Friday, June 26, 2009

the other side of the story..

i started off by wanting to write about several things that has happened these past weeks, but after a long discussion with the BF, he made me realise that i do not owe anyone any explanation and if i really want to let it go, i should let it go both in my heart and in my head, and he knows fully well that if i started writing about it, all those feelings of hurt, resentment, disbelief and most importantly, betrayal, will come rushing back and i would again be hurt by those very people i thought closest to me..

sometimes people can be become unbelievable arrogant and believed that they are and would always be right, forgettting that being human we all make mistakes and if you think that you are above accepting apologies/or asking for forgiveness, then there's really nothing i can do. i have made peace with some mistakes i have made, bridges that i have broken, sometimes simply because i was too angry and too upset to understand. but having said that, i have no regrets for the choices i make and letting some things/people go is the only way i can move on with my life...its never an easy decision and/but often you have to ask yourself, is it really worth it?

sometimes its worth listening to the other side of the story before making conclusions and hurting people you love..

just a thought..

Monday, June 22, 2009


Im in the middle of a "project" at the moment..

No, no not work related :p just keep reading my blog, all shall be revealed soon enough tee hee..

You all kena support me tau! :p me and my partners-in-crime will be working hard to ensure it will be a successful event (ecewahhh) (^_^)

Meanwhile, i leave you with another one of my fav Calvin and Hobbes strips..dont u just wish you have Hobbes as a pet?? sigh...

Monday, June 08, 2009

the one with the three-o birthday...

happy birthday to me! (^_^)

well, sorta one day belated hehe :p

thank you all for the birthday wishes on several means of communications :p i was surprised to receive some wishes from some unexpected new friends, and was also surprised to not receive any wishes from some whom i viewed as close friends hmmm...oh well :)

how does it feel to be no longer in my twenties?


but i will just look at it as another big adventure..

after all, age is just a number rite?