Saturday, December 29, 2007

the one with the graduation (^_^)

its a bit overdue, but here are the pictures of my graduation ceremony held on the December 14th :) the ceremony was short, sweet and simple, i mean, we spent more time before and after the ceremony taking pictures combined than the actual length of the entire ceremony :p but of course, that's perfectly normal aite? hehe

hope u like the pictures!

Monday, December 17, 2007

i dont have my laptop anymore, have given it to my bro in germany, so i wont update as much as i used to and i wont be online as much as well, so if u need to contact me for any reason, do leave a message on my phone okay :) if u dont have my number ask any of the bardaques, they will judge whether u shud get it or not hehehehe macam bodyguard pulak hahaha :p

btw, im coming home to malaysia on the 20th january, arriving good old klia on the 21st at 6pm, having finally bought my tickets after weeks of done here, i did what i came to do and now i have to go, after all u shud move on after u have ended with something right? you are not supposed to linger around and see how much time you can drag it until t the last possible minute or until it will be too late to turn and go back?

okay im digressing..

for now, im just gonna savour moment of my last days in UK as much as i can..

Sunday, December 09, 2007

misery loves company..

or not?

my mom is not coming to my graduation ceremony.on thursday eve, the day that they are suppose to travel, i was anticipating a call from my mom, saying that she is at the airport and all, instead i got a text from my dad saying that my mom is NOT coming to UK tonight, a mere 4 hours before the flight she couldnt find her passport..

i am extremely sad and dissapointed :(

i was so excited to have my mom with me during the ceremony and was looking forward to shopping for stuff with her, as i was saving up for her arrival but now, i guess im just not in the mood to do anything..

which is a bit selfish, as mr pic's family and shuk's family is here as well, and i have to play hostess to them, i am happy to do it, i love playing hostess and showing plymouth around and making travel plans, something i am perfectly happy to do under the normal circumstances..

but i am currently in a state of extremely sad and dissapointed :(

so who ever says misery loves company is wrong..sometimes in misery you want to be alone too or at least be allowed to wallow in the miseryness huhu..

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

love affairs

i am currently involved in the following affairs,

1. with Monsoon, their gorgeous dresses and their silk and cashmere tops and beautiful skirts, totally unaffordable now but hopefully soon, very soon :p

2. with the winter coats in Next and Zara, i know i know i will only be uk in another month and a half and i shudnt waste 70quid for a dark suede green knee length winter coat but oh if u see the coat u will fall in love too sigh..i go and try it on almost every other day huhuhu see, another reason why i shud stay in the uk!

3. with Marks and Spencer food section, rows and rows of beautifully wrapped fruits, crimson grapes, juicy mangoes, and the sushi selection, and the rack upon rack of gorgeous green and red and yellow vegetables, i want to buy them all but not to eat, just to look at hehehe its not just food, its m&s fooooooodddddd (i know mr pic :p)

so thats my current love affairs, what did u guys think i was referring to?? :p

Monday, November 26, 2007

im in danger of being too nice and being taken for granted, again! im just let it out here so bear with me, this is going to be a massive ranting session.. first story, i met a bunch of my juniors the other day, one of which is a fellow malaysian so like wow cause not many people from malaysia are actually are here apatah lagi taking logistics, so i was perhaps over enthused on how nice it is for him to be here and of course if he needs any help or have any questions, feel free to call me, and this guy gave my number to his frend, and his frend started pestering me, calling me up and such to meet up and wat nots which is thoroughly annoying as i know all he wanted was for me to help him with his coursework..

anyway, finally i did say ok for us to meet up at 3.30pm on a tuesday, as i finished work at 3, so he said ok. then on monday, he texted me to confirm our meeting at 2pm on tuesday, i was like, hello? i said 3.30 so i replied back to him, u know wat he did, he started sending me nasty sms saying im a liar and a bad person, and he is really pissed as he got class at 4pm so kira cam nanti sekejap sangat jumpa and basically like why am i lying to him????!!! like hellloooooooooo??!! i didnt lie to you, it was clear that u got the time wrong, why the hell would i set it at 2pm when i finish work at 3???? see, this is wat i get by being nice and instead kena maki la pulak by ungrateful idiot who cant even do a simple basic 5 minutes presentation, like why the hell did u take the coursework in the first place la kan?

another story..

