Friday, February 13, 2009

cuti-cuti malaysia

during the thaipusam break last week, myself and missy olyn decided to drive down to our most fav place in the whole world and chill out with missy parviano at her crib at rantau laut..

on arrival on saturday, we went to the new mesra mall..which reminds me a lot of Dubai, not that i've been of course, but macam ala2 mall tepi padang pasir, even the logo and the jawi wordings of the name..

cooked that nite for the parv and her housemates..wanted to make roast chicken, the babes didnt have an oven in her house, so last2 grilled in the pan instead..i think it turned out pretty good (^_^) attempted to make pasta ala mr noriswadi (mana kah pictures makan2 itu?) but did not really turn out the same but i think it was pretty ok hehe :p

the next day we drove to Tanjung Jara Resort, the company is planning to have the family day there in May, and me as the event organiser (as usual!) have to be the planner and check out the place..verdict? gorgeous!!!! a definite honeymoon place!!!

next stop, tea at Aziz Satar, the SATAR place of Kemaman! had satars (of course!), otak2, laksam, sotong goreng celup tepung and ikan goreng celup tepung...yummmmmyyyyyyyy!!!!! and air kelapa of course!

after that we head on to Hai Peng for coffee..met Mat Min and the gang..i havent seen him in like, 3 years and he's still as funny as ever! then we drove to his place for asar and maghrib prayers, walked along the beach just a mere seconds from his front gate, Teluk Mok Nik (my mother's teluk hahaha)..
after playing with his comel niece and super hyper nephew, we drove to Mat Min's brother's restaurant at Yellow Town (Kemaman la tu..) the best thing about knowing the chef? first we get to sit anywhere we like i.e. we took a table and a couple of chairs and sat behind the kitchen where twas nice and windy and private :p and second, we get to order whatever we want! missy parveen asked the chef to "surprise her" and got a lovely concoction of cholocate strawberry drink! yummy!

monday morning we drove back to KL, but not before stopping at Hai Peng for breakfas, again with Mat Min..had nasi lemak ikan tongkol (or ikan ayo for the locals, tuna for the others)..

many pictures are with missy olyn and missy parvo...this is what i have so far..will update accordingly nanti okey (^_^)

Happy Friday Folks! (^_^)