Thursday, August 30, 2007

i was reading chics' blog (see link to bootylicious below) on patriotism and i suddenly started crying..

sedeh sebab rindu sangat nak balik malaysia and nak tengok the 50th celebration of independence, sure hebat gile

sedeh sebab my time here is almost over and soon i have to leave and i know im gonna miss uk soooo much

contradict tak? half of me sedeh tak sabar nak balik and another half sedeh sebab tamo balik :(

and oh yeah, sedeh sebab thesis ni tak habis habis lagi!!!

note : btw if u guys got time, read chics blog (promote2 :p) its well worth your time (^_^)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

what im reading..

hey peeps :p currently reading this book at achingly slow pace of three pages per day (ni pun sebab ade 10 minutes break masa kat tempat kerja hehehe)

so far, damn hilarious!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Time after Time by Quietdrive

A fantastic latest remake of the classic, Time after Time, click here to check it out (^_^)...

baby girl!

my mom text me at 2 in the morning, uk time, my sister just gave birth to a baby girl! yeay, dapat niece baru (^_^)

terasa cam nak balik msia skang jugak huhuhu sedeh nye ngan dissertation yang tak siap2 lagik nie (eheehh lagi ade hati nak tulis blog tapi keja tak siap gegege) my sister, congratulationsssssssssssssssss!!!

nama tak tau lagik, nanti dah tau i write here kaayyyyy...

back to work, have a good wednesday people! (arghh jap2 dah wednesday kerrr?? damn!)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

games people play..

have u ever been in the situation where u like someone, like really really really like someone and all close frends knows about it but due to certain circumstances nothing happened between u guys..yet..and one of your close frend, knowing fully well how u feel about him, still feels this need to flirt and tries her best to get to his attention, innocently claiming it was just harmless flirting and the fact is that u know that its not she even like him that way, it was just because she wants to prove that she can get any guy she wants and in that sense she will always be better than you, thus proving that she is prettier, nicer and sweeter..

haa i know u guys must be wondering siapa kah orang itu :p its in this book that i am reading laa BUT i think this happens to almost everyone, well, at least to almost all girls i know..

in a group of girl friends, there will always be the designated "type" or "role" that each of the women would automatically fall into, there would be the "nice" one, the "gorgeous" one, the "smart" one, the "funny" one etc etc all combined together to create this dynamic female bonding at its most powerful..

in the book that i am reading, the said girl, the one that has the crush on the guy, pretty much lets her friend does watever she wants, in her mind she thought that if he fall for her instead, then he never really had any feelings for her in the first place and that it wasnt meant to be, basically confusing that watever her friend did was in the name of "friendship"..after all if he dares fall for her, the classic "if he likes you, he wouldnt have gone out with me, so you're better off finding someone else, im saving you from further heartache etc etc"..

in my opinion regardless of whether it is meant to be or not, as a friend, a good friend on top of that, she shouldnt have flirted with him in the first place, its a different matter if the said man is actually your soulmate etc etc but it is no longer tolerant when you have to prove it with Every Single New Guy that appears in your friends life.

love is not a game, hurting your friend is not a game and it ceased to be harmless when the friendship is threatened to be broken by this obsessive compulsive need to prove that you are superior than any of your friends..

makes you wonder how and why they become friends in the first place kan..

i havent got to the end of the book, once i do, i'll let you know how it ends :p

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Friday, August 17, 2007

muffin fairy

i went out of the library just now to get some fresh air, after 4 hours being coped up in the thesis room, i was feeling sort of miserable today, that time of the month and also a tiny guilty feeling cos my brother is here and im not spending enough time with him :( and also a sort-of-argument-but-not-really with HIM :( so anyway, i returned to the library somewhat slightly more cheerful as i met my dear frend and her one year old daughter who screamed with laugther when i picked her up and twirlled her around and around :p kids and babies, instant cheer me up :p

they shud have like a booth or a shop where you can somehow like pay like £5 per hour or sumting and u can like pick a comel baby and like play and cuddle and kiss and hug them, sejam jer untuk orang2 yg takde anak or niece or nephews cos sometimes u just need a hug and babies gives like the best hugs ever :) sure laku kan kedai camni kan kan kan huhuhu tetiba terasa lagi sedeh cos i miss my nieces and nephew..