so okay, i may not be the most nicest or perfect and proper person in the world, but there are just some people who are just amazingly and unbelieavably rude and inconsiderate that makes me wonder why in the world im frends with them in the first place?! take this frend of mine for example, we are having visitors over to our house in two weeks times, visitors from malaysia, my mom and mr pic's family and also this frend and his family, so me being me, as and as per requested by mr pic and mr frend to organize their transport to plymouth from london and do the basic itenarary for their stay here, which i did, quite detailed, which includes options via train, bus and rental car, hotel prices and wat nots, well, u guys knows how i am and my organizing skills, modestly speaking i have organized enough events in my life to know wat to do, thank you! then all that is required is for them to confirm which plan they wanna go with and i will proceed with the bookings from there, simple aite? well, apparently its not that simple if you are too arrogant and too caught up in your world, like you are the only bloody busy person in this whole wide world that u cant even read the email properly and it has been a month and u have yet to reply to it! so okay, fine, i asked him to call me, which he did and nicely asked him to just confirm what he wants, and he cant even do that, balik2 suruh i email him the details, which i already did in the first place!! like okay so yr sooo busy kan, im already offerring to manage the details for you if u could just confirmmmmmmmmm itt!!!! argghh..i dont have to do it you know, i could just take care of my mum and mr pic's family and be done with it! but considering our friendship when he was here bla bla ishkkkkkk argghh ...okay2 calm down.....deep breathss..

another thing that happened to me hari tu jugak, i agreed to help a friend's friend for sumting, i would not disclose here, and i asked him to her my email address so all she had to is email me, and then after a few days my frend said that his friend emailed me and why didnt i reply? eh, i said, i didnt get any email pun, betul ke dia hantar kan? then my frend was like insisting that i emailed his frend instead, because apparently like she emailed me "many times" but i didnt reply, at first i was like, hey you wanted a favor from me, u email me la, right? so again sebab mengenangkan friendship tu, i said ok2 i will email her, which i did, a simple, "hello, this is nique, please reply etc etc" and you know wat she did? she went back to my frend, and said "i got your frend's email, dia tu muslim lagi ke tak? tak reti bagi salam ke?" !!!!!!!?????!!!! wat????? wat???? my frend told this to me, thinking it was a great joke and i was livid, stupid ungrateful woman, orang dah okay nak tolong ada hati nak cakap macam tu lagik?????!!

huh, okay, im so emotionally tired right now and brain dead huhu but it feels good to let this out, naturally i exploded to mr pic ady but him being a man, all he could say to let it go, and not to be emotional bla bla hah, easy for him to say!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

raya in plymouth

i know i know its a loooooooong overdue post :p at first i was kinda lazy to do post this but then i figured, this is my last raya here in the uk and i want to have a memory of it in writing, despite raya being over and all :p

first of all, raya here in plymouth was on friday, where as malaysia was on saturday kan? funny thing was, leeds and above celebrated eid on saturday and london and south west below did it on friday, which is weird satu negara pun boleh lain2 hari..anyway i was at work when mr pic called to say "esok raya!", and i was like, "wat?? really??" baju raya pun tak sampai lagi masa tu and we havent got anything prepared! suffice to say, first day tu we didnt do a single thing an the real celebration was only on saturday :p

this year, me and hafiz, kak eton and family and kak mal and family decided to have a combined open house, held at our place. raya tahun nie busy busy busy, much much better than last year, if u guys remember my pathetic post raya blog in big yellow taxi, this year i was determined not to have the same raya again the celebration started first at house house, we have our open house on saturday at 2pm, then petang tu another open house at 6pm and the next day we got two open houses oso, heh saper cakap raya kat uk tak meriah? (^_^) so here are the picture of the raya celebration :p

note : the pictures are a bit berterabur, i dah pening nak susun tapi got description underneath so u guys can follow one, okay? :p

this is at kak ad's house, dr adlinda's house to be exact, she bought this flat last year i think and its really really gorgeous, she's a specialist in cancer, oncologist (i think spelling betul tak?) so sangat terrerrr oo and dah pr pun dia kat uk ni hehe at her house we had briyani and kuah lodeh and my favourite, sambal ikan bilis nyumm! and she makes really heavenly cookies as well! and then we have tea in ehem2 royal doultons kayyyyyyyy hehehe :p

ni kat rumah dr azley, the guy in the glasses kat belakang skali tu, he is a neurologist consultant :) im so proud of malaysians doctors yang ade kat sini, semua genius2 seh but sayang tak berkhidmat kat malaysia, guess to each his/her own la kan? the boys decided to do it malaysian style here, apar tikar and lepak at his huge 2 storey bungalow's backyard, kat sini we had nasi tomato and ayam bakar/percik and acar buah :p

hehehe me and mr pic, dunno why tahun nie tetiba ktrg cam sedondon la plak so baju matching2 :p this is at our house after the open house :p

this is the hosts of the first open house, again ni gambar kat rumah ktrg jugak, so dats mr pic, wak, haziq and kak mal one family, me, kak eton, mail and little baby aqil one family and afiq and anaz in front :p

this my house! or at least mine and mr pic's :p dats afiq, tengah cari lagu raya nak pasang masa open house nanti, we are waiting for guests to arrive..

