Thursday, February 24, 2011

miss u too!

"miss u...miss u..miss u....miss u..miss u....miss u...selalu...always miss u..."

message from him at 1.18am this morning :)

9.18am our time :p

made me smile all day (^_^)

Monday, February 21, 2011

miracle monday - first edition

since everyone is jumping on the wordless wednesday bandwagon, i thought i'd start a miracle monday series..

simple jer, basically every monday you post your blog with something that you are grateful for.

it could be anything from;

im grateful that i managed to find a parking today.

im grateful that my breakfast was so yummy!

you get the idea :) :)

so lets be thankful and start your monday with happy thoughts!

i want!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

olympics 2012

apparently the tickets for the olympics 2012 in london is on sale now!

i want one for the opening ceremony (^_^)

alang2 im gonna be there anyway :p

insyAllah, Amin :)

the Secret said you must do things as if you already have them now.

positive energy attracts positive energy :)

so ehem2...can "you" get US the tickets pretty please please *blink*blink*


Saturday, February 19, 2011

chicken pasta

miss v was asking me for the recipe for my chicken pasta with tomato sauce.

here it is :)

you need the following basic ingredients to make chicken pasta;

1 large yellow onion diced
3 cloves of garlic finely chopped
2 tablespoon of dry oregano, basil and thyme
3 tablespoon of olive oil
2 portions of chicken breasts sliced or diced (up to u)
1 can of tomato paste
1 can of button mushroom - sliced
1 packet of pasta - any that u like

here are my methods to make them;

first step - after u have diced the garlic, place them in the pan with the olive oil BUT do not start the gas YET. let it soak in the olive oil for a couple of minutes. trust me this makes ALL the difference!

second step - after a few minutes of soaking the garlic, fry it up and add it in the onions and next important step, add in the oregano ans basil. add the thyme if yr cooking chicken, otherwise no need the thyme k.

after the whole house smells absolutely yummy from the lovely herbs, add in the chicken :)

third step - after the chicken brown lightly, add in the sliced mushroom

fourth step - decant the tomato paste into the pot. add hot water. then add salt and pepper to taste and a bit more oregano or basil if you like. if the sauce is too watery you can thicken it with cream or corn flour.

some people thinks its easier to buy the ready made tomato sauce, which i think if yr making lasagna or baked pasta is fine as its easier to cook from scratch, but if yr making the sauce for eating like this, best go with the from scratch method, i mean seriously its hardly any hard work right?

cos seriously, that's it! yr done!

a few notes;
1. if your making bolognese sauce, make the beef is properly browned before adding the tomato paste, for chicken, u can skip the browning process
2. the longer you simmer the sauce, the better it taste
3. if u like, add in extra fresh tomatoes as an additional veggie and also for extra taste

tadaaaaaaaa! (oh note - all pictures including the pic of the pasta here is courtesy of google, i didnt manage to take any pictures when i was making them last week :p)

for finishing, add a sprinkle of parmesan cheese on top :)

ps : i absolutely hate it when people put those frozen veggies in the sauce, like euuwwww! its horrible and taste fake and yucky! grate some carrots and diced some capsicum and put that it instead okey :) it taste better and healthier too!

Friday, February 18, 2011

kuch kuch hota hai and vitamins

a study was done somewhere sometime by someone that in order for something to become a habit, you have to do it straight for 28 days, then automatically becomes a habit.

like i have to shower before sleeping - a habit i picked up during my uni years, not really good especially if the shower is late at night but if u cant sleep if u did not shower than u have no choice but u have to! and especially bad during those cold winter nights too..ishk ishk.

but as i go through my habits it seems like all dat i picked up are unhealthy ones!

not good not good..

so i am currently working on three items at the moment for the next 28 days;

