Wednesday, May 30, 2007

happenings... (^_^)

just some updates of the past two weeks.. too many things to write so i put pictures instead :p

my first time playing golf! i think with a little bit more practise, i can be quite good :)

last day with antonia (the girl in the plymouth uni jumper) gonna miss her sob sob..

ann's birthday party..these are the faces of contentment of eating too much at Nando's :)

ann's birthday party feast :)

the birthday girl (^_^)

why i love plymouth :)

just some amazing pictures of the south west coast line at its best.. cant believe i live 20 minutes walking distance from this place!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

being lazy..

on the steps to The Hoe..lets go to the beach! (damn, i gotta go the library :( ishkk)

help! somebody talk some sense into me, im being incredibly lazy about my dissertation that im supposed to start two weeks ago..and i havent done a thing yet! huhu

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

the best things in life....

sometimes, the best things in life are free (^_^)

like today for example, it has been a totally relaxing stress free fun filled tummyfulllicious day.. it started off with a house viewing at 10.30am with my future housemates, the house we saw was allright, but we're still hoping to get a better one :) then it was a breakfast of potato, cheese and onion pasties (nyum!) and a good walk back to my house, where we spend the later part of the morning browsing through the net on my computer in our big spacious kitchen table with the sun streaming down and a glass of apple cranberry juice each :p

after they went home, we stayed at the kitchen table, i cajoled hafiz into cooking chicken curry for lunch, my favourite :p and he did! and it was good! really really good! so yeay, to hafiz! my new chicken curry cook! (it used to be shukor hehe)

he also changed the layout of my friendster, and now it looks fantastic! thanks darling! i absolutely loved it (^_^) he knows me too well to know exactly what i like hehe twas soo cool that he got jealous and now he wants to change his profile as well hahaha

so now, we're getting ready to go to a good friend's birthday party at the Barbican.. looking forward to another evening ending with good food and good company :)

see, i didnt do anything major today, but it managed to be one of the funnest day ever (^_^)

more days should be spent like these :)

Sunday, May 20, 2007

arrogant fools!

im sitting here at my window on a gorgeous sun-shining-birds-singing-children-laughing sunday morning, and im miserable..why? because i have to go to work in an hour :( while the rest of the household are going to parties and carboots and watnots :(

sometimes i dont mind the work, as long i remind myself that it is just a part time job and not to take it personally..but yesterday was one of the worse days ever..i mean i certainly did not take this job to be yelled at and swore at and threaten at by disgruntled and angry customers who are to arrogant and rude and selfish and damn stupid to realise that we are trying to assist them and we just work there and after all, its just a bloody phone!

i mean its certainly not that a BIG deal to get upset about!! i dont get these people ishkk soo emotional over a handphone! and the funny thing, 99% of the time, the company ends up replacing you with a new one anyway free of charge, and still they get sooo terribly upset and started swearing obscenity just because we can only deliver them to you tomorrow..not today. like hellooooo!!!??? its just the next dayy!!!

remind me again why i take this job?

oh yeah, to save up for a downpayment of a house and my Mazda CX9 huhu

okay, enough raving, gotta go catch the bus....

wish me luck, hopefully today will be a better day....

note to self : get a picture of the house and the car and post it by the computer at work

Friday, May 18, 2007

birthday wish list...

a few people asks me what i want for my birthday next month...hmm... i never know what to answer when asked this kind of question..yr usually torn between telling them you really really want (you know, Gucci or Dior or that gorgeous Manolo Blahnik i saw in the spring 07 collection last week sighh) OR you tell them that u want things that makes more sense for them to get you, after all they are yr friends, not your super rich multi millionnaire uncle who dotes on you and able to lavish you with whatever your little heart's desire (^_^)

so anyway, here are the things im currently lusting over... and no, this is NOT my birthday wish list, this is just simply a wish list (n_n)...


