Sunday, June 27, 2010

a sweet surprise :p

a package landed at my desk at work..its from UK!

inside is another red package...

with the loveliest necklace and the cutest card! *melt*melt*

i displayed the card on my desk hihihi

next to my favourite stress releaser mr blue hat woodie (^_^)
ps : thank you!! yes, you! you know who you are (^_^) cant wait for your return (^_^)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Aeni's Wedding

congratulation to aeni and fairuz on their wedding :) didnt take many pics as there were too many peeps and we were rushing to drive back to kl :p

Monday, June 07, 2010

that happy feeling :)

Happy Birthday to me!'s my birthday!
its been kind of a melancholic day
my whole family is away in another nieces and nephew were singing me happy birthday and wishing me hugs and kisses over the phone :)
my boyfriend is on the other side of the world..and he is the person i missed the most and i guess he knows it from the numerous phone calls and messages from him since midnight :)
am meeting up with my best friends tonite for a small birthday celebration with missy olyn who's birthday was yesterday (Happy Birthday Babe!)
its going to be a quiet one this year...and sometimes, that's the best kind (^_^)
thanks everyone for the lovely birthday wishes via blogs, emails, facebook, friendster, sms, mms, calls, ims, birthday cards and international packages (^_^)
love u guys lots! hugs and kisses, muahhss!

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

happy sweet memories :)

one of my best friend and my uni roomate for 5 years is getting married this saturday.

i am so happy for her but at the same time, i am a little bit sad, as i know things will definetely change from now on :(

she has got to be the coolest and most relaxed person ive ever known! and the biggest fan of brandon boyd (lead singer of incubus) hehehe. gile obsessed with brandon! she's so skinny cos she's lazy to eat, boleh? i remember there were times when another friend actually feed her so that she will eat hehehe :p she sleeps during lectures and takes her own sweet time getting ready for exams and yet she still scores! brainiac! she loves rock alternatives music, lucky for me we have the same taste in music ;) our fav dj was kevin from red fm dulu, now dunno wat happened to him, and we used to block the nights he is on and the two of wud just lepak in the room to listen to him :p she draws this AMAZING artworks all over her note books, and i remember one time we were doing the house banners and lepak with tamin at the cafeteria listening to his suicidal-tak-jadi stories :p :p i used to go to her house in batu pahat when we did our internship in kerteh, her mom makes the BEST laksa johor EVER. seriously. and im not just saying it because she is one of my best friends hehe. we also used to tapau lunch and eat it in our room while watching Friends, downloaded from IRC (haha ingat tak IRC nie?). she has lots of secret admirers, being the cute-but-grunge person that she is :p i think most people would initially find her quiet and reserved when they dont know her very well, but once you do, you'll find her agak weird and crazy and funny and super nice and loyal to the bone!

gambar zaman muda mudi dulu :p :p

Miss Loady on her engangement day :)

there's so many things i can say about my dear dear friend here but nanti sampai esok pun tak habis hehe. so for now, for Miss Loady, Selamat Pengantin Baru dearie! i wish you all the happiness in the world and semoga berbahagia ke anak cucu cicit! and to Iqbal, the lucky man who managed to win Miss Loady's heart, jaga dia elok2 tau :p but we know she has chosen well and we can see that you both will take care of each other and be perfectly happy together!

ku ingin terbang bersama mu dan gapai mentari!

*this was originally part of the previous post then realised that it deserves a post of its own :)

ive been working so hard lately that i totally forgot my birthday coming up next week! yikes!! cepat nyaaaaaa!!!! i wrote a list of things i want to get or accomplish on my birthday last year. Alhamdullilah i managed to complete almost everything on that list, except for two items. tapi takpe, that two i duly noted that putting a one year time frame is a bit too unrealistic and am perfectly happy to add another year to the time frame :)

the DONE list are as follows;