1. eat my vitamins - can u believe how forgetful i am about doing this?? like seriously, i buy the most nutritious vitamins supplements in the world and i take them diligently for the next 5 days and then i forgot one day and then next day and the next and ended i forgot for an entire year then i get sick and i read somewhere i shud taking these vitamins and i went out and buy some and come home happily and put the vitamins on my dressing table so that i see them and remember to take them only to realise there tucked hidden that bottle of unused perfume is the exact same bottle of the very vitamins i just bought, a year old and gathering dust!
current status : 7 days straight and counting

2. drink a glass of warm water in the morning - so ok, if you read those get slim tips this has to be the one dat tops the list, and best of all, its sunnah nabi too! yup2 :) so its great and we should all do it right? sounds simple isnt it? u get up in the morning and drink a glass of water that you have left by your bed the night before. surprisingly its harder than it looks! i even goes as far as buying large bottles of mineral water and put them in a basket next to my bed so i have access to the abudant supply of water all the time and for sure i wont missed it since its like right next to my bed!! but morning comes and i get up and groggily by passed the crate of water and showered and get dressed and walked out of the room all the while actually managed to ignore the crate of water in the room! its amazing really! and its not like the vitamins when u forget it in the morning u can just take it later at night, this is like if u missed that window of oppurtunity, its like gone forever. its not like u can go back to sleep right? huhu
current status - did it for 5 days straight, forgot for about three, now back to square one, and its um, day two. eh, did i do it this morning? oh shoot! damn, so yeah ok, back to day one.


3. stop (okey okey, REDUCE) drinking ice water - this one, enough said la right. everyone know this.
current status - day three. course it helps that i was sick for the last three days hehe. but hey, small steps people, small steps :)

so ok, once i got all the above three, i will work on more.

so here's to making good healthy life changing habits!

eh lupa, wats d above got to do with kuch kuch hota hai?

nothing really.

i just really wanna see this movie again but cant seems to find the dvd anywhere!!

anyone has it? can i borrow? pretty please? :p :p

fine, i will play this game your way

as expected, my end of year review was pretty bad.

in fact, it was lower than bad, it was downright insulting actually.

i was actually laughing when my boss told me my score, because to me it was just so plain nonsense. he was, i think, a bit offended that i did not burst into tears or at least show some mortification or some humility in my horribly bad score.

instead i was amused.

i knew i was getting a bad one mainly because of an incident which i actually i blogged about but which i deleted cos i know some peeps from the office reads my blog.

so anyway, im actually pretty cool with the low scores.

i know for a fact that i have done all i can.

but if they wanna make it a political and a personal game, then fine, bring it on.

dungun, terengganu

another post about my favourite place :)

after tanjung jara in dungun, watch out for a place on your right, its on top of a hill and looks down to a wonderfully gorgeous of the local activities on that hill is the villages dried their catch - to make "ikan masin" or "keropok keping" but its been a while since ive seen it so maybe they dont anymore..

anyway, here are some of the pictures...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

stuffed crab kemaman ganu

after a crazily hectic month in the hustle bustle of kl, sometimes u need to get out of the city and take a quick break and to me, the best place to go to is and has always will be, kemaman terengganu.. ive always blogged about this but i think ive never blogged about one of the best food ever ever in kemaman..

here it is...

its mega expensive ok, about RM8 per piece but its damn well worth it! usually we only have about two pieces each of it, but my recent trip we decided to have a proper seafood lunch as well - steamed fish, butter prawns and kangkung belacan together with stuffed crab of course!

directions to get to tong juan - when you reach kemaman town, after the store, there's a traffic light where hai peng is on your right, turn right at the traffic light, straight on and on, after the fruit stalls on your left, keep right and you will find the restaurant on your right. there's another restaurant called restaurant malaysia right next to it that sells the same thing, but that one tak halal okies :)

so next time you are in kemaman terengganu, be sure to try this kemaman's best kept secret!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

love/hate relationships

the best things about long distance relationships;

1. you only have to juggle between work, friends and family - with minimal guilty feeling about spending too much time with one particular group. cos admit it, when he's around, one of those three will get neglected, if not all :p

2. you learn to do things yourself - not that you dont already know, but it does goes straight out of yur head when he's there to do it for you.

