Monday, November 21, 2011

its been 3 years!

happy anniversary to us!

cant believe we survived the long distance relationship!

come to think of it, i dont think we've ever had any major problems about being long distance, kan kan kan?? :) :)

here's to many more years to come! Amin :)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

kenapa nak menipu dalam berbusiness??

translating the title - why the need to lie/cheat in doing business????

ive had my share of being cheated when it comes to doing business with non corporation people, like for example, on line business (ordered a 5 hijabs but came only two and claimed will return the money but i never got it), friends who just started making cakes (like ordered an ice cream cake that supposedly uses haagen daaz but taste like nestle ice cream and smells funny) and all sorts of stories but nothing, nothing comes close to what happened this week...

i have a friend, lets call her Anne, who will be engaged this saturday, and we decided to sponsor one of her hantarans (dowries) and we decided to order macaroons tower from another friend, lets call her Fashi, whom we know makes macaroons and sells them. she just started this business, and we are pretty good friends too and so as to help a friend who just started a business, hence we order from her.

ok, so dats the background story.

yesterday we found out..

Fashi DID not make the macaroons, but ORDERED it instead from someone else, but CLAIMS that she makes it and MARKS UP the price to sell to us!!! so here we are thinking to help a friend's business and admire the effort for her to learn to make the macaroons and had the courage so open a business selling it, instead all these while she's been passing off other people's work as her own! and the original person is selling it at RM240 where as this Fashi, markes it up to RM280 to us!!


another friend of ours accidentally discovered it as its so happens she is ordering some macaroons for her daughter's party from the same person! when she told us, of course we were royally pissed and more importantly we felt CHEATED and have been LIED to by someone who we thought is our good friend but are willing to do this in the name of BUSINESS!!!

but of course, considering we have been friends for quite a while, the nice people that we are, we decided to not to confront her, to just let it go and just note it for future events, since to cancel its kinda late anyway, so despite being super angry, we kept quiet and continued on as if nothing is wrong, but we did one thing tho, we delayed the payment a bit to this Fashi, and little did we know, there's a silver lining or hikmah in doing what we did.

Fashi's fiance posted this on her FB today..

wah2 sedap nye mulut nak memaki orang mcm tu kan??

yes my dear readers, her fiance decided to BUTT IN and started cursing us on her fb!! obviously pissed about the fact that we have yet to pay her but doing it in such a lame cavemen type of method, simple in malay, mcm orang kampung tak pergi sekolah setakat tau those few words and thought habis hebat la tu!

on top of that, this Fashi actually called Anne (the girl getting engaged who has no idea what is going on as obviously we didnt tell her) and cried while whining that we did a background check on her, she's so oh-so-sad cos why people dont trust her and she is making the macaroons BUT she's making with that person together2!!

hello?? come on la;

first of all, that person clearly said Fashi "ordered" from her, not make together2

second of all, if you think we are wrong or watever, why do u call Anne instead of us? we are the ones who ordered, u shud explain to us, why should u go and get sympathy from Anne?

and lastly, if you are not wrong and guilty,why do you suddenly remove us from yr fb and block us? u didnt think that we have other friends who are also yr fb frends and able to tell us about your fiance's post??

so anyway, so now we know she knows we know..

to cut this long story short, ended up she cancelled the order with just a simple msg

"i ada hal esok.xdpt buat.sory.thx"

haihhh ni dah melampau la kannnnnnnnnnn

this message was sent today, thursday, at 4pm and the engagement ceremony is this saturday morning!! so last minute right??? we sent her a nasty message in return BUT luckily, we were able to find another baker to do the macaroons for us, so that is ok.

but on this thing, seriously what do you guys think??

is it really necessary to lie to people when u do business like this? of course i know not everyone does this but it seems like if u dont, yr business mcm slow and lambat nak maju and worse still, will kena tipu with orang pun ade jugak, like for example one of my best friends does baking business too and she's ever so honest and accomodating but her story pulak dia yang kena tipu sebab org curi recipe dia and pass it of their own, but dats another story all together huhu but that kinda like goes to show right, that person is willing to steal another person's recipe or use other people's creation and pass it of as their own and claim, hey, its not personal, its business!!

business my a**!!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

london - tip #1 air tickets

i love it when people ask me about travel advices! mcm terrer la sgt kan but i think ive travel quite extensively and i think boleh lah nak impart some wisdom or two hehe

so three people (totally random people pulak tu) have asked me about london, or UK, about tickets and where to go and stuff so i thought, i could write a series of tips here in this blog for people to refer to, actually been meaning to write this first post dah bape hari dah tapi tak tersempat, but since a friend asked quite desperately via email today, i wrote her a quick reply and posted on my fb to my another friend and might as well post here as the first post!

ok, gila panjang intro! hehe

allritey, tip no 1, air tickets..

if you are one of the unlucky peeps like me who does not travel anywhere under the company where u work where u can accumulate thousands of mileage points or your credit card expenditure is hardly enough to convert to get tickets from kl to putrajaya (not dat they hv flights but u get my meaning :p) fret not, here's another solution!

ok basically for me, i love air asia x :) say what u wanna say about air asia, i still love them simply because they have THE CHEAPEST tickets to london and for that reason alone, i will always defend them loyally whenever anyone diss about them :p they always have good bargains at all times, like last month, its was only 1.5k return! so you must always browse their site! i just bought my tickets last month for next march and i got it at 2k return and that is including (at the risk of sounding like an air asia advertisement);

1. most front seat with lots of leg room which is like rm100 per one way

2. 30kg luggage!! bear in mind all other airlines only give u up to 20kg only unless its 1st class/business class seats and you cant upgrade the luggage space but with air asia u can up to 30kg at much much cheaper cost! so if you are crazy about shopping like me, this is heaven sent!