oopss, terdigress..

so anyway, balik2 from berjalan2 i saw something on my table..someone bought me a double chocolate chip muffin and left it on my laptop in the library! woahh!! sooo nice and thoughtful and sweet and totally unexpected! siapakah orang itu? asked my friends siting nearby they said they are not sure..all with their ipods and elbow deep in books and laptops and papers didnt notice anyone or probably they did and not telling :p

so to whoever it was..chances that u read my blog are pretty slim since not many people outside my cirle of friends read this; but in case u do and in case you are one of my friends, thanks for being my muffin fairy (^_^)

yeay! nothing like a good gooeeyyyy melting on the inside double chocolate muffin to cheer me up (^_^)

ps : nell, ingat tak muffin2 yg kite jual zaman2 utp dulu? :p
i am brain tired and emotionally stressed...

Thursday, August 16, 2007

are you a good student?

hehehe according to this, im not only good, im great! (mcm advert kellogs plak hehe) but why oh why i feel soooooooooooo lazy to do my dissertation and instead waste my time doing stupid blogthings like this one :p

okay2..back to work...chapter 6 : Discussion and Recommendation... (chapter 6!! mane gi chapter2 sebelumnye?!! damn!)

You Are a Great Student

You aren't afraid to crack the books when you need to, and you make your education a true priority.
You could become a PhD in anything, if you set your mind to it. There's no limit to what you can learn!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


ade orang tanye "tak amik gambar ngan mickey mouse ke?" ahaks..ade2..amik2..bukan setakat ngan mickey mouse jer..lebeh dari tu pun ade :p

masuk2 jer disneyland nampak orang ramai2 tgh queue..we were wondering la ape citer tu..rupa2 queue nak amik gambar ngan mickey apelagi since the line pun tak panjang lagi join laa sekaki..tapi left right front centre semua makbapak and their anaks2 except for ktrg dua orang hehehe terasa cam budak2 kecik plak queue nak amik gambar ngan mickey mouse hehehehehehehe oh well, tak rasa cam gi disney laa tak amik gambar nie kan kan kan kan kan kan :p

we found pluto in disney studio park....kesian sangat dia orang sebok suh sign autograph tapi actually dia tak nampak sangat tu, cos mata dia atas hidung yang panjang itu, so kena letak buku autograph atas hidung and sign on it hahahaha serious funny kayy.. and i took the oppurtunity to take the photo sementara dia tgh tak nampak :p

Goofyyyyyyyyy.....nak type trademark gelak dia kat sini pun tak sure camne nak spell :p comey comey comey..dia jalan sesama ngan pluto..pluto is goofy's dog kan? kalau tak silap la dah lama tak tgk disney channel hehe :p

so, untuk orang yang request tu, okay tak? nanti nak gi disney hong kong nak cari all the ladies plak, minnie and daisy (^_^)

Friday, August 10, 2007

information overload

someone today told me some information about someone that i do not care to know..asal nak kena bagitau? ni la orang melayu suka sangat jaga tepi kain orang lain.. they would always start with "i rasa u kena tau nie, i tak nak nanti u terkejut" or "u tau tak so and so this and that..oh u didnt? oh okay, i dint mean to tell you i thought u already know" like helloooooooo!!?? kenape nak kena bagitau? u know perfectly well that i am far away here in the uk and manalah i nak tau everything that happens in malaysia..sides suka hati orang tu la dia nak buat ape pun why do people always think its their damn duty to give you every single information macam reporter tak bergaji about other people just because they are close to you? i dah tak senang duduk..ishkkk..