3. no one can talk you out of buying something like that dress that looks exactly similar to the one you are already wearing

4. so with that, no one to give you a long lecture on the importance of savings and minimising your spendings so you wont feel guilty about buying that dress

5. you can go online and see what you like and ask him to buy it for you there cos obviously its cheaper where he is, and they always got nice things there anyway, or when he knows your favourite shops and what you like and buy them for you and keep u updated especially if ITS ON SALE and then the best part is receiving those packages by post!

the downside part of a long distance relationships;

1. when you are excited about something and dying to tell him, u picked up the phone to call him only to realise its 5 am where he is, so you kinda either get (a) get a long lecture or (b) he reacted with a mumble and a yawn. either way, yr exciting news suddenly doesnt sound so exciting anymore huhu

2. when yr dying to watch a movie or eat something or go somewhere and all your girlfriends or siblings already have other plans and there's no one to go with you, you know he would if he's around and of course he wouldnt let you do anything alone :p :p

3. when yr so exhausted and tired after a long hard day at work and need some pampering, he's not around to tell you to leave your car at work, he will come and pick u up, feed you, send you home and the next morning, will pick u up just to send you to work.

4. when its so difficult to make future plans cos his holidays are different than yours! so frustating! :(

5. when you miss him so much it hurts and how u wish that he's just an hour or two away by plane instead of 14hours huhu :(

Friday, February 11, 2011


in preparation of the kpi discussion with my boss next week, i sat down today and listed down all the projects ive been assigned to this year.

and i calculated the hours it will take me for each single project.

i then listed down my every day/monthly responsibilities and kpi that are actually listed in the job description.

i calculated the hours for that too.

then i added them up.

i then looked at the math.

in a year, there 365 days, 52 weeks and 8765 hours.

generally people work 20 days a month, 8 hours per day, so that's 1920 hours. that's not even considering the public holidays etc.

this year, im suppose to put in;

3,755 hours!

that's almost DOUBLE what normal people do!

to achieve this, i basically either need to work;

25 days a month at 12 hours per day


30 days a month at 10 hours per day

and even then im still short 155 hours!


basically, im screwed.

there goes my life this year huhu.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

apology note

i have deleted my previous post - "susah sangat ke"

even though i realised the impact of the post to my friends, which i take full responsibility, i still did it anyway. i dont know why. guess people do stupid things sometimes.

i know im not perfect. i am the kind of person who would never never never even consider to hurt someone's feelings intentionally. will always take other people's needs into consideration, even though sometimes i have to bend over backwards just to do it. guess i slipped this time.

cos lately the stress of it all is getting to me.

no matter how nice i am too people, no matter how i consider everything i do and how it would affect them, no matter how much i try to please them, at the end of the day, i ended up becoming hurt and sad and being taken for granted yet again. i guess im just tired.

BUT, my mistake was, i took it out on the wrong people.

i took it out on my best friends who have always been there for me. and i hurt them bad :(

just because i know that they will understand and they will always be there for me. they have been nothing but super, and i, safe in the knowledge that they will always forgive me no matter how badly i behaved or how badly i screwed or how horrible my words are, took it out on them.

i guess the very thing i try not to do to other people, i did it to them instead.

not very nice friend i am huh :( not just not nice, pretty awful actually huhu

and with that, i am really sorry.

really really sorry.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

super date

was watching How I Met Your Mother season 5 , the one with jennifer lopez in it and the super date and am gushing about how romantic it was..sigh..

sometimes we just need a little appreciation from our loved ones, a gesture that tells us that yes, you are special and we do this because we love u and u deserve it. when u know someone long enough, we tend take each other for granted. like when we make plans to meet, either for dinner or lunch, then watch movie etc, its all so mechanical and expected, the element of surprise is just no longer there.

