Monday, December 28, 2009

What I got for Boxing Day!

no lah, tak pegi UK pun, i was stuck in the office, remember my post below?

tapi dapat hadiah juga! dari buah hati yang baik hati (haha it rhymes :p) who remembers my obsessions with kitchen gadgets and Jamie Olliver (^_^)

so he bought me this;

Jamie Olliver Mezzaluna Knife!

ive been drooling over this knife since like forever! its agak pricey, dulu masa student kat uk ada gak berangan nak beli but harga nya mak aii.. so thank you so much sayang! ingat jugak u kat i ye (hahahah ayat poyo nih :p)

those yang selalu tgk Nigella Lawson masak, mesti pernah tgk dia guna pisau half moon nie :p

yeay, tak sabar tunggu!

lepas nie boleh lah masak - memasak sambil berangan jadi Nigella, chewahh!


Tuesday, December 22, 2009


its end of the year and everybody is racing to finish up their annual leaves. there are three types of moods in the office.

the happily frantic mood of those rushing to finish their work before going on the long break.

the neutral mood of those not planning anything much and just going about their work as per normal.

and the last, where i fit in, the stressed and exhausted-to-the-bone and royally pissed mood because not only having have to stay in the office for the year end closing reports but also suddenly becoming the dumping ground of unfinished work for those going off on leave when in fact, what they do has got NOTHING to do with me.

it seems that in both companies ive worked with, my life revolves around month end closings and year end closings and i can never take leaves during this time :(

bosan nya!

and these people, who dumps their work on me because they are going for their christmas and new year holiday;

where were you when i wanted to go for a long Hari Raya break but i cant cos suddenly, all types of religion in my department wants to go on leave as well?

where were you when i was on medical leave for 3 days but i still come to work as its month end closing?

where were you when i wanted to go for my Europe long break and all i needed was someone to submit a report on the GSAP which i have already completed anyway and takes a mere 10 seconds??

they were off being selfish of course.

wishing i have the courage to say NO.

missing someone so very much :( do you have to be so far away? sigh...

Monday, December 07, 2009


im sick again..and am soo tired of it..

i think it kinda started just before i left for the europe trip..what i usually do is take some actifast, sleep on it, ignore it and put it out of my mind. if i refuse to acknowledge that im sick, therefore im not sick. mind over matter kinda thingy.

back from europe, its been a struggle to get up in the morning to go to work. the back aches, the head aches, ive been coughing and sneezing and i think almost every night i sleep with a high temperature.

yes2, with the H1N1 flu going on, i did my routine blood test and all, and the results was negative. but still the sickness persists.

i think what i really need is a week to get really sick, get it out of the way. i think that's the only way i can get better. ive been repressing the fever for almost a month now, like trying to hold down a monster, and its getting impatient now and wants to be let out.

hehe, ok2..maybe that was a little bit over the top description :p

i hope i can get a break soon.

im soo sick and tired of being sick and tired :(

no comment

bukan nya sengaja nak merajuk.

but really, there are some things you can say, and some things you cant.

you can say im too sensintive.

or manja.

or mengada.

i know.

i accept.

this will pass, as usual. you know this will never last long.

but meanwhile.. no comment.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

doing my part..

i am currently in the midst of organising an important event for my department. effective 1 oct 09, the three countries, spore, msia and indonesia supply departments merged, making us into one big envelope. as an initial step towards better work communication between the three countries, we decided to have a face to face event. this is suppose to be the first of many of such events. as i had already gained quite a reputation organising events here (in my one year here, ive organised 5 events, can u imagine? ishk..) the big boss decided that i should organize it as well.

the budget - quite a lot.

the location - up to me, as long as its either in msia, indonesia or spore.

the activities - use my imagination.


after much pondering and wondering and researching and looking at the flights availabilities (the company does not allow staff from same team to fly in the same flight so the location have to several flights going in and out) and my own personal preferences (of course) i chose..drum rolls please..BALI, Indonesia.

yes, really!

hotel - since budget was A lot, i chose one of the most expensive hotel in Nusa Dua.

are you jealous yet? :p

the usual logistics matters were ironed out - flights, rooms, transports, food.

the usual meeting package were confirmed - projectors, speeches, role plays, presentations.

then the fun bit.

having a surplus of funds (i know im being extremely boasting about this, but please bear with me, this is my first time organising an event where cost is not an issue! can u believe it? its almost as good as giving me an unlimited credit card and a day in Bloomingdales! Almost, mind ya hehe) i went through the usual bits and pieces, souvenirs for each participants, tasteful ones, not those boring ones u get usually in normal conferences, i arranged for a cultural show during the private dinner on the beach, i organised an awards ceremony of sorts, giving fun and silly awards like The Most Likely to Become CEO Award, you know, the usual stuff.

and yet i found myself hardly making a dent in the budget!

that's one of the perks of having it in Indonesia and having a budget in USD.

what to do , what to do.

and here's what i finally decided to do.

We have teambuilding session on the second day of the event. At first, i was going the normal route of telematch games, or treasure hunts and the likes. but then, overhearing some conversation and after googling some infos on team buildings, i found an idea that i really really liked.

the staff is divided into 6 teams, and each team are to assemble 5 bicycles each. each team are provided with incomplete sets of the parts. for example, for 5 bicycles, u need 5 pairs of wheels, but u only have 4 pairs, or u need 5 handlebars, but u got 8 and etc, u get the idea. each team is given a budget and a list of do's and don'ts. they can swap, trade, buy from other teams and also, from another 3rd party supplier, which in this case is the bicycle manufacturer we have on standby. they can also have add -ons, like safety helmets, safety gears, extra lights and what nots, which gives the hsse element to the project. the winning team is the team that can complete all 5 bicycles in the given time, with the most practical hsse and cost element! brilliant right?!!

the best bit?

all the bicycles, all 30 of them, will be donated to selected orphanages around Bali!

yes! (^_^)

issnt this a lovely idea? of course this is not an original idea, im sure someone else have done it before, but in all my years of working, i have never had an oppurtunity to give away something so significant! we usually give out school books and stationeries, but never something for FUN!

and we're are using top notch state-of-the-art, lightest, newest (brand cannot tell la) bicycles in the market available, so it certainly does not comes cheap. and complete with all the safety sets as well! the event is next week, and im hoping and praying all goes well, especially on this bit and i will update here accordingly ok :)

so that's my good deed of the year hehe.

the secret to the law of attraction, in order to have more, you have to give more!