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Minack Theatre

We've got tickets! to watch The Scarlet Pimpernel at this gorgeous teater by the sea.. cant wait for 31st August..befitting the fact that we will be submitting our dissertation on the same day, what a way to celebrate (^_^)

de Paris avec amour (^_^)

i didnt want to wait for two months before i update my blog about my recent trip to here are the pictures and the descriptions as follows..

oh btw, we took the Eurostar to paris and the hotel booking was also done via the Eurostar website so everything was dirt cheap :p so my advice, dont be too quick to just check out the flight tickets..the train takes almost the same amount of time and brings u right in the heart of the city :p

hehe okay first of all..KFC is halal in Paris..being the die hard fried chicken fans that we are..we immediately looked for the restaurant the minute we arrived..but tak sesenang itu nak jumpa agak berbelit jugak laa sooo to all future Paris goers, the easiest one we found is...take the underground (metro or RER) to Les Halles Station and masa keluar dari station, walk towards the Centre Pompidou and you'll see KFC on your left..we bought a bucket of 6 pieces of chicken and 8 pieces of hot and spicy wings and 2 drinks + 2 fries for 16 euros..not bad huh?

Arch De Triomphe...nasib baik ade camera mr hafiz that takes really nice pictures at night..its almost as good as alden's camera which we fully utilised in the last trip kan alden kan kan :p his was the best ever but we make do with wat we have hehe

me and my cotton candy! i love love cotton candies tapi susah nak jumpa kat Plymouth, ni jumpa kat Paris laks of all places hehehe this is taken at the funfair near The Lourve., when i was last in Paris about 7 years ago funfair nie dah wujud dah kat sini, cant believe they still have it tho..

at The Lourve...isnt it gorgeous? was glad we lepak-ed till malam to ensure we get all the cool night photos of the city of light :p

the other Grand Arch..which is perfectly aligned and symetrical to the "other arch" this place is about a station away from where we stayed, sorta of like reminds me of the Dome in Cologne, Germany, kuar2 underground jer this massive huge white thing dominates half the sky :p

i took this picture because of the Dan Vincci Code book, apparently in the book the holy grail was buried right underneath here.. gambar standard laa everybody that goes to paris kena la amik gambar nie at least once if not over and over and over again like we did, in different angles and at nite and during the day as well :p we're obsessed with the bloody towers.. when we were lepakking there during the nite met some peddlers whom im sure are Muslim but they are selling wine and whisky to the parisian lepaking by the tower..camne tu??

Versailles! again thanks to the movie Marie Antoinette..the palace itself is not breathtakingly beautiful but the sheer size of it is! inside is more grand and gorgeous and wonder rakyat diorang marah sgt the way they live in such luxury while the people are miskin..sad..but beautiful nevertheless...

hehe Disneyland Paris! kalau tak gi tempat2 lain pun takpe BUT have to go to Disneyland..I LOVE disneyland..went crazy and bought two mickey tshirts and a bunch of wat nots and we stayed to watch the parades and managed to drag hafiz to 4 roller coaster rides before he gave up and surrendered :p

last picture of the disneyland..and oh aeni, i took yr advice and went on the aerosmith ride, twas awesome!!!!! best gilos! wanted to go again but partner was too kecut ady hehehe but the nemo ride was equally mengecutkan gak..highly reccomended :p

so there you go.. there are more pictures tapi takkan nak letak semua kan..i dunno how to arrange the photos to be side by side, biasalah still blog illiterate, aeni later2 show me how la kay kay :p

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

laughing matters...

i was reading muddy's blog the other day, "laughing matters" and i came across one part of his entry on the fact that he like to laugh a lot and people often commented on that..

my say on that.. suka hati lah!

my best friends and i dearly loves a laugh..sometimes at just the first word "hello" we'd already started giggling and hence you know the direction of the conversation already :p and believe me, we've got comments like that all time "you like to laugh a lot huh?" or the malay version "u nie suka gelak ek?" or even worse "wats so funny lah?" and they say it like its a bad thing!

what can i say, we are easily amused and over the years we have matured enough to learn to we laugh at ourselves as much as we laugh at other things too and life gets funnier and funnier each day..ruginye if u cant see the funny side of life!

