Thursday, October 11, 2007

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Hari Raya hari yang mulia
Penuh bererti kepada kita
Tua muda miskin dan kaya
Menyambut nya dengan gembira
Berhati-hati di jalan raya
Semoga anda selamat tiba
Ucapan Selamat Hari Raya
Dari eon untuk semua (^_^)

Salam semua! ingat tak lagi lagu raya nie? dari iklan eon hehe ingat tak? this has got like my favourite iklan raya of all time, and we've been singing it for the past few days hehehe :p

we've got big plans this raya :) gonna have a makan2 gathering at my place on sunday and looking forward to all the food like rendang daging and ayam, lontong and kuah kacang and briyanis mmm nyummm (^_^)

so, in case kalau nanti tak tersempat nak wish everyone since nanti dah balik kampung semua mesti tak baca email and tengok blog dah kan kan sooo just want to wish everyone, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Maaf Zahir elok2 and have fun and eat lots and take lots and lots of pictures kayyyy!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

scarlet pimpernel at the minack theatre

heyooo..forgot to update these pictures of the minack teatre which is super duper gorgeous hehehe

me and my housemates at the entrance mesti lah kena berposing2 dulu hehehe :p we brought like lotss of food and we brought blankets and we even saw some people brought pillows and duvets hehe bleh takkk..

mr pic at the entrancee, check out the view at the back...

behind me is the stage and behind it..the sea :p

erhmm..another picture of the stage hehehehe sorry tak banyak sangat gambar amik cos too absorbed in the view and the play hehe

haa a snippet of the play :p

so the scarlet pimpernel was really funny and interesting, even mr pic-i-dont-watch-teaters-not-that-kind-of-guy-bla-bla-bla enjoyed it very much, he only came setelah dipujuk berkali, now i have to do his laundry for a month hahh.. tapi he grudgingly admit that it was really good and all in all its a good time out with my housemates (^_^)
royal mail is on strike and as a result as follows happens;

1. surat takde so dah takde data nak enter so ended up lepaking and boraking most of the time and busan giler. yesterday even got half day off so like yeay! and i spend it doing laundry and shopping groceries for raya kat asda...hehe as usual my menu raya is lontong mmmm nyummm and im gonna try to make rendang for the first time in my life gegegege :p oh we got the first raya package shukor send and inside got kad raya ade lagu2 wuhooo best2 and jam tarts and wat nots and some other stuff..talking about raya packages..

2. since they are on strike packages2 raya yang lain tak sampai2 lagik and raya is next week, yikes! my mom send me my baju raya but dengan keadaan strike nie mungkin tak sempat nak beraya ngan baju baru sob sob sedeh2 :(

3. my other job pun hanging jugak since we cant deliver any books so ive been doing the listings on the amazon and kerja nie sangatlah membosankan huhu

3. since they are on strike for 4 days, there may be overtime i can do next week tapi next raya so tak nak lah wat overtime tapi i really need the money so how ek?

4. i wanna go to town today and shopping kasut raya :p ehe takde kena mengena ngan royal mail on strike tapi nak gak citer :p

menu berbuka hari nie, ikan mackarel masak asam pedas, ayam goreng berempah and terung bercili...hehehehe camne, jeles tak? ehehe

Monday, October 01, 2007

monday bluesss....

just got back from work and sangat penat and sakit belakang cos today i did a record breaking of 390 books in 5 hours..ishkk... have to take a long hot shower after this and maybe able to persuade one of my nice housemates to urut my back hehehe

pause : negotiating ffnvncvjbfbbcicnsdnc nen fkn df jnfodnfnsa (diorang bincang lam bahasa cina hahaha)

hah managed to persuade them to cook chow mein instead for me to berbuka yipeeee!

anyway since i got nothing to do till 5pm to my second job, thought i'd do this survey adapted from olyn and zai's blog

1. what’s bothering you right now?
the fact that i'm currently broke-en-to-the-bone and my next salary only coming on the 12th and oso that my back is aching and risau cos selama nie tak pernah sakit belakang :( and oso that i need to walk to work dan kalau tak start berjalan dari sekarang akan terlambat tapi masih nak habiskan tulis blog ini jugak gegege

2. describe your
wallet: i got two (blehh takk) one is peachy pink MNG and its huge and i use it to keep all my credit cards and other cards and receipts and wat nots (it even got pain killers and handyplast and safety pins, its THAT big! huhu) and also have money in various currencies, then the other one is red and white from NEXT and it only has pounds and euros in it :p and oh, a picture of me and someone hehehe.. and yes, i carry both everywhere with me..(owhhh patutlah sakit belakang handbag berat hmm)
wallpaper on pc: gambar toy bmw sama cam dalam blog nie gak and sebelah dia gambar lukisan tatau saper but its of a girl and she reminds me of :p
jewellery worn daily: rose shaped diamond pendant ade olang bagi and...ermm thats it :)
eyes: hari ni black (^_^)
life: real life ..on hold... currently living another life :p can aa leddet? boleh jer kan kan...

3. what are you:
doing this wknd: buat biskut cornflakes, gi carboot, spend time with the peeps here and having dinner with some friends who are moving to london soon huhu
wearing: cargo pants, quicksilver sandals, top etc etc and mr pic's jacket but later im gonna wear my baru-beli-kat-carboot-murah-gilerr-kayy jacket to work, which is perfect for the rainy weather and angin plymouth yang sangat sejuk ini huhu
wanting: for this life to be the real life... and to salam raya my parents di pagi raya nak mintak maaf and ampun :( ....aiseh rindu nak balik la plakk ishkk
listening: lagu raya.. p ramlee nyanyi "kini tiba masa nya la la la di pagi raya, terkenang sanak dan saudara bermaaf maafan dengan keikhlasan sumting sumting" hehe tak sure lyrics :p
smell like: rite now? carolina herrera chics and mr pic cos tengah pakai jacket dia hehehe

4. do you:
believe in soulmate: no
believe in miracles: sometimes
burn quickly in the sun: no eh..yeahh tapi tangan jer muka tak la plakk..pelik lakss hehe i really gotta go...bye peeps! selamat berbuka (^_^)