Friday, August 15, 2008

Humanitarian Relief Survey

Hi Everyone, need your assistance to answer this survey or email it to anyone who you know that are involved in this kind of organization (^_^)

thanks peeps!

"Currently I am a student on the M.Sc. programme in International Logistics at the University of Plymouth. For my dissertation on the above topic I am conducting a survey concerning the work of organisations involved in the delivery of Humanitarian Relief. A questionnaire has been developed regarding the ‘Delivery of Humanitarian Relief’ and I would be very grateful if you could find the time to complete it for me. As someone who intends to work in this field, I am sure that any information you can provide will enable me to gain valuable insights into this subject. I believe the results to this survey will prove useful to relief organisations as well as to encourage future research students to be involved in this area of Logistics. Should you so wish, I will be very happy to let you have a copy of the results as included in my dissertation.
Your individual responses will be treated in the strictest confidence and will not be divulged to any third party without your consent. Moreover, your personal information will not be sold or given to anyone. Data will only be used in aggregate form and the results will be incorporated into my dissertation.
In test runs this questionnaire has been completed in under 20 minutes. It is available online and can be accessed via the following link:
Please feel free to forward this email to other organisations / individuals who could be interested in participating or, if you prefer, could you let me have any e-mail addresses of useful contacts.
Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require further information.
I would be grateful if you could complete this questionnaire by 19th August.
Thank you in advance for your valuable participation. Your co-operation will make all my efforts worthwhile.

Yours sincerely,

Adrian D. R. Sherry
Mobile: 0778.7523782"

Thursday, August 14, 2008

im back!

from Bandung (^_^)

will update on the trip later hehehe

for now, does anyone know if there's any other public squash court around KL area?

to our dismay, upon our return from Bandung, the squash court at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa is undergoing renovations until further notice, which in government's term could be anytime from now to end of the year :(

i miss my weekly squashy :(

or, does anyone lives in a condo that has squash facilities and dont mind us playing there under your name? pretty pretty please :p

and oh, i am now addicted to mocktail margheritas...mmm...yummm (^_^)

mari lah kawan2 :p

Thursday, August 07, 2008


i got a call this morning from that oil company..remember i wrote that i went for the interview a couple of weeks back?

well, the hr girl, i think her name is Molly called me up and informed me that they would like to invite me to a get-together dinner at a restaurant in KL. i asked if this a big dinner i.e. is it going to be attended by lots of people ke etc etc. she then informed that the dinner is going to be only with ME, they want to get to know ME. apparently their two big bosses, one from US and one from Singapore, is coming all the way down to KL to get to know ME.


does that mean that i got the job?


it means that if they like me during the dinner, only then they would offer me the job.


so note to self : thou shoult not order pasta less all the sauces gonna be all over thou's top, how bout chicken? or beef? or sushi? burgers? fish?

damn it.

why does it have to be over dinner????

yikes, what do i wear??

Sunday, August 03, 2008

one of those untitled post hehe

contrary to popular belief, i actually can cook. and i actually like to cook.

this might seems hard to imagine and yes, you might be rolling your eyes at me in disbelief as if you were to ask me where is the salt and pepper and onions and garlics are kept in my kitchen, i can safely tell you that i have no idea.

the thing is, i like cooking in my own kitchen. not my mom's or my sister's or whoever else. my kitchen. my own. in my own house. ive realized this fact when i was living on my own in UK, renting my own tiny little studio apartment that was facing the railway station, never mind it was so loud when the trains pass by or that the building had so many fire incidents due to the crazy drunk students and that the internet connection was almost none existence on a rainy day, which happens fairly often as it is in the south west after all, i was blissfully happy, and started to cook experimentally in the weekends, in my own tiny little kitchen. and i would often invite new friends that i have just made, over to my house to eat whatever it was that i was experimenting that week.

and, i discovered that i am a good cook. like, really! hehehe modestly speaking of course.

even after ive moved out of that apartment, into a bigger sharing house, i still like cooking.

and i so missed doing it. perhaps you wonder why i dont cook at my mom's house, where i live. i do, like once a year :p but i usually dont, i dont know, maybe because there really isnt any need cos my mom or the maid usually would have cooked by something, and there's always things to eat and i dont know, it just doesnt feel right huhu.

i guess what i need to do is move out and get a place of my own. but no chance of that ever happening as long as im not married. sigh..

anyway, as im going down memory lane, here are some pictures of my studio flat in UK, isnt tiny and pretty? :D

the building..cantek kan? hehe and its only like 10 minutes walk to uni, up the hill too! oh those were the skinny days huhu, there's a tiny little groceries shop right around the corner if i need something urgently or i'd walk the mere 15 minutes to Sainsbury and get my stuff. right in front of the building, going up a really steep hill is the Central Park, slalu jugak la gi jogging dulu at the park, and on Sundays they have car boot sale, which is perfect for me as i love car boot bargains :p the name of the building, is, Central Park Tower at Central Park Avenue :p *giggles* macam FRIENDS kannnnnnn hehehe berangan :p

see that door at the back? that's the front door, as you enter, the first door on your left is the tiny bathroom and the next door is the tiny kitchen, then you enter here, the living room aka the bedroom, the bed is actually a sofa bed, and its actually spend more time as a sofa then a bed, as im too lazy to keep turning into a sofa then a bed etc etc and sides, i only need a small space to sleep anyhows :) i dont usually sit at the stool there, i would usually stand and eat my breakfast on the table tho, the stool is too high and makes me dizzy hehe..usually kalau org datang, i would use the low table i have (its in the next picture) and we'd eat sitting cross legged on the floor :)