Ipod Shuffle in green :) my trusted and beloved Mp3 player has sadly perished due to wear and tear and i desperately needed a new player..this is one kinda cool isnt it? and its a clip on so i can use during those jogging and taibo sessions as well hehe
Retail @ £49.90


well, since im wishing away anyway, might as well wish for something a little more extravegant, i do want the book and already booked my copy at but what i really want is to go to the exclusive premier of the movie (not this one tho, the one with Order of Pheonix..confusing ek, ape la wish list i nie) in London in this coming July (^_^) so anyone can get me tickets for that one?


this pair of shoes is the latest for the spring-summer 07 collection from Tods and isnt it breathtakingly beautiful? the price? its only £342 ..worth it u think? sighhhhh....

so there you go, that's not too bad isnt it? i think my wish list is highly feasible hehehe

double whammy :p

last weekend we had a double events of started off by being a surprise farewell party for mr. eh silap, Dr. Shukor (ehem), who upon achieving his phd, decided to leave plymouth and make his way home to good ol' malaysia, after 3 years and 8 months in a foreign land :)
me being me, the self proclaimed party planner and events organiser and coordinator :p decided to make it a double events as the day that Dr.Shukor is leaving, is also the day of Hafiz's birthday, so it ended up being a surprise party for both of them (n_n)
so here are the pictures of the party!
the plymouth peeps (^_^)

shukor's cake, chocolate, of course! hehe looks really elegant doesnt it?

hafiz's cake.. suits his playful nature kan :D..the candle tipu je tu for decorations purposes only, he's double the no. of candles + 1 :p

shukor opening his presents :)

for the future World Famous Architect... amin (^_^)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

the time has come...

hehe bunyi cam serious je :p
well, the time has come..for me to decide where i want to go next..for travelling of course! having the travel gene deep within my soul and as part of the flesh and the blood that flows in me (cewahh :p) my restless spirit are already stirring and demands my attention..
so where to..hmmm.... so far this year alone, ive covered parts of the UK, went to Scotland, Germany and Austria, last year managed to cover the Netherlands, and Cambodia and Indonesia...i need to travel to a different part of the world lets see what my options are..
1. One of my best friend will be in Turkey in July so that's option one
2. I could also follow my brother and the gang to Egypt and see the pyramids and can cross out another one of the 7 wonders of the world that i must see before turning 30 :p
3. My lecturer have been talking about Dalian, China and that's sounds mightly interesting as well hehe
4. Spain? Definetely in September (^_^)
5. New York and Illinois? Also a definite in September or October..thinking of celebrating Hari Raya Puasa in Illinois with my favourite cousin there...bile lagi nak merasa raya kat US hehe
6. Greece...the Glasow peeps and i were talking about this during our last trip.. jadi tak ni? :p
hmm...can i squeeze in all these travelling while doing my dissertation at the same time??
oh well, if there's a will, there's a way! (^_^)

house hunting - part 2

yesterday and today we went for some serious house hunting spree, managed to view about a total of 6 houses..hmm mmg tak banyak sgt la tapi that's mainly because most agencies and landlords wants fixed term i.e. from september 07 to july 08. so as we didnt have much choice, we finally narrow it down to is a big 5 bedroom house about 20 minutes walk from the city centre and uni and the other is a lovely 4 bedroom house, also about 15 - 20 minutes to the city and uni. both are about the same price and both have almost all the things we were looking for...

so now the process of application and administration follows, we need to find a guarantor, as none of us is working and they are wary about non-working people, which is kinda illogical for us as; we cant rent the students' accomodation as they require one term (as per above timing) and therefore had to resort to local rental agencies and had to go through all these credit checks and what nots because we are not duh, we're students! its a vicious vicious cycle huhu

but that's the way the system works here so there's nothing much we can do but follow it.. other wise we'd be homeless come July :p

i'll let you know the outcome of the hunt and the process of all the learning the uk city council taxes and applying for the parking permit and understanding the water and gas and electricity rates and wat nots once im more familiar with it...till then, im off to work, cheers!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

why does it always rains on me?

i woke up to a wet sunday morning today.. its been raining on and off for the past few days anyway, but i dont mind, its somewhat befitting to my current state of emotional unstability :( whenever its raining it always make me miss the people that is not around me, the rain brings out my most mellow and melancholy mood that suits the weather perfectly..

i opened my window wide open the minute i got up, despite the cold, and the rain gets heavier and heavier every minute..and that just made me want to cry even more :(

okay this is not where i want to go with this...why am i stressing on the rain?

we're having a surprise farewell party for him today and part of me resented organizing it because it seems so final.. i guess i was still hoping that he might change his mind and go back next month or something..but then i realised it doesnt matter when he leaves, i still feel sad regardless :(

okay..this is not good, nique, snapped out of it..

