Tuesday, January 12, 2010

monday ramblings..

eh tapi dah tuesday hehe..lost track of me days :p

its been a week plus into the new year and i have to be able to get into the groove of work..its been crazily busy as usual but somehow im still in relaxed mode, not yet into the work at full speed ahead. there are many things i want to write here but my thoughts are all over the place so here it is, in no particular order of importance or chronologically correct :p

was at neyo's concert last thursday. he was AMAZING! really! singing live song after song after song flawlessly - true performer indeed! bought the most expensive ticket as possible as to avoid crowds BUT forgot to check that turns out all tickets are standing ones, so yr still stuck in the crowd after all. they have these VVIP seats next to ours, filled it (weirdly enough) either malaysian artist, or some heavily make-up-ed girls in skimpy outfits or really old men accompanied by heavily make-up-ed girls in skimpy outfit. but they are so boring, they didnt dance or clap or anything, they just sit there, beer (yes, even the malay ones) and cigarattes in hand, until towards th end of the show..guess by now they are drunk already. yucks. what a waste. found out the tickets for the VVIP seats actually cost RM1,500! lama tak gi concert. i was dancing my heart out. but got funny glances from this girl pakai tudung standing passively next to me. i think the funny glances was because i was wearing my tudung but was still dancing sesuka hati. but yr at a concert lah! kalau nak tunjuk baik, wat are u doing at the concert too? people are weird.

yesterday i was at the office library, contemplating to get some story books. while i was browsing through, a colleaque came in and suddenly made this remark "borrowing books? wah you're so free meh? but yr not married yet kan? no wonder lah you have all the free time in the world". i posted this on my facebook and my cousin commented/replied with this;
"Sabarje lah..... Well, dia sibuk tanya pasal kahwin tu ngape and what does free time or able to read books/novel got to do with been married? Such a third class mind!.... and if he / she implying that after your are married, you don't even have time to read and stuff, no wonder lah he/she can give a comment like that cause since been married, ... See Morehe/she does not have any singgle intellectual conversation with other!...... hahahaha.... (Tak nak khawin lah cam nie, takut otak tak berkembang......hehehe)" - :p isnt my cousin classic? suka hehe. but she's right, wat is the relevant in that? none right? i cant imagine not having time to read. takkan 24 hrs nak berkepit saja. u tgk i, i tgk u. hahaha bosan nya! sayang, u wud let me continue my crazy reading/book-buying cravings right? :p

this makes me wonder even more about those people who totally lost all identity when they got married. there's a trend that i notice when my friends got married - not all lah ok, but most/some - first u never hear/see from them anymore, u totally become non-existence in their lives, probably for the next 3/4yrs or so. then they got bored of their spouses and suddenly yr the best friend again. second, they have lost all decision making skills. nak beli magazine pun, "um, i kena tanya husband i lah, boleh tak beli majalah wanita nie" apakah? its yr money and its just a magazine!! (ooooooh, does this got to do with the no-free-time above? ;p). third, kalau both dalam facebook, wife update husband comment, husband update wife comment, balik2 kat situ, dua orang tu jugak :p bukan duduk serumah ke? :p but ok lah, this is kinda cute, it means both are totally obsessed with each other hehe.

i need another vacation plan. although im going to hanoi in march, and have several work trips line up, i need one vacay plan that will consume my mind and keeps me going when times are bad (chewah). so am currently looking at two options, one is a trip to US with besties in october, planning to go to LA, Texas and New York. hehehe mcm tak logic right? well, LA is cos the flight memang direct pegi situ saja, so alang2 might as well layan universal studios hollywood and disneyland right? Texas is cos that's where bestie has work so free lodgings there. New York cos we wanna be perasan and act out enacments of sex and the city around the big apple. :p second trip that i have in mind is to spend christmas and new year (walaiwei, its only january and already im thinking of new year 2011 haha) with you-know-who di uk. was also thinking of doing a staff exchange program so that i can "work-from-london" or "work-from-home" in london. plus, this way, my flights are covered by the company. :p we'll see. but this is my fav plan so far.

okey lah, i think dats enough rambling for now.


ps : to smart tag users out there, if the queue for smart tag lane is 1km long and cash is only 2 cars long, why do you still go to the smart tag lane? u are just adding to the traffic jam! too lazy to roll down the window? no small change? u do know all cash lanes have touch and go machine as well? wait, u do know yr smart tag actually uses touch and go cards? maybe smart tag users are not necessarily that smart after all - i dont get it.


Yap! It's 3088.. said...


Nice sharing. you do realise some people have the gift of gap on the wrong side of the body don't you?;) haha..it's wednesday tomorrow for you. cheer up yea. i am planning for a trip to the States in mid September.

afizly said...

no comment... next post pleaseee...

niQue_naQ said...

alden ; yes sadly some do! september huh? that will be raya month for us, which part yr planning to go?