sometimes isnt it wonderful to have someone who knows exactly what u like or purposely plan a day of which is a total surprise to you and basically swept you of your feet and overwhelmed you? it doesnt have to be your partner or family, even from a friend is already something quite rare these days. doesnt matter if its cliche or gushy or watever, its just human nature to be pampered once in a while :)

the super date in this episode with the carriage ride, dinner, ice skating, opera and a fireworks ending maybe a little bit far fetched and pretty hard to organise :p

someone once surprised me with a day trip to genting highlands, picked me up in the morning, had a leisure breakfast at my favourite place, then we decided to go for a drive, ended up in genting (which was actually planned all along :p) went on all the rides and played all the games and finished it off with a lovely dinner before driving back down to kl, happy and exhausted :p

which, as far as super dates goes, that's pretty way up there :)

what's yr idea of a super date?

tell me straight to my face

mood masa belum pulih.

ade notice lately ni ada someone who mcm tak puas hati with me.

tak tau lah wat i did wrong.

dah la havent spoken to that person in ages!!

maybe dats why??? hmmm.

but...u have my number just as i have yours, and the telephone works both ways ya know. email ade. snail mail pun ade. as far as i know tiada breakdown di situ. bukan mcm kat mesir.

waiting for me to make the first move? i will! if and when i hv something to say la kan. bukan nya sebab ego, sebab busy melampau kut sekarang nie. and like i said, these things works both ways.

cant u just tell me straight to my face? perlu ka nak hint hint bagai?

who's immature one here, u or me?

dah la. malas nak layan.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

dining at harrods

last week we decided to try out the restaurant at harrods klcc. we loved the macaroons there (its RM15 for 6 pieces ya'll) and the sticky toffee pudding.

its suppose to be a fine dining restaurant with simple meals like fish and chips at RM48 and pasta at RM120 and tiny sliver of chocolate marquis-something-somethin at RM38 (dont order it! it doesnt taste nice and SO NOT WORTH the RM38 price tag ok!)

seriously expensive!

but the place is gorgeous and private, worth checking out if you want to go for a valentine's dinner.

that drink that looks like air ulam pegaga (haha) is actually virgin mojito. i didnt try it but Saza said its nice! i was more interested in the macaroons! looks at those vivid colors!

Han with her roast beef and yorshire pudding. this is RM68! but super yummy!! beef and veggies and the yorkshire pudding was perfectly cook! but is it worth the high price tag? u can get this meal at 7 pounds in a normal pub all over uk. but of course susah nak carik a place where the beef is halal la right. so if u wanna try how the brits eat it and u dont mind the cost, this is the place to try it.

my blueberry macaroons!

and because i couldnt resist - here it is again via instagram! gorgeous! it looks as good as it tastes!

forgot, tuan punye blog :p
btw, dats my first time trying the whole shawl-inner style thingy, what do you think?

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

dalam hati ada cinta

do you remember this tv series?

it was playing for quite a while and it was such a looooooooooooooooong series! it was about this guy (ako) who fell in love with this girl (umi) but for some reason i cant remember they couldnt be together cos she's adopted and then the stepmom wanted to matchmake her stepsister to ako and she really cared about her stepsister so she gave in or smething like that. it was a really long winded and typical malay series where matters of the heart takes a step back over sense of duty and respect to the eldery. something you would definetely not hear of in mat salleh countries :p.

my mom and i followed it quite avidly for a while, mom cos she likes umi aida, me, well cos i like this guy :p

i never saw the ending of the series, apparently it spiralled off into season 2 where fazura and fahrin played the respective love interest, how can anyone compare fahrin to ako?? like hello right?? hehe :p :p

so neways, finally saw the ending yesterday! cliche' la obviously, they managed to get together in the end, and it ended with a romantic adegan kejar mengejar and proposal by the car! :) :)

but my favourite part..

when all goes well and even though u know its a sure thing and all, the guy knows that a formal (preferrably over the top romantic) proposal is still required :p

u still need to ask the "question". its simple things like that makes all the difference!


ps : how come he doesnt act much nowadays ek?