a glimpse of wat we cooked that day, i made kuah lodeh, kuah kacang and sambal sotong, ahaks my first time making all those things :p kak mal made daging "ungkep" and soto ayam and my fav, biskut almond london! kak eton made her absolutely sedap giler rendang daging, ayam kari and nasi himpit...we had two tables full of food!

ni kat depan rumah wak, on the way nak gi rumah dr azley, luckily the weather wasnt dat cold so tak perlu jacket, so tak la mewrinkle my baju raya hehe

eh last one, this is at dr azley's house again, me and some of the marjon peeps :)

so dats some of the pictures of the raya celebration here in plymouth, u wanna see more check out my facebook kayyyy..kalau tak nanti panjang berjela2 pulak my blog nie hehe

aite, im now off to work, cya guys, be good! (^_^)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

MSc Results + Christian Dior (^_^)

Halooooooooooo!!!! im sooooo happy because i have got my Masters results!!!

Alhamdullilah everything is good and with the result i officially achieve my MSc in International Logistics (^_^)

time flies sooo fast kan? 3 years ago i was dreaming to achieve a Masters degree and today i actually achieved that dream, macam surreal sangat huhu

see my name there? hehe MAP stands for Awarded Masters :p

me, william and claudia posing in front of our results :)

so wat does that have got to do with Christian Dior?

hehe tengok la ni :p

a present from mr pic for achieving my degree :p

lawa kan? its absolutely gorgeous! something that ive always wanted but forever waiting for extra surplus of cash that i never seem to have hehehe so imagine my surprise when i got it as a gift instead! thank you dearie :)

i know i havent blogged for a while now been so busy but i will soon, got so many things to update, especially those raya photos which is taking me forever to upload to my pc but i promise to do it soon, okay?

for now, im off to bed with my result under my pillow, hugging my brand new bag hehehe nite peeps, sweet dreams (^_^)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Hari Raya hari yang mulia
Penuh bererti kepada kita
Tua muda miskin dan kaya
Menyambut nya dengan gembira
Berhati-hati di jalan raya
Semoga anda selamat tiba
Ucapan Selamat Hari Raya
Dari eon untuk semua (^_^)

Salam semua! ingat tak lagi lagu raya nie? dari iklan eon hehe ingat tak? this has got like my favourite iklan raya of all time, and we've been singing it for the past few days hehehe :p

we've got big plans this raya :) gonna have a makan2 gathering at my place on sunday and looking forward to all the food like rendang daging and ayam, lontong and kuah kacang and briyanis mmm nyummm (^_^)

so, in case kalau nanti tak tersempat nak wish everyone since nanti dah balik kampung semua mesti tak baca email and tengok blog dah kan kan sooo just want to wish everyone, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Maaf Zahir elok2 and have fun and eat lots and take lots and lots of pictures kayyyy!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

scarlet pimpernel at the minack theatre

heyooo..forgot to update these pictures of the minack teatre which is super duper gorgeous hehehe

me and my housemates at the entrance mesti lah kena berposing2 dulu hehehe :p we brought like lotss of food and we brought blankets and we even saw some people brought pillows and duvets hehe bleh takkk..

mr pic at the entrancee, check out the view at the back...

behind me is the stage and behind it..the sea :p

erhmm..another picture of the stage hehehehe sorry tak banyak sangat gambar amik cos too absorbed in the view and the play hehe

haa a snippet of the play :p

so the scarlet pimpernel was really funny and interesting, even mr pic-i-dont-watch-teaters-not-that-kind-of-guy-bla-bla-bla enjoyed it very much, he only came setelah dipujuk berkali, now i have to do his laundry for a month hahh.. tapi he grudgingly admit that it was really good and all in all its a good time out with my housemates (^_^)
royal mail is on strike and as a result as follows happens;

1. surat takde so dah takde data nak enter so ended up lepaking and boraking most of the time and busan giler. yesterday even got half day off so like yeay! and i spend it doing laundry and shopping groceries for raya kat asda...hehe as usual my menu raya is lontong mmmm nyummm and im gonna try to make rendang for the first time in my life gegegege :p oh we got the first raya package shukor send and inside got kad raya ade lagu2 wuhooo best2 and jam tarts and wat nots and some other stuff..talking about raya packages..