from a different angle :) see, that's the low table there, other times it would be against the window, the only window in the flat, as im the 9th floor, i usually have the window open most of the time, i have the view of the railway station platform, and oh, there's an apple tree right underneath my window, wild green apple, cool eh? :p next to the chair tu, is actually my desk, see, i told you its small :) comel kitchen. see, check it out in oven, i actually have something baking! hehehe i think its cannolis, they have great ready made ones in Sainsbury and all you have to do is stuffed em' and baked em'! the fridge is that bottom door on the right, kecik jer fridge dia tapi ok lah, since i stayed alone kan, usually its filled with juices, eggs and fruits..oh, and cheese! the far left bottom door, under the sink is the washing machine! yep, amazing how they conceal everything in those doors kan? i loved loved this apartment! too bad it was too expensive to stay longer tho huhu

this entry has moved on from cooking to marriage to flats hehehe

oh well..laparnye.. wanna eat maggi la!

see, that as complicated cooking as i get hahaha :p

mr sun, nak ikan salmon masak lemak cili padi! :p

Saturday, August 02, 2008

side effects of durian + root beer + ice lemon tea

i think im too gullible sometimes, senang2 and cepat kesian kat orang lain. not just my close friends and family, but everyday normal people, passer by on the streets, kalau i happen to speak to someone at the pasar mlm while waiting for my putu bambu, and that person started telling me about her 'demam' daughter teringin nak makan putu bambu, i dah start imagine a little girl lying helpless at home, on a bed, with life support, all pale and weak, and her dying wish, just shy of her 10th birthday, was to eat putu bambu cos it reminds her of the days when she was able to walk happily with her late grandmother to pasar malam etc etc ( exaggerated imagination running full blast) and i,

i would be so "oh, kesian nye, ye ke, eh takpelah, kak, biar saya bayarkan, saya belanja kay"..


padahal she drove a bloody mercedes kay, and of course she accepted my offer, tak kira kaya mana, org nak belanja is still free food kan? i could never just simply nodded my head and tsk..tsk.. in sympathy. i have to do everything in the extreme.

so, anyway itu takpelah.

because all these things saya buat dengan ikhlas. kalau tak ikhlas sangat berdosa kan?

but the thing is, its not these little little things that bothered me, its things like this..

a friend, who used to be a very good friend while we were in UK together, 'used to be a very good friend' because, when he returned to malaysia, kembali ke pangkuan jalan, he totally forgot about our friendship and it was like we were never housemates etc etc. anyhooo, he was planning to get engaged to this girl, and wants to get married by end of this year, which is like good for him.


about three months back, sumwhere in may, he told me that their relationship was off. and he was like suddenly all bitter and watnots. i asked wat happen, dia cakap 'dun wanna talk about it, dah malas la ngan bende2 ni semua'..aikss, okaylah, so me being me (read first line above) punye lah kesian kat dia, started to recruit our mutual friends trying to cheer him up. then i made efforts to see him whenever saya turun JB (that's where he lives) and the last i met him was early july, so which is about three weeks ago. i tried to get him to talk to me, yelah, kut2 la saya boleh menolong, ala ala Dr.Phil kan kan (sempat lagik tu :p) and said things like;

"awak cuba lah ckp ngan dia, baik balik" and

"u want me to match make you with someone? i know lots of single attractive women" and

"awak okay tak nie, takpe la just banyak bersabar k, things will work itself out"

and all he said was he doesnt want to think about women now, nak concentrate kerja la, busy la slalu outstation la and takmo ckp pasal the relationship dah..

its over.

three days i ago i received a wedding invitation from him. marrying that girl.


i have been duped good and proper!

semasa saya begitu concerned and risau tentang kawan saya ni yang konon nye sedang kecewa putus cinta, dan punyelah saya bertungkus lumus untuk konon nye menjadi bahu untuk menangis <'a shoulder to cry on' betul ke translate nie? ntah haha> dia sebenar nye tengah membuat persiapan untuk berkhawin dengan perempuan itu!!

apakah erti nye semua ini?? <ni, tiru chics nie, macam sangat appropriate penggunaan nye, pinjam ek chics :p>

so im stumped yet again. terasa cam sangat bodoh dan dipermain-main kan.

yes, mr sun, i know im being emo.

can someone please explain to me why the hell he did that to me? why why why? apa motif nye? what could you possibly gain from doing that? what?

adakah saya akan pergi ke wedding nya?


mungkin saya akan pergi dah saya akan menceritakan kepada bakal isteri nya segalanya2 tentang bakal suami nya itu kerana kami kan dulu housemates jadi tentu nya lah banyakkkkkkk rahsia nye yang saya ketahui muahahahaha "cue evil laughter"

tapi ntah la, mungkin tak pergi kut.

minyak pergi balik JB + tol + hadiah kawin = bengong cos lagi nak spend duit kat orang yang jahat and tak baik and buat saya rasa mcm sangat bodoh kayyyy!!!

adakah ini lesson learned and to be part of "Nique_Naq's Guide To Life's Crap and Here Are The Reasons Why" book?

ntah la. huhu.

note : to my readers, im trying to write in malay k, maaf kalau ade tersilap bahasa dan penggunaan perkataan dan ejaan, pohon sepuluh jari ampun maaf (chewahh macam salam raya laks :p)