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Girls' Book How To Be The Best At EVERYTHING

i recently received this book by my trusty book club, who never fails to send me something every month, not for free tho (i wish!) but religiously attempts to gauge what book i might or not like...and most of the time, i usually make my way to the post office to return these "Editor's Choice of the Month".. strange how the books they send me always always seems to be the LAST book on earth i would ever read, let alone purchase!


i decided to keep this book tho, coz its so amusing! the book ranges from various "How Tos" such as how to look your best in photos, how to make hand shadows, how to grow your own tomatoes, how to travel with just one bag (i desperately need this one!), how to be a great magician (funny!), how to be a natural beauty (hehehe), how to survive a horror movie (mr best friend would be pleased if i could do this!) and my own personal favourites includes how to cross Niagara Falls on a tight rope, how to survive an alien invasion and the grand finale, how to make the biggest bubblegum bubble (^_^)

the list is endless, about a whooping total of 120 how tos! ive skipped and skimmed through some of it and for my blog today, i will leave you with this..

How To Act Like A Celebrity (in 11 simple steps!)

  • Buy a pair of enermous sunglasses and wear them all the time, even at night and when you are indoors
  • Say things like "No photographs, please" and "I just wish my fans would leave me alone. I need 'me' time".
  • Always look immaculately groomed, even if your are just going to the supermarket.
  • Get yourself an entourage to follow you everywhere (walking ten paces behind you, obviously)
  • Always look bored (even when yr having fun!)
  • Always order something that is not on the menu and send it back even when it is delicious.
  • Pout a lot.
  • Practise signing autographs, your signature should be flamboyant and completely unreadable.
  • Write a list of unreasonable demands to present to your parents. Include things such as "Every drink I am served must contain exactly six ice cubes-no more, no less".
  • Ask your father to wear a chauffeur's hat whenever he drives you somewhere.
  • Start writing the first part of your autobiography. It must be published before you are 20 years old.

im currently reading, How To Survive An Alien know, just in case :p

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

house hunting

my housing agency just informed me that they will be increasing the rent from september onwards, by £10! so okay, it may not sound so much but it creates quite a dent in my budgeting, if u understand the value of £10 here in the uk, and to a student on top of that!

so today i will be out house hunting (again!), im kinda looking forward to it tho, maybe this time i can find something closer to the beach and get that gorgeous sea view that plymouth is famous for hehe

here's my checklist for the new house;

1. 4 Bedrooms (4 of us moving together)
2. Large Kitchen
3. Separate Lounge (with TV provided, fully licensed preferably :p)
4. Washer and Dryer
5. At least 2 bathrooms
6. Central Heating
7. Double Bed
8. Easy Access to city centre and uni
9. Broadband/Wireless (optional as i still got my telewest :p)
10. Less than £300 a month

Sounds too much? well, that's the description of the house that im living in right i know its not impossible to find huhu

wish me luck!

im gonna miss...

im gonna miss talking to you

im gonna miss the way you listen to me and give me good (and sometimes funny :p) advices

im gonna miss my "computer genius" guy (who would i turn to when i have problems with my laptop and the wireless network?)

im gonna miss your chicken currys and tomyams and your sardine omelette

im gonna miss the way you make fun of my shoes :p

im gonna miss the way you would tell me whether that day's Friends is funny and if its worth watching :p

im gonna miss the way you encouraged me to do something, always knowing exactly what to say

im gonna miss the way you remembered to buy me my Ribena, when you know ive finished mine, even when i didnt asked you too :)

im gonna miss the times you offered to drive me to work, so i dont have to take the long bus ride

im gonna miss the way you loved my baked pasta and told everyone about it :)

im gonna miss the way you make the effort to slow yr pace when we walked together, so that we can walk side by side (you always walk so fast otherwise!)

