Friday, February 18, 2011

kuch kuch hota hai and vitamins

a study was done somewhere sometime by someone that in order for something to become a habit, you have to do it straight for 28 days, then automatically becomes a habit.

like i have to shower before sleeping - a habit i picked up during my uni years, not really good especially if the shower is late at night but if u cant sleep if u did not shower than u have no choice but u have to! and especially bad during those cold winter nights too..ishk ishk.

but as i go through my habits it seems like all dat i picked up are unhealthy ones!

not good not good..

so i am currently working on three items at the moment for the next 28 days;

1. eat my vitamins - can u believe how forgetful i am about doing this?? like seriously, i buy the most nutritious vitamins supplements in the world and i take them diligently for the next 5 days and then i forgot one day and then next day and the next and ended i forgot for an entire year then i get sick and i read somewhere i shud taking these vitamins and i went out and buy some and come home happily and put the vitamins on my dressing table so that i see them and remember to take them only to realise there tucked hidden that bottle of unused perfume is the exact same bottle of the very vitamins i just bought, a year old and gathering dust!
current status : 7 days straight and counting

2. drink a glass of warm water in the morning - so ok, if you read those get slim tips this has to be the one dat tops the list, and best of all, its sunnah nabi too! yup2 :) so its great and we should all do it right? sounds simple isnt it? u get up in the morning and drink a glass of water that you have left by your bed the night before. surprisingly its harder than it looks! i even goes as far as buying large bottles of mineral water and put them in a basket next to my bed so i have access to the abudant supply of water all the time and for sure i wont missed it since its like right next to my bed!! but morning comes and i get up and groggily by passed the crate of water and showered and get dressed and walked out of the room all the while actually managed to ignore the crate of water in the room! its amazing really! and its not like the vitamins when u forget it in the morning u can just take it later at night, this is like if u missed that window of oppurtunity, its like gone forever. its not like u can go back to sleep right? huhu
current status - did it for 5 days straight, forgot for about three, now back to square one, and its um, day two. eh, did i do it this morning? oh shoot! damn, so yeah ok, back to day one.


3. stop (okey okey, REDUCE) drinking ice water - this one, enough said la right. everyone know this.
current status - day three. course it helps that i was sick for the last three days hehe. but hey, small steps people, small steps :)

so ok, once i got all the above three, i will work on more.

so here's to making good healthy life changing habits!

eh lupa, wats d above got to do with kuch kuch hota hai?

nothing really.

i just really wanna see this movie again but cant seems to find the dvd anywhere!!

anyone has it? can i borrow? pretty please? :p :p


farah said...

serious mmg sangat susah nak stop minum ice water tu, azab nye hokeyy! plus msia ni kan panas so minum mesti nak yg sejuk2 jer huhu

Cik Wanie said...

filem hindustan kegemaranku,
bila tgk nie,
terasa nak layan citer nie,

niQue_naQ said...

farah - itu laaaa, im trying with chilled water, without the ice, some say its better haha

niQue_naQ said...

cik wanie : kannnnnn..tapi kat mana nak carik eh? tgk kat speedy semua tu xde jer huhu