Monday, November 26, 2007

im in danger of being too nice and being taken for granted, again! im just let it out here so bear with me, this is going to be a massive ranting session.. first story, i met a bunch of my juniors the other day, one of which is a fellow malaysian so like wow cause not many people from malaysia are actually are here apatah lagi taking logistics, so i was perhaps over enthused on how nice it is for him to be here and of course if he needs any help or have any questions, feel free to call me, and this guy gave my number to his frend, and his frend started pestering me, calling me up and such to meet up and wat nots which is thoroughly annoying as i know all he wanted was for me to help him with his coursework..

anyway, finally i did say ok for us to meet up at 3.30pm on a tuesday, as i finished work at 3, so he said ok. then on monday, he texted me to confirm our meeting at 2pm on tuesday, i was like, hello? i said 3.30 so i replied back to him, u know wat he did, he started sending me nasty sms saying im a liar and a bad person, and he is really pissed as he got class at 4pm so kira cam nanti sekejap sangat jumpa and basically like why am i lying to him????!!! like hellloooooooooo??!! i didnt lie to you, it was clear that u got the time wrong, why the hell would i set it at 2pm when i finish work at 3???? see, this is wat i get by being nice and instead kena maki la pulak by ungrateful idiot who cant even do a simple basic 5 minutes presentation, like why the hell did u take the coursework in the first place la kan?

another story..

so okay, i may not be the most nicest or perfect and proper person in the world, but there are just some people who are just amazingly and unbelieavably rude and inconsiderate that makes me wonder why in the world im frends with them in the first place?! take this frend of mine for example, we are having visitors over to our house in two weeks times, visitors from malaysia, my mom and mr pic's family and also this frend and his family, so me being me, as and as per requested by mr pic and mr frend to organize their transport to plymouth from london and do the basic itenarary for their stay here, which i did, quite detailed, which includes options via train, bus and rental car, hotel prices and wat nots, well, u guys knows how i am and my organizing skills, modestly speaking i have organized enough events in my life to know wat to do, thank you! then all that is required is for them to confirm which plan they wanna go with and i will proceed with the bookings from there, simple aite? well, apparently its not that simple if you are too arrogant and too caught up in your world, like you are the only bloody busy person in this whole wide world that u cant even read the email properly and it has been a month and u have yet to reply to it! so okay, fine, i asked him to call me, which he did and nicely asked him to just confirm what he wants, and he cant even do that, balik2 suruh i email him the details, which i already did in the first place!! like okay so yr sooo busy kan, im already offerring to manage the details for you if u could just confirmmmmmmmmm itt!!!! argghh..i dont have to do it you know, i could just take care of my mum and mr pic's family and be done with it! but considering our friendship when he was here bla bla ishkkkkkk argghh ...okay2 calm down.....deep breathss..

another thing that happened to me hari tu jugak, i agreed to help a friend's friend for sumting, i would not disclose here, and i asked him to her my email address so all she had to is email me, and then after a few days my frend said that his friend emailed me and why didnt i reply? eh, i said, i didnt get any email pun, betul ke dia hantar kan? then my frend was like insisting that i emailed his frend instead, because apparently like she emailed me "many times" but i didnt reply, at first i was like, hey you wanted a favor from me, u email me la, right? so again sebab mengenangkan friendship tu, i said ok2 i will email her, which i did, a simple, "hello, this is nique, please reply etc etc" and you know wat she did? she went back to my frend, and said "i got your frend's email, dia tu muslim lagi ke tak? tak reti bagi salam ke?" !!!!!!!?????!!!! wat????? wat???? my frend told this to me, thinking it was a great joke and i was livid, stupid ungrateful woman, orang dah okay nak tolong ada hati nak cakap macam tu lagik?????!!