2. since they are on strike packages2 raya yang lain tak sampai2 lagik and raya is next week, yikes! my mom send me my baju raya but dengan keadaan strike nie mungkin tak sempat nak beraya ngan baju baru sob sob sedeh2 :(

3. my other job pun hanging jugak since we cant deliver any books so ive been doing the listings on the amazon and kerja nie sangatlah membosankan huhu

3. since they are on strike for 4 days, there may be overtime i can do next week tapi next raya so tak nak lah wat overtime tapi i really need the money so how ek?

4. i wanna go to town today and shopping kasut raya :p ehe takde kena mengena ngan royal mail on strike tapi nak gak citer :p

menu berbuka hari nie, ikan mackarel masak asam pedas, ayam goreng berempah and terung bercili...hehehehe camne, jeles tak? ehehe

Monday, October 01, 2007

monday bluesss....

just got back from work and sangat penat and sakit belakang cos today i did a record breaking of 390 books in 5 hours..ishkk... have to take a long hot shower after this and maybe able to persuade one of my nice housemates to urut my back hehehe

pause : negotiating ffnvncvjbfbbcicnsdnc nen fkn df jnfodnfnsa (diorang bincang lam bahasa cina hahaha)

hah managed to persuade them to cook chow mein instead for me to berbuka yipeeee!

anyway since i got nothing to do till 5pm to my second job, thought i'd do this survey adapted from olyn and zai's blog

1. what’s bothering you right now?
the fact that i'm currently broke-en-to-the-bone and my next salary only coming on the 12th and oso that my back is aching and risau cos selama nie tak pernah sakit belakang :( and oso that i need to walk to work dan kalau tak start berjalan dari sekarang akan terlambat tapi masih nak habiskan tulis blog ini jugak gegege

2. describe your
wallet: i got two (blehh takk) one is peachy pink MNG and its huge and i use it to keep all my credit cards and other cards and receipts and wat nots (it even got pain killers and handyplast and safety pins, its THAT big! huhu) and also have money in various currencies, then the other one is red and white from NEXT and it only has pounds and euros in it :p and oh, a picture of me and someone hehehe.. and yes, i carry both everywhere with me..(owhhh patutlah sakit belakang handbag berat hmm)
wallpaper on pc: gambar toy bmw sama cam dalam blog nie gak and sebelah dia gambar lukisan tatau saper but its of a girl and she reminds me of :p
jewellery worn daily: rose shaped diamond pendant ade olang bagi and...ermm thats it :)
eyes: hari ni black (^_^)
life: real life ..on hold... currently living another life :p can aa leddet? boleh jer kan kan...

3. what are you:
doing this wknd: buat biskut cornflakes, gi carboot, spend time with the peeps here and having dinner with some friends who are moving to london soon huhu
wearing: cargo pants, quicksilver sandals, top etc etc and mr pic's jacket but later im gonna wear my baru-beli-kat-carboot-murah-gilerr-kayy jacket to work, which is perfect for the rainy weather and angin plymouth yang sangat sejuk ini huhu
wanting: for this life to be the real life... and to salam raya my parents di pagi raya nak mintak maaf and ampun :( ....aiseh rindu nak balik la plakk ishkk
listening: lagu raya.. p ramlee nyanyi "kini tiba masa nya la la la di pagi raya, terkenang sanak dan saudara bermaaf maafan dengan keikhlasan sumting sumting" hehe tak sure lyrics :p
smell like: rite now? carolina herrera chics and mr pic cos tengah pakai jacket dia hehehe

4. do you:
believe in soulmate: no
believe in miracles: sometimes
burn quickly in the sun: no eh..yeahh tapi tangan jer muka tak la plakk..pelik lakss hehe i really gotta go...bye peeps! selamat berbuka (^_^)

Monday, September 24, 2007

random thoughts..

few things going in my life and in my head...

1. i cooked macaroni bakar today, first time hehehe positive response from mr pic and two new budak msia baru sampai 2 days and mr pic are becoming the official "welcome to plymouth" comittee huhu tapi best jugak and really dont mind pun coz we lurrvee plymouth so memang dengan bangga nye boleh show the city and tunjuk kat mane tempat2 best nak shopping (tapi sebab diorang ni men so cam takdelah interested sangat kut pasal shopping gehehe kena tunggu the two girls coming next week :p)

2. my housemate found a lump in her breast a few months back and last week she went for an operation to remove it. it was a scary thought. she's allright now and cant really move much but she hasnt got the result back yet whether its cancer or not. we are praying that its not. she's quite strong and has a positive attitude and i do admire her for it, if it was me belum pape lagi dah will be crying everyday. i think the hardest part is that her family is all the way in china and all she has is us which is good but still, im sure she misses her family and wants them to be here. i would want my sisters to be around.