im gonna miss listening to The Feelings with you and the American Pie song and especially the Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars song and your sometimes weird song choices in your MP3 in the car :)

im gonna miss the road trips with you and the drives, just the three of us exploring the South West :)

im gonna miss the way you "layan" my sometimes crazy ideas and whatnots and simply join in :p

im gonna miss the way how u always have something to help me with (in yr own words, "macam Doraemon" :p)

im gonna miss your fridge magnet collection

im gonna miss teasing u of making a hot horlick drink every nite so that u can fall asleep (macam budak kecik hehehe) *on that note..

im gonna miss the way u insist i shud try drinking the horlick and try to convince that its nice even tho u know it'll make me sick hehe

im gonna miss checking whther yr shoes is at d shoe rack everytime i leave the house or coming home..just to see whether yr in or out

im gonna miss the way you care..

im gonna miss being your housemate :(

there are millions of reason why im gonna miss you..

the main reason..

im just gonna miss you because you're you.. :(

Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Last Party

Last Friday was the last day of our second term...and we decided to throw ourselves a class party, the last party :p it certainly was a series of "lasts" as all of us are heading to different directions after this, to complete our dissertation.. Havana was the perfect choice and i was glad to see most of the class did turn up, cameras was flashing left and right (^_^)

Here are some pictures of the party...

Me and the girls with Nitin..the party organiser :p

This is one of the class's heartrob hehe

i was kinda sad at the end of it..we had such a good two terms together..there was only 40 of us in the entire course and everyone knew everyone, and we made such a dynamic group together, that it was hard to know that we would probably not see each other again for years and years..

to my classmates, you guys have been great, a salute to you and it certainly have been an honour and a privilege knowing and working alongside you! (^_^)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

temporary escapes - part two

on the way back from Exeter (see temporary escapes - part one :p) we decided to take the long route back, via Dartmouth and took the 15 minutes, £2.50 ferry across to the other side to a place Shukor calls "Monaco of UK" :) it was breathtakingly beautiful! my camera didnt do justice to the gorgeous landscape of the sea and the amazing (expensive!) yachts and boats.. sigh..

here are the pictures from my pitiful camera, tak clear sangat cos it was getting dark already but you get the picture :p (pun intended :p)

note to self : get better camera!!

temporary escapes - part one

last Friday, me and the motley crews, hafiz and shukor went to Exeter, another city about 40 minutes away from Plymouth.. it was a combined celebrations of sort, shukor just got his doctorate, a full fledged Dr. now :) hafiz and myself just completed our courseworks, and i just got my first paycheck (^_^) and what better way to celebrate then to head off to what supposedly the best Indian food on this side of South West :p

the journey was fun, we stopped by Trago Mills on the way, to check out the bone china plates and wat nots, i bought myself a hair straightener and curler set from TreSemme, a bargain £14.99! and did checked out the for prices Royal Doultons and Pyrexs and Wedgewoods for sisters and mommy dearies when they come at the end of the year, more likely i have to purchase them first but i'll come back for real "pinggan mangkuk" shopping later later :p

the weather was fantastic, spring is definitely making way for summer, British people berjemur in the sun while us Malaysians try to hide as much as possible, i was just about to get fairer and now im starting to get tanned again! one thing about any city in the UK, is the abundance of flowers everywhere! that's one thing im really gonna miss once im back in Msia huhu anyway, about the food, we ordered chicken briyani, vindaloo and indian fried rice, the onion bhaji and doners, the food was great altho me being me, i could only finished quarter plate of the chicken briyani, banyak giler kayyyyy but that's what the boys are there for teehehehe

oh btw, the restaurant's name is Raj India and its in Exeter city centre, in case anyone wants to go (^_^)