Saturday, December 29, 2007

the one with the graduation (^_^)

its a bit overdue, but here are the pictures of my graduation ceremony held on the December 14th :) the ceremony was short, sweet and simple, i mean, we spent more time before and after the ceremony taking pictures combined than the actual length of the entire ceremony :p but of course, that's perfectly normal aite? hehe

hope u like the pictures!

Monday, December 17, 2007

i dont have my laptop anymore, have given it to my bro in germany, so i wont update as much as i used to and i wont be online as much as well, so if u need to contact me for any reason, do leave a message on my phone okay :) if u dont have my number ask any of the bardaques, they will judge whether u shud get it or not hehehehe macam bodyguard pulak hahaha :p

btw, im coming home to malaysia on the 20th january, arriving good old klia on the 21st at 6pm, having finally bought my tickets after weeks of done here, i did what i came to do and now i have to go, after all u shud move on after u have ended with something right? you are not supposed to linger around and see how much time you can drag it until t the last possible minute or until it will be too late to turn and go back?

okay im digressing..

for now, im just gonna savour moment of my last days in UK as much as i can..

Sunday, December 09, 2007

misery loves company..

or not?

my mom is not coming to my graduation ceremony.on thursday eve, the day that they are suppose to travel, i was anticipating a call from my mom, saying that she is at the airport and all, instead i got a text from my dad saying that my mom is NOT coming to UK tonight, a mere 4 hours before the flight she couldnt find her passport..

i am extremely sad and dissapointed :(

i was so excited to have my mom with me during the ceremony and was looking forward to shopping for stuff with her, as i was saving up for her arrival but now, i guess im just not in the mood to do anything..

which is a bit selfish, as mr pic's family and shuk's family is here as well, and i have to play hostess to them, i am happy to do it, i love playing hostess and showing plymouth around and making travel plans, something i am perfectly happy to do under the normal circumstances..

but i am currently in a state of extremely sad and dissapointed :(

so who ever says misery loves company is wrong..sometimes in misery you want to be alone too or at least be allowed to wallow in the miseryness huhu..

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

love affairs

i am currently involved in the following affairs,

1. with Monsoon, their gorgeous dresses and their silk and cashmere tops and beautiful skirts, totally unaffordable now but hopefully soon, very soon :p

2. with the winter coats in Next and Zara, i know i know i will only be uk in another month and a half and i shudnt waste 70quid for a dark suede green knee length winter coat but oh if u see the coat u will fall in love too sigh..i go and try it on almost every other day huhuhu see, another reason why i shud stay in the uk!

3. with Marks and Spencer food section, rows and rows of beautifully wrapped fruits, crimson grapes, juicy mangoes, and the sushi selection, and the rack upon rack of gorgeous green and red and yellow vegetables, i want to buy them all but not to eat, just to look at hehehe its not just food, its m&s fooooooodddddd (i know mr pic :p)

so thats my current love affairs, what did u guys think i was referring to?? :p