3. u guys know im working two jobs now right? hehe i am i am :p from 9am to 2.30pm im working at this book company, if u guys go online cam amazon tu kan and beli buku from one of the companies, haa one of the companies tu lah where im working at , kerja dia senang jer, amik order than get the books from the gudang, pack it up and wait for the post people to come and collect it, then after that i would go online and list all the other books that the company has and kira cam main turun naik harga buku tu supaya orang buy from us..senang kan? but agak tiring and average we send out about 200 books per day..that is a lottttt... and then from 5.30pm to 9.30pm im working as data entry keyer at royal laaagi senang tapi ngantuk nye yang amat im pretty busy during the weekday and have never appreciated the weekend more hehehehe

4. i have started making a list (plus a list from my mom for the relatives) on stuff i need to buy for people, you know, gifts, untuk bawak balik msia nanti, altho i am a little bit kecik hati with some people who sort of like conveniently uses the excuse of the fact that i am here in the uk to forget stuff like my birthdays, or to wish congrats when i finished my masters or didnt send me kad rayas last year, kalau im in msia they are okay but just because im jauh they macam malas nak make the effort and bagi alasan "tunggu u balik la kaay" even tho i religiously hantar cards and wat nots to them for every single important occasion in their lifes because they and their life matters to me even tho im far away..hmm makes sense ke ape yang i ckp nie heheehe tapi takpelah benda2 camni sepatutnye tak penting kan dalam frendship kan? i do believe that tapi sometimes its just feels damn nice to get something in the mail from people that i really care about, its simple but it makes me happy okay?

5. i bought 4 for handbags today..all for the cost of 2 pounds!!! hahaha best giloss jangan jelesss beli kad carboot sale and all in fantastic condition and BRANDED lagik haha original plak tu..huhu so veryyyyy the happpyy :p

6. mr best frend called yesterday and said that he is posting a raya package for me, yipee!!! which would definetely include jem tarts and probaby his mom's frozen karipaps nyummmmmmmmmmm :p then i got email from olyn saying that she will post me some too plus her absolutely gorgeous-to-die-for-melts-in-your-mouth-heavenly choc chip cookiess! double yipeee!!! woahhhhh sayang kat korannggggg best nye cant wait for my two packagesss heheheehee

7. i finished the seventh and final harry potter book...BEST GILER! the ending is PERFECT! and altho the story was a bit long winded and i had to read it twice to ensure ive absorbed everything, sebab macam rasa jk rowling sengaja nak memanjang2kan citer and menebalkan buku dia hehee, it was fantastic ending, altho i did kinda hoped that dumbledore hidup balik or sirius black hidup balik tapi tu macam dah melampau sangat la plak kan kan kan :p

okayy, thats the end for my random thoughts for now..cant believe its monday already..sighhh..

have a nice week peeps!

note : happy besday hunny bunny! since u atas kapal i cannot send u a card soooo here's big hug and a kiss for you, muahhhhss (^_^)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

weekend bliss :p

on saturday morning mr pic (partner in crime) suddenly asks,

"jom gi fishing nak?"

wahh...apparently him and my other housemates is planning to go deep water fishing, bayar 15 pounds per person, for 2 1/2 hrs naik boat, all equipment provided and u bring back anything u catch..hmm..


so off goes the 5 of us, the motley crews of 72 kensington rd + 2, thats 7 of us fisherman and fisherwomen made the 25minutes walk to pheonix wharf at the barbican..

ramai jugak la yang actually had the same idea as us as the boat was full. it was sunny and windy at the same time so weather wise, perfect. and all of us we were grinning in anticipation as the boat pushes off from the pier and of course as usual pictures are a must :p i decided not to fish as not being a huge fan of the act, i like to see and teman orang memancing but no need to give me a fishing rod hehehe so wat else to do, i appointed myself as photographer instead :p

so here are the pictures of our first fishing trip :p

did we get any u asked? heheehe they got a total of 18 mackarels between the six of them + one red coloured fish that we dont know the name and decided to throw it back in the sea.. all in all it was a very satisfying trip indeed..

menu of the day, ikan goreng celup tepung cicah with thai chili sauce, nyummmmmm :p

