr hehe

5 people I’m going to tag
1. olynyano
2. nello bello
3. zaitul chantal
4 & 5 - anyone else...

Friday, April 04, 2008


any plans for weekend guys?

mine's gonna be a boring one, tomorrow we have the company's business plan workshop at prince hotel, urghh 9am to 6pm, boring boring, but at least its next to the pavilion so im soo gonna stop by there to check out the sales :p sunday is also a full day event heading down to perak for a cousin's wedding..

cant wait for the next weekend as im off to awana kijal terengganu for some time off with two of my best mates :p yippee!

for now, lets get this weekend (and week!) over with :)

happy weekend peeps!