Sunday, August 22, 2010

food glorious food!

ktrg ni, sejak akhir2 nie (ye ke, bukan selalu ke hahaha)....asyik makan aje...

especially since one of my bestie dah ada rumah sendiri and ada dapur yg best, sgt rajin la pulak utk ke rumah dia masak..and also, since he's back for raya, agenda jalan2 cari makan pun bermula hehehe :p

so, hari ni my post will be full of pictures about foooooodddddddd :p :p :p

The Loaf @ Pavilion

I had my favourite Roasted Chicken and he took the Lamb Briyani Set that came with the Ramadhan buffet set. tapi even though i didnt take the buffet, i still pau his food, like the fruits and cheese cake hehe and the waiters kat situ mcm tak kesah jer so ok kut :p i didnt try his briyani but he did say sedap gile! im too in love with my food, this has to be THE BEST roast chicken dish ive ever had at ANY restaurant anywhere around the world! serious sedap macam nak nangis okeeeeyyy the chicken is perfectly cooked so its crisp on the outside and juicy inside, then it sits on a bed of creamy mashed potatoes and the sauce, lots of mushroom and asparagus and green beans, cukup segala rasa and sangat2 tasty! yummy gile roast chicken, korang seriously, pergi la try, mesti termimpi2 ok!

ok, the picture from my iphone tak berapa cantek but pergi la try ok!! oh the price range, its slight expensive than the average chillis or tgif, mcm hari tu, makan dua org is about rm120, takde starters bagai pun, so can imagine la the price macamana kan but its worth it!! maybe masa mula2 dapat roast ciken ni, partner commented - kecik nye portion dia, ye lah dah terbiasa ngan portion chillis and wat nots kan, but for me, its perfect size! licin makan and tak membazir and sedap and kenyang gile! so i guess for me yg memang tak makan banyak pun finds it of perfect quantity lah, org lain maybe rasa tak cukup kut hehehe :p

Dim Sum @ Prince Hotel

ok nama tempat ni bukan la dim sum haha tapi tak ingat la some chinese name :p but they have dim sum buffet on weekend lunches so ktrg pun ape lagi, trus la pergi kan....ive been wantin to go to a dim sum buffet sejak balik dari uk hari tu k, dah 2 tahun, can u imagine? our usual place kat crown princess tu dah tutup, so we lost one good place and tercari tempat baru, pas tu bile jumpa, takde gang nak makan la, busy la, mcm2 la ni kebetulan we were at the right place at the right time hehe :p the price is around RM55++ per person (kalau tak silap) and the selection is quite good!

muka partner terpaksa di bulat kan atas sebab2 tertentu- dia kan tak femes hahaha - takde lah saja tak yah lah nak citer and tunjuk semua kan kan kan :p sape yg tau tu, senyap2 saje lah ok, takyah kecoh2 haha :p :p :p tgk lah ktrg amik makanan tak hengat! nasi goreng tu kena ada jugak, typical melayu haha tapi duk sebelah dia jer dia yg habis kan..i was busy with my steam bbq chicken pau, oh heaven ok!!! the place is quite nice but i miss the one in crown princess cos they have side dishes kat tepi2 with desserts and porride, so we can take as much as we want, ni sikit2 kena order isi borang, cam segan lak nanti diorang ckp budak2 dua ekor ni tak balik2 lagi bila nak benti ni hahahaha :p

Rakuzen @ Jalan Raja Chulan

since masa his birthday i was not there, so masa dia balik ni i took him to makan his favourite food - Japanese! reccommended by missy nadia - we ordered the bento set, i was so hungry sebab tak lunch semua ordered the chicken teriyaki and sushi set, and he ordered the mix tempura and sushi set....tgk la portion dia, sangat banyak ok!!!! patut order satu set boleh share dua org! ok tipu, for him wont be enough, just me hehe :p

agak menangis nak habis kan jugak la last2 terpaksa tapau some of the stuff back hehe..the orange juice is so sedap! lately ni tak tau kenapa suka order orange juice :p im moving on from my usual "coke with ais satu, and ais water please" order bila order air hehe :p the food tak lah mahal sgt, its of course more expensive than the likes of shushi kings, sakae and all but its worth the money :)