Friday, September 14, 2007

its done!

ola chicas and erm..cikoss! (hehe tak sure for man panggil ape :p) im back after 10 days of total bliss (^_^) its one of the best vacations ive ever had (more on that in the next post) mainly due to the fact that...MY MASTERS IS DONE!! yeap! u read it right,dah habis, its completed, finito DONE! after all the blood sweat and tears teehee :p

this blog is especially dedicated to my dear darling housemate and partner in crime, Mr Hafiz for temaning me late into the night at library, sampai kul 2,3 pagi :p and for tolong gi print and binding it for me as i was tooooo sleepy and dah larat nak pk by the time i actually finished the bloody thing, for doing that last little thing for me in appendix D :p and finally for putting up with my merengeks and mengadas and mood swings and being sabar with my kerenahs, THANK YOU!!!! nanti i upah nasi goreng sotong kayyyyyy :p

this are the pictures of the submission day...

cam tak caya jer dah habis...

betul ke nie?


hafiz tgh kusyuk mem-bind kan the thesis..

thank god the uni doesnt require hard cover binding (yet) i can submit the hard covers ones later2..kalau takkkk kena rush siapkan at least 2 weeks early huhuhu

yeay! dah siap bind and dah siap burnt dlm cd..somehow it looks so simple kan? thats 3 years of my working like in that thesis :p

excuse my toye face okayyy..and the fact that the grin is bigger than my face (eh betul ke camtu hehe) bape hari tak cukup tido nie so ok lah kan kan kan :p

so thats the end of my purpose here....

soon kena balik msia dah..but i still got 4 months to lepak2 before balik hehehe nanti la pk about that..for now..SELAMAT BERPUASA everyone!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

away to spain..

darlingss! im off to Spain..gonna be in three places in 10 days, Barcelona, Madrid and Seville, soooooooooooooooo raring to go! train leaves in exactly 7 hours and i havent packed a thing :p seperti biasa last minute hehehe

so c ya when i get back.. and oh ya, did i mentioned that ive FINISHED my dissertation? im done! end of my Masters degree...dah HABIS! cam tak caya kan? hehehe tetiba dah setahun habis..

nways more on that later..rite now i need to get some sleep and that order :p

have a good week everyone!

oh yes, one more thing, Happy Independence Day Malaysia! cant wait to go home to my beloved country hehehe till then, muahhhhhsss (^_^)

Thursday, August 30, 2007

i was reading chics' blog (see link to bootylicious below) on patriotism and i suddenly started crying..

sedeh sebab rindu sangat nak balik malaysia and nak tengok the 50th celebration of independence, sure hebat gile

sedeh sebab my time here is almost over and soon i have to leave and i know im gonna miss uk soooo much

contradict tak? half of me sedeh tak sabar nak balik and another half sedeh sebab tamo balik :(

and oh yeah, sedeh sebab thesis ni tak habis habis lagi!!!

note : btw if u guys got time, read chics blog (promote2 :p) its well worth your time (^_^)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

what im reading..

hey peeps :p currently reading this book at achingly slow pace of three pages per day (ni pun sebab ade 10 minutes break masa kat tempat kerja hehehe)

so far, damn hilarious!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Time after Time by Quietdrive

A fantastic latest remake of the classic, Time after Time, click here to check it out (^_^)...

baby girl!

my mom text me at 2 in the morning, uk time, my sister just gave birth to a baby girl! yeay, dapat niece baru (^_^)

terasa cam nak balik msia skang jugak huhuhu sedeh nye ngan dissertation yang tak siap2 lagik nie (eheehh lagi ade hati nak tulis blog tapi keja tak siap gegege) my sister, congratulationsssssssssssssssss!!!

nama tak tau lagik, nanti dah tau i write here kaayyyyy...

back to work, have a good wednesday people! (arghh jap2 dah wednesday kerrr?? damn!)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

games people play..

have u ever been in the situation where u like someone, like really really really like someone and all close frends knows about it but due to certain circumstances nothing happened between u guys..yet..and one of your close frend, knowing fully well how u feel about him, still feels this need to flirt and tries her best to get to his attention, innocently claiming it was just harmless flirting and the fact is that u know that its not she even like him that way, it was just because she wants to prove that she can get any guy she wants and in that sense she will always be better than you, thus proving that she is prettier, nicer and sweeter..

haa i know u guys must be wondering siapa kah orang itu :p its in this book that i am reading laa BUT i think this happens to almost everyone, well, at least to almost all girls i know..

