Saturday, July 31, 2010

in sickness and in health

when i returned from bandung last week, my youngest brother was admitted into the hospital due to ruptured appendix. he went to see the doctor at the university clinic and the stupid man actually pass it off as just gastric!

my brother was given the usual pain killers and some pills for gastric and was sent home, and he was actually lying in bed at his rented house for 4 days in pain, before actually calling up our sister who lives 15 minutes away when he realised the pain has to be more gastric, so our sister picked him up and took him to the hospital and he was immediately taken to the operation's room because the appendix has ruptured, his stomach is in a huge mess already :(

i dont understand university doctors, like they purposely do not want to treat students properly, i remember in UTP last time, we have a in campus clinic which is either closed most of the time coz the doc is away or when you actually go to them, all they do is give you panadols! like wtf right? maybe there are some students who tried to get away from exams or assignments or classes and faked a sickness or something so they can get an MC, but seriously, do your checks lah kan, see the historical data of the students first before passing off serious sickness as just flu or fever. like my brother for example, who is a dean's list student and hardly ever been sick in his life and has no history of gastric, take him seriously la when he said he's sick! ntah lah, diorang ni mcm makan gaji buta je :(

kesian my brother, he was really in shock..and one of us had to be around him all the time cos he cant be alone, so we all took turns, my parents are there most of the time, and i drove back and forth to melaka every other day to relieve my parents, my other sblings take turns too and alhamdullilah finally today he was discharged after being a week plus in the hospital..

it was nice to see his friends coming to visit him every single day, even friends from KL and as far as singapore, came to visit almost every other day, and yang di melaka apatah lagi, even my aunties from kelantan and terengganu came, all are so worried about him, he was really loved by everyone, ye lah anak bongsu kan, makes me wonder sometimes if i ever get sick would i be so lucky to get so many visitors? i mean, sometimes you would think you are close to someone but it takes a hard time or a sickness to really know your true friends kan?

like a simple thing in this case, when i posted my status on the facebook about my brother, i was surprised to see my closest friends, my own best friends not commenting on it at all, apetah lagi to call me or even sms..but then of course i realised that here is another reason why portals like facebooks are sometimes a source of evil, like im kecik hati cos when they didnt comment on my status, i immediately assumed that they dont care, i mean, back in the days when there's no facebook, i would have sms or called them and im sure they would be there for me, so see, facebook = evil (tetiba hahaha) :p

Friday, July 30, 2010


i got my IELTS result!

saya dapat.....

jeng jeng...

BAND 8!!!!



suka suka suka (^_^) step :p

travel and living

i just came back from bandung few days was fun!

i didnt plan to shop much but just to lepak, jalan2 and enjoy the food and weather and most important - try out the spas!

alas, i didnt go to the spa BUT went to a salon in ciampelas walk where we (yes, even partner!) did menicures, pedicures, wash, cut, hair treatments (oxygen terapi lagi!) and i even fixed my hair color (stupid salon in ampang point gave me yellow highlights instead of brown!), they reccomended i coloured the entire dark brown, so then when it was finally done, the yellow highlights turned into the exact lovely brown i wanted in first place! wuhoo! and oh, the price for ALL the things we did above comes up to a grand total of..

RM135 !!!! yeappp!!! gila tak?? serious murah okeyy..and the meni pedi bukan yang sambil lewa type that they do here (there's one place in bangsar charge u almost 80 bucks for just a nail clip and color!) here in the salon, they scrub and clean and massage! sangat heaven! hehe

so next time you're in bandung, check out BROWN'S at CIAMPELAS WALK okey? (^_^)

we stayed at SENSA HOTEL, which is like right in the heart of Ci Walk, so there's really no reason to go anywhere else, that's how lazy we are :p we even managed to watch the movie "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" at the cinema XXI, quite nice, macam GSC jugak :p

but we did checked out Rumah MODE (of course, of course) and I love the flats at Donatello Shoes Shop! sangat2 suka! and Pasar Baru cos mom pesan a few stuff and i got some lovely tudung for raya at like RM10 each! kalau kat Wakah Che Yeh boleh jual balik RM70 at least hehe nak buat business la mcm ni :p

we did managed to check out Kg Daun! after pergi bandung dah baper kali ntah tak pernah2 pegi so we decided to check it out, ok lah the food, not bad, the place is nice, quite pretty, sangat sejuk dan conducive utk tido selepas makan haha dah la duduk bersila so ada tilam and bantal, oh heaven ok! but i think food dia mahal sikit la..kalau gi kat warong ampera pun lebih kurang sama jugak hehe :p

semesti nya saya harus ke atmosphere cafe! this time actually called and made reservation ahead! as usual the food was good and the live band was fabolous!! tapi kan, found out a bit too late that UNGU was planning to perform there the week after!! kalau tau i wud have postpone the trip a bit hehe :p takpe2 next time (^_^)

ok..i got a few more stories mories to tell..tapi nak tulis in another post lah...

nanti takde modal nak citer hehe

later peeps!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

learning curve

lama dah tak update blog kan?

not intentionally...

reason being most of the stuff going on right now is work related and i cant vent here, as i know some work peeps reads my blog and who knows...sometimes some people takes some things the wrong way i saved those for another private diary hehe :p

just completed my IELTS test yesterday...tis was allright i think..for sure will meet the band requirement lah, but nak score tu, i dont think so sebab i kinda take it quite easily sebab tak nak susah2 stress bagai...once i get the results the next step of the process commences...

i am determined more than ever to do my phd now. i think it is time. i think i have reached my limit when it comes to the industry work. that's how much this company expects out of you. thats why they dont allow you to be in the same role more than 4 years. pretty smart HR move there. people will get burned out after two years, then the next two they will be working like robots and then if they dont move to another job, they will simply resign. such is the nature of the rat race in oil and gas and in an international company.

i really dont have much to update hehe

so sad lah kan... this blog is totally being neglected...

i think when i live in UK dulu lagi banyak updates :p

tunggu lah saya fly buat phd nanti k :p

am off to bandung (yes, again! haha) on c ya when i get back (^_^)

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

bila kat office...

perlu ke make personal calls to your girlfriends/boyfriends and then borak and gelak kuat?

tak payah la duduk atas meja orang siap bersila bagai and then proceed to borak bagai nak rak..

perlu ke berlari2 ke sana sini tanpa sebab pun, saja suka2?

perlu ke bila jumpe dengan colleaque lama kena kiss2 cheek la pastu hugging2 terus sambil borak2 lagi..

tak payah kut nak kecoh sedunia setakat kena call order pizza untuk lunch meeting kat ofis, tau lah bukan admin staff but no big deal la setakat nak call kan..

kalau excited gila pun sebab dapat chocolate tak yah terlompat2 macam budak kecik, kechooohh ok!

kalau pun nak ber-flirt dengan mamat tu takyah la kuat gile sampai satu ofis dengar your pickup lines yang ntah hape2 tu, setakat "u pun suka movie nie? i pun, jom la gi tgk, bila lagi u nak dating ngan i nie" apakessss????

yes, all of the above happened in my office one person.

haih, cepat2 lah pindah, pening gile duduk office, tau tadi baik i work from home!!!!!