Hunny's Crib @ VillaWangsa Mas

this was about a month ago, went to hunny's house and cooked! masak ape? my favourite recipe lah, roast chicken with mashed potatoes, pasta salad, steam broccoli and baby carrots with mushroom brown sauce. perghhhh tak? hehe siapa yg mintak recipe hari tu? ha ok nie dia..

utk mashed potatoes - just peel and boil potatoes in salted water, cooked till tender, drain the water, mash with milk, butter, salt and pepper secukup rasa. senang weh, tak kan takleh buat kuttt! :p

utk pasta salad - first cooked the pasta al dente and put it aside, in a big pot, sautee the large onions with tyme and rosemary in olive oil, then add in the bell peppers (or capsicum). masak sekejap jer bell peppers tu, kalau layu sgt tak sedap, tak crunchy. then masuk kan pasta tadi, slow kan api, grate in some lemon zest, then squeeze the juice of half or one lemon, up to u, then add salt and pepper to taste. last skali masa dah tutup api, just drizzle with virgin olive oil, senang jer kan?

utk roast chicken - grate some lemon zest to unsalted butter, add some thyme and rosemary (dry pun boleh, fresh lagi bagus), salt and pepper, then just rubbed it all over the chicken inside out, oh make sure u pat dry the chicken first tau, kalau tak the butter tak rubbed in nicely :p then squeeze a bit lemon all over the chicken and stuff half of the lemon into the chicken, sebelum masuk oven, lightly drizzle with olive oil. in the bakin tray, add a few large onions and bell peppers. masa bakar mula start with api kecik, then dekat nak masak, increase the temperature a bit, nanti dia jadi lah lovely brown and crisp on the outside :p

hasil nya tadaaaaa! bunga adalah hiasan :p masa kat uk dulu, i made roast chicken dish ni adalah at least once every two weeks, serious senang gile and sedap, especially kalau ada guests yg dtg last minute, ktrg hidang ni jer hehe dulu even though selalu makan berdua, i will still cook one whole chicken, why, cos i eat one quarter, lagi 3 quarter my housemate tu boleh habis kan ok!!!!
ok cukup lah entry tentang makanan hari ni ye, nanti batal puasa lak hehe..tadi panjang si hunny ni (tuan punye crib) baru tepon ajak dtg rumah nak masak2 utk berbuka hari ni, boleh saja! im still in the office tho, tgk dekat2 nak masuk waktu baru gi hahaha :p keji betul :p

why am i in the office on a sunday? that my darling, is another story....

Sunday, August 01, 2010

its the little things that matters

when its only raining a drizzle but still insisting you wait inside safe and dry while he dashed for the car..

when discovering he keeps a picture of you tucked away in his wallet so that you're with him everywhere he goes...

when he bravely endured his first menicure and pedicure even though he always thought its a girl thing, but he wanted to be with you..then happily discovered he liked it :p...

picking you up from work and even though he had to make a few rounds and turns and had to wait as you are still stuck in a meeting, he would still greet you with a grin and just lights up, seriously melting ok :p

when he cuts up articles from newspapers or magazines when he finds some things he thought would be of interest to you or good for you...

when he bought 12 bottles of spices and brought it back all the way, just for you..

when in an attempt to understand women's clothes, he actually thought a long skirt is called a blouse! hehehehe :p

when he kept his hair long, because he knows you like it that way..

when he patiently wait and gives his undivided attention in the shoe shop even when you tried a million pairs of flats and only bought one... :p

when he makes simple remarks about the future, like "when we're married, we should ...." (^_^)