in a group of girl friends, there will always be the designated "type" or "role" that each of the women would automatically fall into, there would be the "nice" one, the "gorgeous" one, the "smart" one, the "funny" one etc etc all combined together to create this dynamic female bonding at its most powerful..

in the book that i am reading, the said girl, the one that has the crush on the guy, pretty much lets her friend does watever she wants, in her mind she thought that if he fall for her instead, then he never really had any feelings for her in the first place and that it wasnt meant to be, basically confusing that watever her friend did was in the name of "friendship"..after all if he dares fall for her, the classic "if he likes you, he wouldnt have gone out with me, so you're better off finding someone else, im saving you from further heartache etc etc"..

in my opinion regardless of whether it is meant to be or not, as a friend, a good friend on top of that, she shouldnt have flirted with him in the first place, its a different matter if the said man is actually your soulmate etc etc but it is no longer tolerant when you have to prove it with Every Single New Guy that appears in your friends life.

love is not a game, hurting your friend is not a game and it ceased to be harmless when the friendship is threatened to be broken by this obsessive compulsive need to prove that you are superior than any of your friends..

makes you wonder how and why they become friends in the first place kan..

i havent got to the end of the book, once i do, i'll let you know how it ends :p

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Friday, August 17, 2007

muffin fairy

i went out of the library just now to get some fresh air, after 4 hours being coped up in the thesis room, i was feeling sort of miserable today, that time of the month and also a tiny guilty feeling cos my brother is here and im not spending enough time with him :( and also a sort-of-argument-but-not-really with HIM :( so anyway, i returned to the library somewhat slightly more cheerful as i met my dear frend and her one year old daughter who screamed with laugther when i picked her up and twirlled her around and around :p kids and babies, instant cheer me up :p

they shud have like a booth or a shop where you can somehow like pay like £5 per hour or sumting and u can like pick a comel baby and like play and cuddle and kiss and hug them, sejam jer untuk orang2 yg takde anak or niece or nephews cos sometimes u just need a hug and babies gives like the best hugs ever :) sure laku kan kedai camni kan kan kan huhuhu tetiba terasa lagi sedeh cos i miss my nieces and nephew..

oopss, terdigress..

so anyway, balik2 from berjalan2 i saw something on my table..someone bought me a double chocolate chip muffin and left it on my laptop in the library! woahh!! sooo nice and thoughtful and sweet and totally unexpected! siapakah orang itu? asked my friends siting nearby they said they are not sure..all with their ipods and elbow deep in books and laptops and papers didnt notice anyone or probably they did and not telling :p

so to whoever it was..chances that u read my blog are pretty slim since not many people outside my cirle of friends read this; but in case u do and in case you are one of my friends, thanks for being my muffin fairy (^_^)

yeay! nothing like a good gooeeyyyy melting on the inside double chocolate muffin to cheer me up (^_^)

ps : nell, ingat tak muffin2 yg kite jual zaman2 utp dulu? :p
i am brain tired and emotionally stressed...

Thursday, August 16, 2007

are you a good student?

hehehe according to this, im not only good, im great! (mcm advert kellogs plak hehe) but why oh why i feel soooooooooooo lazy to do my dissertation and instead waste my time doing stupid blogthings like this one :p

okay2..back to work...chapter 6 : Discussion and Recommendation... (chapter 6!! mane gi chapter2 sebelumnye?!! damn!)

You Are a Great Student

You aren't afraid to crack the books when you need to, and you make your education a true priority.
You could become a PhD in anything, if you set your mind to it. There's no limit to what you can learn!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


ade orang tanye "tak amik gambar ngan mickey mouse ke?" ahaks..ade2..amik2..bukan setakat ngan mickey mouse jer..lebeh dari tu pun ade :p

masuk2 jer disneyland nampak orang ramai2 tgh queue..we were wondering la ape citer tu..rupa2 queue nak amik gambar ngan mickey apelagi since the line pun tak panjang lagi join laa sekaki..tapi left right front centre semua makbapak and their anaks2 except for ktrg dua orang hehehe terasa cam budak2 kecik plak queue nak amik gambar ngan mickey mouse hehehehehehehe oh well, tak rasa cam gi disney laa tak amik gambar nie kan kan kan kan kan kan :p

we found pluto in disney studio park....kesian sangat dia orang sebok suh sign autograph tapi actually dia tak nampak sangat tu, cos mata dia atas hidung yang panjang itu, so kena letak buku autograph atas hidung and sign on it hahahaha serious funny kayy.. and i took the oppurtunity to take the photo sementara dia tgh tak nampak :p

