Thursday, November 17, 2011

kenapa nak menipu dalam berbusiness??

translating the title - why the need to lie/cheat in doing business????

ive had my share of being cheated when it comes to doing business with non corporation people, like for example, on line business (ordered a 5 hijabs but came only two and claimed will return the money but i never got it), friends who just started making cakes (like ordered an ice cream cake that supposedly uses haagen daaz but taste like nestle ice cream and smells funny) and all sorts of stories but nothing, nothing comes close to what happened this week...

i have a friend, lets call her Anne, who will be engaged this saturday, and we decided to sponsor one of her hantarans (dowries) and we decided to order macaroons tower from another friend, lets call her Fashi, whom we know makes macaroons and sells them. she just started this business, and we are pretty good friends too and so as to help a friend who just started a business, hence we order from her.

ok, so dats the background story.

yesterday we found out..

Fashi DID not make the macaroons, but ORDERED it instead from someone else, but CLAIMS that she makes it and MARKS UP the price to sell to us!!! so here we are thinking to help a friend's business and admire the effort for her to learn to make the macaroons and had the courage so open a business selling it, instead all these while she's been passing off other people's work as her own! and the original person is selling it at RM240 where as this Fashi, markes it up to RM280 to us!!


another friend of ours accidentally discovered it as its so happens she is ordering some macaroons for her daughter's party from the same person! when she told us, of course we were royally pissed and more importantly we felt CHEATED and have been LIED to by someone who we thought is our good friend but are willing to do this in the name of BUSINESS!!!

but of course, considering we have been friends for quite a while, the nice people that we are, we decided to not to confront her, to just let it go and just note it for future events, since to cancel its kinda late anyway, so despite being super angry, we kept quiet and continued on as if nothing is wrong, but we did one thing tho, we delayed the payment a bit to this Fashi, and little did we know, there's a silver lining or hikmah in doing what we did.

Fashi's fiance posted this on her FB today..

wah2 sedap nye mulut nak memaki orang mcm tu kan??

yes my dear readers, her fiance decided to BUTT IN and started cursing us on her fb!! obviously pissed about the fact that we have yet to pay her but doing it in such a lame cavemen type of method, simple in malay, mcm orang kampung tak pergi sekolah setakat tau those few words and thought habis hebat la tu!

on top of that, this Fashi actually called Anne (the girl getting engaged who has no idea what is going on as obviously we didnt tell her) and cried while whining that we did a background check on her, she's so oh-so-sad cos why people dont trust her and she is making the macaroons BUT she's making with that person together2!!

hello?? come on la;

first of all, that person clearly said Fashi "ordered" from her, not make together2

second of all, if you think we are wrong or watever, why do u call Anne instead of us? we are the ones who ordered, u shud explain to us, why should u go and get sympathy from Anne?

and lastly, if you are not wrong and guilty,why do you suddenly remove us from yr fb and block us? u didnt think that we have other friends who are also yr fb frends and able to tell us about your fiance's post??

so anyway, so now we know she knows we know..

to cut this long story short, ended up she cancelled the order with just a simple msg

"i ada hal esok.xdpt buat.sory.thx"

haihhh ni dah melampau la kannnnnnnnnnn

this message was sent today, thursday, at 4pm and the engagement ceremony is this saturday morning!! so last minute right??? we sent her a nasty message in return BUT luckily, we were able to find another baker to do the macaroons for us, so that is ok.

but on this thing, seriously what do you guys think??

is it really necessary to lie to people when u do business like this? of course i know not everyone does this but it seems like if u dont, yr business mcm slow and lambat nak maju and worse still, will kena tipu with orang pun ade jugak, like for example one of my best friends does baking business too and she's ever so honest and accomodating but her story pulak dia yang kena tipu sebab org curi recipe dia and pass it of their own, but dats another story all together huhu but that kinda like goes to show right, that person is willing to steal another person's recipe or use other people's creation and pass it of as their own and claim, hey, its not personal, its business!!

business my a**!!!


Anonymous said...

Honesty is the best policy... Cliche as it might sound but works everytime, never fails.... In relationships...friendship... Even business... Allah knows the truth... Hope He will shine it to her in time... Seriously it's really hard to survive a lie.... U will lie more to cover the other lies u make... anyway babe... Thanks for the well advise and ears to listen all my rambling today ... stay happy..

Annie L said...

Oh dear.. I too wanted to order at first but last min cancellation and sick comment over the internet? Lucky, you make me aware of online business.. I rarely buy stuff online but I'd will be more careful now :-)

It's better to know a person's true self now than later..