Thursday, February 21, 2008


MR Best Friends (yepp both of them!) agreed to fulfill my craving of mandi sungai so we're off to the waterfall/river this saturday! yeayyyyy!

AND mr best friend even said he will make all the arrangements so that we can have a BBQ there hihihi bagus bagus, no wonder u guys are best friends you indulge me too well :p

will update accordingly!(^_^)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


my hr department (opps sorry, "corporate services" department) are prone to making "brilliant" ideas like this.. im currently at the verge of declaring war with them hehehe will tell you guys about it later, trust me, it'll make an interesting story :p

latest cravingg....

this is a picture of Lata Kinjang waterfall, near Kampar Perak, the last time i was there was zaman2 uni dulu as it was so near utp, ingat tak u guys? i think it was about 20 of us kan? sigh..those days when we were so young and the only thing we had to worry about assignments and exams and whether we shud go to ipoh that weekend hehe, simple life :p

anyway, the point of this blog? kawan2 jom la kite gi mandi sungai :p this craving started in UK and terbawak2 especially after reading chics blog on mandi sungai nampak sungguh best aktiviti ini dan we shud go cos we are so lucky to have "sungais" we can mandi-manda in compared to negara2 lain kan kan kan?

jom la!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


i am currently a temporary resident of my parents' guest room while waiting for my sister to move out of her room so that i can move in :p no no, we are not kicking her out :p she just recently bought a new house and it has completed the renovation so she is moving there instead, so i got her room with the ensuite bathroom, yeay, finally (^_^)

so now im on furniture hunting, trying to find a nice bedroom set courtesy of daddy dearest of course :) the thing is we are currently at a clash of opinion as he wants the "wood" look, preferably cengal of course, and it does not matter that a pure cengal bed costs thousands, yang penting, its nice and would lasts forever and how we would get this looooooooong lecture "abah dulu beli katil ni dah berpuluh2 tahun cantik lagi bla bla bla"..(yes mr pic, it has all the ukiran and wat nots, u wudd like it :p)

me on the other hand prefers a contemporary look, because knowing me, i dun want a bed that would lasts me forever, i would want to change the bed "look" every 10 years or so hehehe

so anyone have any ideas where i should start looking?

the wood look, yang ni cam overrr la plak kan, fit for a king? imagine the amount of dust that would gather on that carvings, no wayyyyy next!

better but a bit too mono for me, guess its going for the yin and yang look..hmm no no, i'd be bored of this within few months hehe

hehehe definitely not this! though it would surely makes an interesting sleeping experience :p

so help! ideas anyone?

Sunday, February 03, 2008

back to work!

tomorrow i will start work! first day after being away for one year and 6 months...

wish me luck!