whenever i make new friends i would first judge them on their sense of humour and their ability to judge and separate between the funny and the plain stupidity..and the collection of close friends that i have all shares the outlook at the world as i do and thus we can sit down and have a decent conversation and a good laugh together and those will be some of the simplest and bestest time u have spend together..

i think people who likes to makes this comments are people who dont get it, they dont get the joke or what is it that amuses us to no ends..and that feeling of not being part of the laugh, its pretty sad actually and can be quite intimidating..but dats why u have to go and find yr own group of friends that shares the same views as you do, after all one thing that amuses you may not be amusing to another..dont go and spoil other's people's mirth just because you dont get the joke!

a quote from the great George Bernard Shaw,

"Life does not cease to be funny when people die any more than it ceases to be serious when people laugh."

so go on..see something funny today, and laugh till your stomach hurts and tears are rolling down yr cheeks..its the best therapy there is (^_^)

the one with the birthday..

another birthday have gone and by.. i know im about 2 month late overdue in posting this blog but i think deep down inside im in denial about the fact i have already turned 2*! funny how i used to think that when i reached this age i have had certain things in my life and ive reached a certain level in career, love and life..funny how your fast your priorities changes sometimes..the slightest merest nudge could change your life's perspectives with a blink of an eye... digressing :p

my birthday this year was celebrated in the great UK, in a tiny little british town called plymouth, why im eloborating on this? it is because its my first birthday away from my family dats why hehe and a birhtday without the seven "bardaques" who have been my best friends for the past 8 years..sigh..

anyway, it was meant to be a small party but turned into a full scale one instead..a firm believer that pictures speaks a thousand are the pics of the party..
(olyn and nell, sorry for the delay hehehe)

the invitation card..thanks pishh :p

MEE CURRY..the main attraction of the day :p

classmates and housemates...

the fav gift..a GUESS watch from two of my fav people.. thanks pish and shuk (^_^)

the three stooges hehehe + mail, me and pish..

kak etonn!! thanks for cooking the CURRY for the MEE :D

the marjon peeps :p

my classmate Claudia gave a watercolor paint of The Plymouth Hoe, gorgeous! thanks babe!

so that should be enough photos to satisfy everyone's requests hehehe

i now have a craving for those MEE CURRY, they were damn delicious! (^_^)

thanks to everyone who came and a million THANKS for all the presents!

Monday, August 06, 2007

everybody is selfish..

my friends have always told me (sometimes harshly and brutal, sometimes in the most subtle way they can) that i always "jaga hati" other people too much..i tend to do whatever that is required and as much as i possible can for people i care about, just to avoid confrontations.. i tend to let people around me walk all over me that it comes to a point i have been taken for granted, that i was expected to do something, just because i agreed for the previous 100 millions times.. sometimes when i actually have the courage to say no, they look at me blankly and go, "wat??" like im speaking in some kind of foreign language..and declared me moody or loony for the day or im in some kind of "bad mood" or that im angry at them or something like that, which generally in turn makes me feel guilty like im such a bad person that i half wished i'd just said yes in the first place..

anyway, i have never ever been described as "selfish" and more often than not i would usually be described as "too nice" or "easily been taken for granted" or something of that sort..

the point of this blog?

something happened in my life in recent months and the decision that i made was completely selfish.. and the lack of guilty feeling was overwhelming and scary and liberating at the same time.. for once i put my happiness first, for once i dont care wat other people think of me, for once i let myself think and feel for only myself.. even though i know wat i did would hurt a certain person that i care about and under normal circumstances, the old me, the previous me would battle this decision and i would not do it and i would end up feeling sad and miserable and i'd ended up hurting so much and i'd be bitterly resentful at the world because yet again i was deprived of the happiness that could have been mine.. and frankly i am sick and tired of feeling that way...

my best friend told me that life is too short for me to worry about other people's happiness all the time and sometimes u have to be a little selfish to get wat u want... wat i fear is that i may be more than a "little" selfish... i think i've gone from caring too much to not caring at all.. why do i always do things to the extreme?