1. bought a house - yes! finally! a BIG achievement for me! :p :p
2. set my foot in Rome - childhood dream came true!
3. travel around europe with some of my bestest girlfriends! - finally! have been talking about this since uni days :)
4. bought my mom a car and dad a verago bike - shared with my siblings and their happy tears made it all worth it!
5. paid off and CUT all of my credit card except for one, for internet purchases and emergencies - being in the new company made all this possible and im so glad to be credit card debt free!
6. paid off the JPA loan - hurrahhh! accomplished this just few weeks ago! hutang degree tu, akhir nya berjaya gak habis kan bayar, mcm banyak pun tapi still a chip on the shoulder gak :p
7. bought my tickets to NEW YORK for october this year!!!! another childhood dream coming true!
8. dapat laptop. a pink Dell laptop. hihihi. courtesy of mr sun :p :p bukan personal achievement nie, tapi wish list tercapai hehe sangat sangat sangat grateful and thankful to have someone who understands me and pampers me and loves me this much! (^_^)
9. dapat staff recognition award from the company. hard work pays off!! in cash!! (^_^)
10. organized an international scale event in Bali for the company - toughest event ive ever done, imagine organising something when you are thousands of miles away! but all the sweat, blood and tears are well worth it, this goes in my list as a personal achievement :)

so thats it! 10 THINGS I ACHIEVED for this one year (^_^)

as u can see i was quite ambitious, maybe because turning that age makes me realise that from now on, i gotta dream big and i need to get real and start doing something about my life! tak boleh main-main dah. i have to get serious now. kan?

so tahun nie, list saya ada tiga jer items on it. sikit jer. compare ngan last year. but nak mencapai nya, wahh, sangat2 mencabar mental, fizikal and emosi!

tapi insyallah boleh. think positive! if i achive it, i will let you know, same time, next year, okey?

nota kaki mengada, tak nak baca pun takpe :p :p

wishlist birthday yang materialistik dan berunsur2 kan ke arah *hint*hint* (haha tak malu :p);
perfume ralph lauren - romance
mp3 and cd player baru utk kereta saya
squash racquet and 10 biji bola sebab saya selalu hilang kan bola squash kat kipas court dan bola squash sangat mahal (haha demand trus nak 10 tuu)
sling bag yang boleh pegang kat tangan jugak tu, u know, bag yg ade dua handle tu, satu boleh sling satu mcm biasa over the shoulder tuuuuuu
(ahaks beria explain mcm ade org baca la kan hahahaha :p)

eh babes, bila Sex and The City 2 keluar kat Msia ek? jom gi tgk!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

ooh, and its allright and its coming on! we gotta get it right back to where we started from!

wah..lamanya tak update! was trying to be an active blogger and it only lasted a few weeks! takpelah at least ade once week kan kan kan :p

movie reviews urm, ok, Shrek was funny as expected but im kinda bored with Shrek and Donkey cos they are the same in the movie, but Fiona and Puss was fun to watch cos they get to be different kan, so its the new things that makes the movie watchable! and the 3D helps! i actually watched it twice, once on 3d and the other normally, and i have to say without the 3D it can a little bit boring :p

Letters to Juliet is must watch! only if you are a positive non cynical romantic person, otherwise forget it, you might find it tiny bit long and corny. its the story about finding the courage to find yr long lost love, the one that got away. but wat makes this movie is so damn interesting is the location location location! its set in verona italy and its absolutely gorgeous! rome has now taken over amsterdam as my number one favourite place so far and this movie makes me wanna take a month leave and travel around italy! safe to say the movie is pure chick flick so ladies, go and watch with yr gfrends kay :)

Prince of Persia has got to be my fav of all three so far. kenapa? sebab ada jake glynnhall!! hehehe :p someone warned me the movie is corny and cliche but it is a DISNEY movie people, mmg tidak boleh lari dari cornyism itu :p its a bit longish, yes, and the ending mcm could be better but apparently thats the way it is the game pun so ok lah, so all in all, if you are expecting ironman or 300 type of action pack blood bla bla dont bother. but if u like light entertainment and gorgeous eye candy, then do watch it!

okey, movie reviews done!