Goofyyyyyyyyy.....nak type trademark gelak dia kat sini pun tak sure camne nak spell :p comey comey comey..dia jalan sesama ngan pluto..pluto is goofy's dog kan? kalau tak silap la dah lama tak tgk disney channel hehe :p

so, untuk orang yang request tu, okay tak? nanti nak gi disney hong kong nak cari all the ladies plak, minnie and daisy (^_^)

Friday, August 10, 2007

information overload

someone today told me some information about someone that i do not care to know..asal nak kena bagitau? ni la orang melayu suka sangat jaga tepi kain orang lain.. they would always start with "i rasa u kena tau nie, i tak nak nanti u terkejut" or "u tau tak so and so this and that..oh u didnt? oh okay, i dint mean to tell you i thought u already know" like helloooooooo!!?? kenape nak kena bagitau? u know perfectly well that i am far away here in the uk and manalah i nak tau everything that happens in malaysia..sides suka hati orang tu la dia nak buat ape pun why do people always think its their damn duty to give you every single information macam reporter tak bergaji about other people just because they are close to you? i dah tak senang duduk..ishkkk..

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Minack Theatre

We've got tickets! to watch The Scarlet Pimpernel at this gorgeous teater by the sea.. cant wait for 31st August..befitting the fact that we will be submitting our dissertation on the same day, what a way to celebrate (^_^)

de Paris avec amour (^_^)

i didnt want to wait for two months before i update my blog about my recent trip to here are the pictures and the descriptions as follows..

oh btw, we took the Eurostar to paris and the hotel booking was also done via the Eurostar website so everything was dirt cheap :p so my advice, dont be too quick to just check out the flight tickets..the train takes almost the same amount of time and brings u right in the heart of the city :p

hehe okay first of all..KFC is halal in Paris..being the die hard fried chicken fans that we are..we immediately looked for the restaurant the minute we arrived..but tak sesenang itu nak jumpa agak berbelit jugak laa sooo to all future Paris goers, the easiest one we found is...take the underground (metro or RER) to Les Halles Station and masa keluar dari station, walk towards the Centre Pompidou and you'll see KFC on your left..we bought a bucket of 6 pieces of chicken and 8 pieces of hot and spicy wings and 2 drinks + 2 fries for 16 euros..not bad huh?

Arch De Triomphe...nasib baik ade camera mr hafiz that takes really nice pictures at night..its almost as good as alden's camera which we fully utilised in the last trip kan alden kan kan :p his was the best ever but we make do with wat we have hehe

me and my cotton candy! i love love cotton candies tapi susah nak jumpa kat Plymouth, ni jumpa kat Paris laks of all places hehehe this is taken at the funfair near The Lourve., when i was last in Paris about 7 years ago funfair nie dah wujud dah kat sini, cant believe they still have it tho..

at The Lourve...isnt it gorgeous? was glad we lepak-ed till malam to ensure we get all the cool night photos of the city of light :p

the other Grand Arch..which is perfectly aligned and symetrical to the "other arch" this place is about a station away from where we stayed, sorta of like reminds me of the Dome in Cologne, Germany, kuar2 underground jer this massive huge white thing dominates half the sky :p

i took this picture because of the Dan Vincci Code book, apparently in the book the holy grail was buried right underneath here.. gambar standard laa everybody that goes to paris kena la amik gambar nie at least once if not over and over and over again like we did, in different angles and at nite and during the day as well :p we're obsessed with the bloody towers.. when we were lepakking there during the nite met some peddlers whom im sure are Muslim but they are selling wine and whisky to the parisian lepaking by the tower..camne tu??

Versailles! again thanks to the movie Marie Antoinette..the palace itself is not breathtakingly beautiful but the sheer size of it is! inside is more grand and gorgeous and wonder rakyat diorang marah sgt the way they live in such luxury while the people are miskin..sad..but beautiful nevertheless...

hehe Disneyland Paris! kalau tak gi tempat2 lain pun takpe BUT have to go to Disneyland..I LOVE disneyland..went crazy and bought two mickey tshirts and a bunch of wat nots and we stayed to watch the parades and managed to drag hafiz to 4 roller coaster rides before he gave up and surrendered :p

last picture of the disneyland..and oh aeni, i took yr advice and went on the aerosmith ride, twas awesome!!!!! best gilos! wanted to go again but partner was too kecut ady hehehe but the nemo ride was equally mengecutkan gak..highly reccomended :p

so there you go.. there are more pictures tapi takkan nak letak semua kan..i dunno how to arrange the photos to be side by side, biasalah still blog illiterate, aeni later2 show me how la kay kay :p