huh, okay, im so emotionally tired right now and brain dead huhu but it feels good to let this out, naturally i exploded to mr pic ady but him being a man, all he could say to let it go, and not to be emotional bla bla hah, easy for him to say!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

raya in plymouth

i know i know its a loooooooong overdue post :p at first i was kinda lazy to do post this but then i figured, this is my last raya here in the uk and i want to have a memory of it in writing, despite raya being over and all :p

first of all, raya here in plymouth was on friday, where as malaysia was on saturday kan? funny thing was, leeds and above celebrated eid on saturday and london and south west below did it on friday, which is weird satu negara pun boleh lain2 hari..anyway i was at work when mr pic called to say "esok raya!", and i was like, "wat?? really??" baju raya pun tak sampai lagi masa tu and we havent got anything prepared! suffice to say, first day tu we didnt do a single thing an the real celebration was only on saturday :p

this year, me and hafiz, kak eton and family and kak mal and family decided to have a combined open house, held at our place. raya tahun nie busy busy busy, much much better than last year, if u guys remember my pathetic post raya blog in big yellow taxi, this year i was determined not to have the same raya again the celebration started first at house house, we have our open house on saturday at 2pm, then petang tu another open house at 6pm and the next day we got two open houses oso, heh saper cakap raya kat uk tak meriah? (^_^) so here are the picture of the raya celebration :p

note : the pictures are a bit berterabur, i dah pening nak susun tapi got description underneath so u guys can follow one, okay? :p

this is at kak ad's house, dr adlinda's house to be exact, she bought this flat last year i think and its really really gorgeous, she's a specialist in cancer, oncologist (i think spelling betul tak?) so sangat terrerrr oo and dah pr pun dia kat uk ni hehe at her house we had briyani and kuah lodeh and my favourite, sambal ikan bilis nyumm! and she makes really heavenly cookies as well! and then we have tea in ehem2 royal doultons kayyyyyyyy hehehe :p

ni kat rumah dr azley, the guy in the glasses kat belakang skali tu, he is a neurologist consultant :) im so proud of malaysians doctors yang ade kat sini, semua genius2 seh but sayang tak berkhidmat kat malaysia, guess to each his/her own la kan? the boys decided to do it malaysian style here, apar tikar and lepak at his huge 2 storey bungalow's backyard, kat sini we had nasi tomato and ayam bakar/percik and acar buah :p

hehehe me and mr pic, dunno why tahun nie tetiba ktrg cam sedondon la plak so baju matching2 :p this is at our house after the open house :p

this is the hosts of the first open house, again ni gambar kat rumah ktrg jugak, so dats mr pic, wak, haziq and kak mal one family, me, kak eton, mail and little baby aqil one family and afiq and anaz in front :p

this my house! or at least mine and mr pic's :p dats afiq, tengah cari lagu raya nak pasang masa open house nanti, we are waiting for guests to arrive..

a glimpse of wat we cooked that day, i made kuah lodeh, kuah kacang and sambal sotong, ahaks my first time making all those things :p kak mal made daging "ungkep" and soto ayam and my fav, biskut almond london! kak eton made her absolutely sedap giler rendang daging, ayam kari and nasi himpit...we had two tables full of food!

ni kat depan rumah wak, on the way nak gi rumah dr azley, luckily the weather wasnt dat cold so tak perlu jacket, so tak la mewrinkle my baju raya hehe

eh last one, this is at dr azley's house again, me and some of the marjon peeps :)

so dats some of the pictures of the raya celebration here in plymouth, u wanna see more check out my facebook kayyyy..kalau tak nanti panjang berjela2 pulak my blog nie hehe

aite, im now off to work, cya guys, be good! (^_^)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

MSc Results + Christian Dior (^_^)

Halooooooooooo!!!! im sooooo happy because i have got my Masters results!!!

Alhamdullilah everything is good and with the result i officially achieve my MSc in International Logistics (^_^)

time flies sooo fast kan? 3 years ago i was dreaming to achieve a Masters degree and today i actually achieved that dream, macam surreal sangat huhu

see my name there? hehe MAP stands for Awarded Masters :p

me, william and claudia posing in front of our results :)

so wat does that have got to do with Christian Dior?

hehe tengok la ni :p

a present from mr pic for achieving my degree :p

lawa kan? its absolutely gorgeous! something that ive always wanted but forever waiting for extra surplus of cash that i never seem to have hehehe so imagine my surprise when i got it as a gift instead! thank you dearie :)

i know i havent blogged for a while now been so busy but i will soon, got so many things to update, especially those raya photos which is taking me forever to upload to my pc but i promise to do it soon, okay?

for now, im off to bed with my result under my pillow, hugging my brand new bag hehehe nite peeps, sweet dreams (^_^)