3. food!

for other airlines, ive only bought them during matta fair. check out itihad air or qatar air or emirates which can pretty cheap. singapore airlines also can get pretty cheap (but i kinda hated it cos its full drunken people as the alcohol is free flow and somehow singa-pore-ans (no offense but personal experience) can get pretty kiasu about this and kept drinking during the entire 14 hours flight until the air stinks of alcohol yucks), but the cheapest ive got is still around 2.8 - 3 k return.

summer is pretty hot in london so even though the days are longer, nak jalan2 tu mcm panas la sikit. bear in mind they have olympics end of july and hari tu i tgk, tikets around dat time mahal gila sebab diorang tau ramai nak pi masa tu kan sebab nak tgk olympics, so if u can, try pegi masa sept or oct, the days are still long, its slightly cooler and end of olympics so tikets shud be cheaper AND plus tak ramai sgt org kat sana cos nanti london gila ramai org on normal time, imagine masa olympic, mesti sangat2 sesak nk buat ape pun tak boleh mesti line panjang gila kalau nk tgk tourist places ke kan.

i hope that helps for now, nanti ada masa i update more for the next tips ok!

and apologies for my english reading frends, i took this directly from my email so its mixed language and im too lazy to translate it sorry!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

im loyal like that

im off to london (yes again! to those rolling your eyes haha) in march..

this time i need to divide my time between three peeps..

one is my sister, who will be nottingham as she followed her husband there who's doing his phd, not much plans to go anywhere when there, probably just spend a few days playing with my nieces and nephew, probably take them to blackpool if weather permits, or legoland! hmm we'll see about this later...

second is my bestie, olyn, who's doing her masters in liverpool, we plan to rent a car and drove around uk, covering as many places as possibly can in like, 4-5 days? originally planned to travel europe but i think road trips are fun-ner plus there's so many places in uk ive yet to cover, so i think this is a better idea..

thirdly, lastly and most importantly, is mr other half aka mr sun of course! although technically he's not even sure if he will still be in uk at dat time but if he is then we are planning to go somewhere too but this one can only be confirmed after dec :)

so dats the three peeps!

and then, places i wanna go to;
1. lake district
2. wales/cardiff
3. stratford upon avon
4. swindon - for shopping
5. bicester village and london - for more shopping!
6. plymouth - to take olyn around to see my uni and see my other besties there cos i miss them and the lovely plymouth!

dats the current list..

wonder if the minack theater is opened in march? it will be lovely to catch a play..


Friday, November 11, 2011

maximum laziness

lately ive been feeling so under the weather and blue..

which resulted in seriously ultimate laziness ever huhu

i used to wear pants and shirts or tops to im super lazy and have started wearing baju kurung instead, no ironing required and its super comfy too as most of my baju kurungs are huge, way too big for me and yet im still super lazy to make new ones that would fit me better..

i used to buy those instant oats to have for breakfast so that at least my breakfast would be a healthy meal, but now i only drink coffee for breakfast, although lately now its just plain hot water cos im too lazy to go down to the cafeteria to buy my coffee, dont even start of trying to even attempt to make my own coffee, im too lazy..

i used to go out for lunch since the food around my office sucks big time, but now i actually do eat around my office area, its either ive gotten used to the taste and im just too plain lazy to care, anything beats getting out in the hot sun...

i have no motivation at work, so many things to do before year end closes but i just dont give a damn anymore, but this lack of motivation is probably due to the fact im waiting for the result of my new role interview and until that is out im simply do not have heart to put in any extra effort instead just meeting the target only...

i wanted to diligently start dieting and exercising so that i can lose some weight before the wedding (although no idea when dat's gonna be confirmed but at least im prepared right??) but after every stint on the treadmill or the cycle machine i cough so bad and my asthma got worse so i gave up and now hv only given up eating which is fine by me cos im too lazy to eat anyway.. so dat resulted in some weight loss but im soo tired and lethargic and yes, the ultimate result - ive becomed sooooooooo lazy...


tis a nasty nasty cycle..

a packet of prawn cocktail crisps later...


found out that i hv english speaking only followers! one of whom also recently emailed to ask me to translate the things i said in malay to english :)

which means i hv to write mainly in english OR do the translation diligently!

but there's something "deeply satisfactory" in venting out in malay, which is hard explain :)

especially if you are venting out about the people around you! hehe

but ok ok, i will try my best, :)

ps : am also surprised on the increment of followers despite not writing for so long!

Thursday, November 10, 2011


looks like fun!

anyone done it before?

wonder where to find the class here in KL..hmm...

Wednesday, November 09, 2011


im extremely bored with things in my life now..

desperately need some changes...

but what?

i hv two things currently waiting to happened, and until these two 'happens' i cant make any major decisions..

im dying to go back to UK and pursue my PhD but i cant because of these two things..

have to reply to Mara on the scholarship acceptance/or not by end of the month and i want to ask for an extension to next year but even then i cant confirm if im able to make it :(

this sucks!