Monday, March 31, 2008

cutest baby on earth (^_^)

meet nur sarah abdul malik..

this little adorable cutie pie is my niece! isnt she the most delicious baby u have ever seen? terasa mcm nak gigit2 tak? hehehe comel kannnnn...this little princess is 7 months old and she is such a happy little baby, she can make you smile and grin like a silly person just by looking at that sweet chubby face and that chipmunk cheeks hehehe :p

sesaper nak queue jadi future daughter in law sila isi borang kayyy :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


something exciting is going to happen soon :p im sitting here grinning away in anticipation :p will update accordingly once its confirmed (^_^)

Friday, March 07, 2008

is it even worth it?

im starting to be really fed up with blogging nowadays..i initially started this blog when i left for the uk to further studies, so that my friends and family back at home would be up to date with what im up to, without having have to write tons of emails per week, its easier and certainly less time consuming..and it was fun, updating my news, and getting their feedback and comments, many midnight phone call have been received due to something i wrote in the blog.. it was a self preservation thing, i write what i wanted to, when i wanted to and i love the fact that my friends loves it as well..

but lately it seems like blogging becomes a trend, like a fashion statement, a race to be the first to write something funny or witty or to post the something they want like a brand new shoes or a brand new bag and whatever, and damn the next person who happens to mentioned it in her/his blog after that, they will immediately be labeled a COPYCAT, who just write whatever other people are writing and god forbid, having no mind of their own and thats why they have to follow what other people wrote..

whats up with that? why the need to be labeled as such? is it wrong to be influenced by what other people wrote? whats with this quest to be original that the minute someone even hints at the same thing they wrote in their blog, you will get a mile long ranting of how "people who like to copy other people, tak original, suka nak cetak rompak blog orang lain bla bla, people write about the election, u oso want to write about election etc etc" like hello, you are in a public domain!!?? somewhere in the this whole wide world there will be a person that somehow would have the same thoughts as you, its as public as the air you breathe in, and you can be so self centered and selfish that you think what you wrote is soo original? and the world should bow down to you and acknowledged you as the originator of such thought? it really makes me wonder if these people really believe that the world revolves around them..

its a cruel cruel world out there, its difficult enough to get your thoughts to be heard in the real world, and to be so harshly and brutally condemned in the cyber world as well is just wayyyyy to much isnt it?

in my opinion, if someone really actually copies what you wrote, u should be flattered, as least someone reads your bloody blog, and if they write it better or funnier than you, tough luck la, if u cant handle it, takyah baca la blog dia tu, kan senang!